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How to Start The Naturals Ice Cream Franchise?

The food market is extremely competitive, but it is also quite profitable. The ice cream industry is a profitable venture, and the reason for this is simple enough. We all love an ice cream treat. Everyone enjoys this special delicacy, from youngsters to older adults. Ice cream is also one of the special delicacies that are consumed regardless of the season; it is just a delicacy that you cannot pass up. It's a cheap light dessert, so parents don't worry if their children have some ice cream as an after-dinner treat.

If you want to create a lucrative business, the ice cream sector is a great place to start. However, if you want to make a quick return with little investment, the finest thing you can do in India is start a Naturals Ice Cream franchise.

Did you know?

Naturals Ice Cream does not spend even 1% of its sales income on advertising since it depends largely on its brand's reputation and word of mouth.

All About Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturer and retailer based in India. It is owned by Kamath's Ourtimes Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd. which is situated in Mangalore. It started its operations in 1984 with its first store in Mumbai's Juhu neighbourhood.

Naturals Ice Cream has built 135 ice cream shops across India, giving it a national presence. Eight of the 135 outlets are under the company's direct management, while the rest are Naturals Ice Cream franchise stores. Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Manipal, Mysore, Nasik, Mangalore, Udupi, Belgaum, and Goa are among the cities with Naturals Ice Cream outlets. Naturals Ice Cream rip-off shops have started springing up all across the country. To prevent it, the business coined the slogan 'Taste the Original.'

The firm only has one manufacturing plant, which is called 'Charkop' and is located in the outskirts of Mumbai's Kandivali neighborhood. The corporation provides supplies to each location, which is unusual for an ice cream shop. Naturals Ice Cream has a devoted following, and the corporation places a high value on its brand.

Various Products Offered:

Naturals Ice Cream offers two different types of ice cream flavours. The first is seasonal ice cream, which is only accessible for a certain time each year, and the second is year-round ice cream, which, as the name implies, is accessible to consumers all year.

  • The following are the flavours of seasonal ice cream: Sitaphal, Peach-apricot, Mango, Strawberry, Black grapes, Jackfruit, Litchi, Kala Jamun, and Guava.
  • The following are the flavours available throughout the year: Chickoo, Watermelon, Tender Coconut, Mango, Papaya-pineapple, Kesar-Pista, Anjeer, Muskmelon, Kaju Kismis, Roasted Almond, Coffee-Walnut, Chococream, Choco-Almond, Chocolate, and Malai.

How to Open a Naturals Ice Cream franchise in India?

The procedure of opening a Naturals Ice Cream franchise is rather simple. However, for your comfort, we've outlined a full step-by-step procedure that you may follow:

  • To learn more about starting a franchise, go to the Natural Ice Cream site.
  • You must click on the 'Franchise enquiry' option on the webpage, which may be found by scrolling down- https://naturalicecreams.in/Franchise.html.
  • On your screen, an application form will appear. All you have to do now is submit your application after filling out your personal and company information.
  • Your application will be examined by a franchise team member, who will let you know if your application has been chosen.
  • If the application is chosen, the applicant will be invited in for the following round.

Note: Before applying, the candidate must check that they meet all of the requirements listed on the Naturals Ice Cream site.

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Naturals Ice Cream franchise: All you need to know

The unique selling proposition (USP) of the Naturals shop is Naturals niche

  1. Transparency of its operations
  2. Seasonal based on fruit variety
  3. Natural fruits
  4. freshly churned,
  5. premium ice creams at reasonable prices,

The business model of Naturals can be understood according to these four variants:

Marketing strategy: The following is the marketing plan used by the Naturals ice cream parlour:

  • Promotion through word-of-mouth
  • For the GenX generation, digital and social media advertising

Value proposition: A Naturals Ice Cream franchise is likely to provide you with a lot of value.

  • Unlike its competitors, it provides natural fruit ice creams in a selection of 150 flavours, 20 of which are accessible throughout the year at reasonable costs.
  • This allows customers from all over the country to sample natural ice cream in cups, cones, and cartons, as well as seasonal variations.

Target consumers: The consumers that are targeted by the Naturals Ice Cream franchise could be:

  • Teenagers, kids, and working-class
  • Consumers of all age groups
  • GenX generation
  • Low, middle, and high-income level consumers
  • events, celebrations, parties, etc

Competitor Review: Naturals ice cream has a competitive advantage due to the quality of fresh fruits used in its ice cream. However, there are a few main competitors to be aware of:

  • Kwality walls
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Gold spot
  • Hagen Diaz     

What should you open a Naturals Ice Cream franchise?

  • Naturals Ice Cream has a considerable annual revenue of over ₹115 crores. If someone wishes to open a Naturals Ice Cream franchise, Naturals Ice Cream offers excellent support till the business is set up and working well.
  • The firm also offers start-up kit training. This training includes ensuring that the new outlet follows all safety and sanitary requirements, as well as maintaining the franchise's whole personnel.
  • Even after the new store opens, the firm continues to support to ensure that everything runs well. The company's supply network also provides fresh products that are easy to access.
  • To open a new Naturals Ice Cream shop, however, the applicant must meet the company's unique qualifications and restrictions. The first criterion is the amount of outlet space available.
  • The applicant must ensure that they have a plan in mind for an outlet location that meets the requirements. The outlet's working space must be between 200 and 500 square feet, and the area in front of it must be between 8 and 10 feet.
  • It is critical to provide enough room for the workers to operate all of the equipment comfortably. Before the business may open, the applicant must first get a food licence, a shop licence, and an establishment licence.
  • There must be no other Naturals Ice Cream franchise inside 5 to 7 kilometres of the applicant's establishment. This guideline is imposed by the firm to guarantee that all ice cream shops work smoothly.

What does the Naturals ice cream franchise cost in India?

If you've decided to launch a Naturals Ice Cream franchise, you'll need to have a clear plan in mind and work toward it until your business is up and running. Making a firm spending plan for your franchise is the first step. Then, make a rough outline for every expenditure you'll have to cover as part of your franchise.

Fortunately, you won't have to start from the beginning. We've devised a cost-effective spending strategy so that you don't have to waste time speaking with numerous experts and can get launched with your franchise as soon as feasible.



Overall cost

Between ₹12 and 20 lakh

Cost of Inside Outlet

₹4 lakh

Outlet's machinery and equipment

₹2 lakh

furnishings and fixtures

₹1 lakh

Working Capital


Franchisee Brand Deposit

₹1 lakh

  • Brokerage, rent deposits, employee pay, and other expenditures might all have varied prices.
  • Small company owners may use paperless online payment applications to conduct simple transactions with their staff.

Advantages of launching a Naturals Ice Cream franchise

  • The key advantage is that as a franchisee, you will not be required to invest in advertising; all marketing expenditures will be carried by the firm, eliminating one of the most difficult challenges of any business, generating a significant levels of sales.
  • The franchisee and the hired employees will receive training on how to manage the ice cream parlour efficiently and successfully in a changing business climate.
  • The reputation of the brand is good as it has been recognised for its originality in quality and flavour for 36 years, and it is an incredible opportunity to carry this brand name forward.
  • A Naturals Ice Cream Franchise requires a small initial cost and a high rate of return on the investment.
  • The ice creams are manufactured at a single site, stocks and logistics are managed centrally, with appropriate assistance in marketing, franchise setup, and distribution.
  • The procedure for obtaining this franchise is simple and clear. One has to submit an application and meet with them to understand franchise experience requirements.
  • The final benefit is that they provide a simple franchise renewing option so that your business may continue to function and provide the finest ice cream to customers.

Is Naturals Ice Cream Franchise Profitable?

Before establishing a new firm, everyone evaluates the company's previous profit margins to determine whether the venture would be profitable. The Naturals ice cream franchise is a fantastic business opportunity, with a profit margin of 55% year after year. Now that you've learned how to establish your own small business be sure you're paying your bills correctly.

Contact details of Naturals Ice Cream

If someone wishes to contact Naturals Ice Cream's customer service department and speak to them about any questions they may have, they may use the following information:

  • Naturals ice cream contact number: 022 28696851/52/53
  • Head Office: Plot No.55, Kandivali Industrial Estate, Near Brimco Circle, Charkop, Kandivali (W), Mumbai – 400 067

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Since its establishment, Naturals Ice Cream has received a lengthy list of achievements in awards and milestones. Aside from that, the firm provides ongoing support to the franchisee throughout the franchising process. Because they consider each store to be an extension of their brand, every outlet's image is the brand's image. Then, most investors are concerned about how much profit can be generated from a Naturals ice cream franchise in India. This Franchise will provide about 55% of the gross output margin profit which is an additional point to consider if one wants to invest and become a Naturals Ice Cream franchisee. We hope you found this information on the Naturals ice cream franchise informative.

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Q: Some of the standards listed on the Naturals Ice Cream website have not been met. Is it still possible for me to apply for a franchise?


Before applying for a franchise, Naturals Ice Cream has made it plain that all candidates must meet all prerequisites. As a result, make sure you apply only when you've completed all of your criteria.

Q: What is the Naturals ice cream franchise profit margin?


A Naturals ice cream franchise has a profit margin of 55 per cent and yearly revenue of about ₹115 crores.

Q: How do I go about starting a Naturals ice cream franchise in India?


Anyone interested in opening a Naturals Ice Cream franchise should go to their website and fill out an application.

Q: What are the various licences I'll need before starting a Naturals ice cream franchise?


To establish a Naturals Ice Cream parlour, you'll need a food licence, a shop licence, and an establishment licence.

Q: How many Natural Ice Cream Parlours are there in India right now?


There are 135 Naturals Ice Cream parlours around the country.

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