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Who are the Top Biscuit Brands in India?

In India, biscuits are a popular snack. Mornings and evenings are not complete without tea and biscuits. Many of our childhood memories involve drinking tea and eating biscuits while spending time with family. But did you know that India's most well-known biscuit brands are also well-known worldwide? Because India is the world's largest producer of biscuits, many brands, such as Parle G, have multiple locations worldwide. The biscuit industry in India is of a very high margin with a CAGR of 12.4%. These biscuits were available in a variety of flavours to cater to the diverse tastes of each individual.

Isn't it fun, though, to know some of the best biscuit names in India that were with us on our journey of making memories? While acknowledging your interest, let's look at some of the best biscuit companies in India. So, without any wait, let's jump on the manufacturers. 

Did you know?

The Indian biscuits industry has a turnover of around ₹3000 crores and is the largest among all the food industries.

What are the Top Biscuit Brands in India?


Every child in India must have several memories attached to Parle G, which signifies the company's strength. Parle is one of the top biscuit brands in India. Since 1929, it has been the household biscuit brand in every Indian home. You've probably seen Parle G from your childhood to your children's, which is why it's not only the most popular biscuit brand in India but also the world, and its legacy is growing all the time. In our country, memories of pairing it with chai, milk, or even plain water make this biscuit an emotion. 

It represents quality, nutrition and superior taste after more than 90 years of production. Parle was the first Indian company to reach ₹5,000 crores in retail sales, and according to a survey, 4551 Parle-G biscuits are consumed in India at any given time. Though Parle is best known for its Parle-G, it also produces a variety of other biscuits such as 20-20, Monaco (a unique combination of sweet and salty), Hides and Seeks, Milk Shakti, Marie, Krackjack, Happy Happy and many others.


Britannia is a well-known Indian biscuit company with a 100-year history and annual revenue of ₹9000 crores. It is regarded as one of the most trustworthy brands among Indian consumers. The company operates 13 factories and four franchisees, selling nearly one million loaves per day across more than 100 cities and towns in India. Britannia's products include biscuits, bread, cakes, rusk and dairy products such as cheese, beverages, milk, and yoghurt.

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Cadbury Oreo Biscuits 

Oreo, which was introduced in 1912, quickly became a popular brand of biscuits due to its distinct taste and quality. Cadbury introduced the term "oreo" (attractive) in India in 2011. It is a well-known biscuit brand in India. Oreo cookies are sold in over a hundred countries. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, Cadbury Oreo Strawberry Sandwich, Oreo Mini Egg, Oreo Vanilla Sandwich Biscuit and other products are available.

Priya gold 

Priya Gold is a well-known Indian biscuit company. Their products are available in over 20 countries, firmly establishing it as one of the industry's top players. It was founded in 1994, and the brand sells low-cost cookies, cakes, confectionery and juices/beverages. Noida is home to Priya Gold's largest manufacturing facility. Other Priya gold products include Buttermilk, Jeera top, Snack Zigzag, Cashew Chatpata, CNC, Crackle Coconut, Choco Checkers, Snakker Choco Sandwich and so on.


Sunfeast is an ITC company's Indian brand that stands for quality and offers innovative and wholesome biscuits. It arrived in India in 2003 and operates in various industries, including goods, hotels, paperboards and packaging, agriculture and information technology. Sunfeast biscuits is a well-known brand of biscuit manufacturers in India that evokes happiness, contentment, satisfaction and pleasure. It is an Indian heritage brand. Sunfeast's other food products include Marie lite, Mom's Magic, Bounce, Bourbon Bless, Dark Fantasy and so on.


Anmol is an Indian biscuit company. They offer their customers precious, priceless, valued, and treasured products. Anmol has been a well-known brand among consumers for many years. They have a strong presence in more than 18 states and a distribution network of over 4500 outlets. Anmol is India's fourth-largest biscuit manufacturer. It always maintains a high-quality standard and is "tasted, tested, and trusted."Bakers Bix, Jeera Dhamal, Snack It, Dream Lite, Top Magic, Golmol and other biscuits are available from Anmol.


Patanjali is a top biscuit brand in India; in addition to many natural products, it manufactures biscuits with natural ingredients. Patanjali manufactures nutritious and high-quality herbal biscuits under the tagline "Prakriti ka Ashirwad," which means "blessing of nature." Because blood sugar or diabetic patients couldn't eat biscuits, the company created a special line of biscuits for them. It also makes delicious high fibre biscuits. Patanjali Doodh biscuits, Natkhat biscuits, Nutty Delite biscuits, Patanjali oats biscuits, Top Lite biscuits and Butter Cookies are some of the company's products.


Unibic is a popular biscuit brand in India, with over 30 varieties, including seven sugar-free flavours. Unibic is well-known for its rich and flavourful cookies, which compete in the premium cookie market. Unibic has a diverse product portfolio broadly classified as chocolate, butter, milk, savoury and health.

It is high in carbohydrates and fibre and contains plain oats, which aid in weight loss. Unibic was founded in 2004 by Anzac and Bradman cookies and offers digestive biscuits, choco and indulgence range biscuits, nuts range biscuits, snack bars, sugar-free biscuits and a healthier range of biscuits. Unibic's products include chocolate chip cookies, butter, coconut, butter cashew, oatmeal and Jamz cookies.

Ceramica Biscuit

Ceramica is another well-known biscuit brand in India. Ceramica has a global presence in over 61 countries and has never compromised quality, offering the most elegant and premium products. Because of their oat content, these biscuits are the ideal combination of taste and health. It has high-quality recipes to please everyone's palate. You should try its Magic Cream biscuit if you like chocolate. It is a chocolate lover's dream. The biscuit company never uses preservatives or artificial colours.The brand's biscuits include Choco Bico, Coconut Cookies, Butter Gold, Oatmeal, Glucose, Golden bytes, Butter cookies, Pasta Almonds and others.

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Dukes Biscuit

Dukes is a famous biscuit company in India and became a household name in biscuits and wafers, cookies and chocolates. Dukes, Treff and Dynas are 15 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities spread across India. These biscuits have appealing packaging and contain various nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Dukes have a great range and brand of healthy biscuits. Milk Buzz biscuits, Top Butter crackers, Digestive biscuits, Bourbon, Marie break, Merry milk biscuits and other biscuits are available from the company.


So far, we've covered some of India's most well-known biscuit companies. In India, one of the most important industries is the production of biscuits. These companies manufacture a variety of biscuits with various ingredients and have a large number of stores around the world. Biscuit companies have high margins in India and target increasing profit significantly until 2023. Biscuit companies in India produce different flavours of biscuits for people worldwide. In some places, the manufacturing process is automatic or semi-automatic, whereas, in others, it is dependent on humans for several tasks. 

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Q: What are some machines used by the biscuit manufacturers in India?


A range of machines used in biscuit manufacturing include sugar grinders, cookies machines, rusk making machines, biscuit grinder, biscuit die roller, biscuit cream sandwiching machine, biscuit rotary cutting machine, biscuit and cookies dropping machine, etc.

Q: What is the process of biscuit manufacturing?


When making biscuits in a factory, there are four main stages. The first stage is the mixing stage, in which sugar, flour, fat and other ingredients are combined, followed by the forming stage, in which large doughs are formed and finally, the baking and cooling stage. In top biscuit companies, biscuit production is completely automated or semi-automated. However, human labour is still required in certain areas for baking, mixing or dough making

Q: Which companies are big biscuit manufacturers in India?


Several biscuit industries manufacture healthy biscuits, including Patanjali, Britannia, Parle, Dukes and many more. However, these biscuits take care of taste along with health.

Q: What is the scope of the biscuit industry in India?


The biscuit industry in India is growing at a CAGR of 12.4 per cent. By 2027, the market is expected to be worth $11,792.3 million. And as biscuit manufacturers in India incorporate innovations into their products, such as air cushions within flexible packages to maintain the shelf appeal of the biscuits, this industry is expected to grow significantly until 2023

Q: What is the most famous brand of biscuits in India?


India has several biscuit manufacturers and is the most well-known industry, with brands like Britannia, Patanjali and Anmol. However, Parle is the oldest and most well-known biscuit brand, having been in business for over 90 years.

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