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Domino's Franchise in India: Requirements, Responsibilities and Profits

If you are willing to start a franchise in India, then you can surely give Domino's pizza franchise a shot. It is one of the most acclaimed franchises for establishing a food enterprise in this country. The opening of the Domino's pizza franchise has proved very profitable as after entering the Indian market in the mid-'80s, the number of Domino's in India has exceeded 1400.

Scope for Domino's pizza outlet

Pizza, originally invented in Naples, Italy, as an affordable, tasty, fast food, has attracted many people in India and is a much loved food in India. Whether it be a family gathering, a friend's party, a regular day, or any occasion, pizza always tops the list of the most preferred dishes by all age groups of people.  So it will be highly profitable to open Dominos as you can gain a considerable profit because of the location of your Dominos pizza outlet. You can easily gain a profit margin of at least Rs 1-3 lakhs per month provided that you also ensure door-to-door delivery services.

If starting your own business has always been your dream, then what else would be greater than opening a domino's franchise? The pizza industry does not show any signs of slowing down. Bold new flavours inspired by Asian, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisines have shown great popularity in recent years and continue to do so. In terms of sales, Dominos was declared the largest seller of pizza in 2018 worldwide. Hence, there was an upliftment in Domino's franchise cost in India resulting in an investment of INR 50 lakhs for traditional outlets and INR 30 lakhs for non-traditional outlets in 2021. 

Before starting a Domino's franchise, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, and this article will help you with every single doubt that you have.

Types of Domino's Franchise in India:

There are three types of franchise formats in India, and they are: 

  • Traditional Stores: The Domino's pizza outlet situated at a building that provides ample space for parking vehicles of both customers and delivery persons is considered a traditional store. Traditional outlets include big buildings or even shopping malls. Such traditional stores only sell authorised products via delivery or takeout services.
  • Non-Traditional Stores: The non-traditional stores are the ones that are located in non-traditional buildings. Not limited to shopping malls, these outlets can be in airports, stadiums, office buildings, and toll roads. It mainly provides takeaway services, but dine-in facilities are an exception in some of these non-traditional outlets.
  • The Transitional Stores: The outlets where the number of customers is fewer than other outlets are considered transitional stores. These outlets have a slightly different menu as its menu is customised according to the location of the stores and the regional taste of the people residing in that locality.

Irrespective of the type of store, Domino's pizza franchise can easily gather many customers due to its huge brand name. Each store provides a Dominos pamphlet with a price convenient for the customers to pick out the best-selected option for them. The other options reflected on the menu are different kinds of pizzas, pasta, tacos, garlic bread, fries, desserts, and beverages.

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What is the Domino's Franchise Cost in India?

The first thing that strikes the mind before opening a domino's franchise is the amount of money required. 

  • The Domino's franchise cost for a traditional pizza outlet ranges up to 5000000 (INR 50 lacs) in India. 
  • On the other hand, a non-traditional outlet might cost the amount of 3000000 (INR 30 lacs) for setting up. 

But you must plan strategically before spending such a huge amount because if the store's rent is exorbitant, then the Domino's franchise cost in Indian rupees might exceed 50 lakhs. So a well-planned strategy is a must for someone willing to open a domino's pizza franchise.

Important Information Regarding Domino's Franchise in India

  • Domino's Pizza is operated by Jubilant Foodworks Limited in India, and to become an owner of a domino's franchise; you need to deal with Jubilant Foodworks. 
  • To set up a transitional pizza outlet, you need to sign the franchise agreement for five years, whereas for setting up a traditional and non-traditional pizza outlet, you need to sign a franchise agreement of 10 years.
  • For owning a Domino's franchise, you need to be well-trained before getting their ownership, but if there is any doubt or you require help, you can get aid from Domino's Pizza Partners Foundation. 
  • Domino's Pizza Franchise India arranges classroom training for the franchise owners to be fully mentally and physically equipped to run the store efficiently. 

With every passing day, the craze for pizzas is increasing, and India has the second-highest number of outlets worldwide in various parts of the country. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs are developing an interest in opening pizza outlets all over the country.  This has led to many outlets in unconventional areas such as highway roads or underdeveloped neighbourhoods.

However, starting a Domino's franchise with such a brand image is not easy. Every minute detail from planning to execution needs your full attention because it becomes your responsibility to hold on to loyal customers and bring in new customers. You should keep an eye on business areas such as administration, finance, accounting, customer services, personnel management, and others and make sure that it is well-maintained.

You should also keep the telephone services updated as there is more demand for pizzas for delivery. Getting the calls and reaching the customer's doorsteps at the said timing should also be one of your responsibilities, and you should also manage the details of the delivery person.

Basics for Opening a Domino's Franchise in India 

  • Location: The location of a Domino's pizza outlet plays a vital role in the growth of that particular outlet as better the location of the outlet, more the customers are attracted towards it. The outlet should also be spacious enough along with location, providing no chance for the customers to return without having a slice of pizza.
  • Infrastructure: It is evident that an attractive and comfortable infrastructure attracts a considerable number of customers. The infrastructure of your Domino's Franchise store should be comfortable that it can let people dine in without any reason or to have a get-together. 
  • Workforce: You must not forget that to run a store the most important thing is to have well-trained staff. They should act according to the norms of Domino's store policy. They should behave politely with the customers because a bit of mistake in their behaviour might let the customer leave the store, which might be a disadvantage for your franchise.
  • Delivery People: One of the other facilities that you need to provide at your Domino's Franchise outlet is the facility of delivering pizzas at the customers' doorsteps. You also require delivery people depending on the demands of people residing in that locality and delivery vehicles. 

All these aspects impact the Domino's franchise cost depending on the type of outlet you choose to open.

After knowing the basic requirements for a Domino's franchise, the next question is how to get Domino's franchise in India? One needs to follow certain procedures before getting the license and ownership of the franchise, and there is a clear discussion of each step below:

Steps of Getting a Domino's Franchise in India:

Step 1: First of all, to open a Domino's franchise, an investor must fill out an application form and wait for a reply from the company.

Step 2: Once the candidate's application is approved, they will receive documents from the company and shall be asked to wait for the telephonic interview.

Step 3: If the telephonic interview goes well, then the said candidate has progressed towards the next level, and the franchise development manager of the company arranges a meeting to discuss the details of franchise development with the candidate.

Step 4: After the meeting, the financial data and other necessary instructions are provided to the potential franchise for taking further essential steps.

Step 5: The next step involves the training and orientation of the franchise owner, where they are taught about the roles and responsibilities of running the Domino's franchise successfully in fine detail.

Step 6: The last and final step is the signing of the franchise agreement. Once the above criteria are fulfilled, the company provides the agreement to the individual that makes them the franchise owner just by signing the same.

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The name "Domino's" itself is a big brand name and is enough for people to thrive with a desire of having mouth-watering pizzas. Over the years, there have been many changes regarding the name and logo of Domino's, but the quality and taste have never undergone any change so far, and their services have never ceased to please the customers. We hope we have cleared your queries regarding the procedures of opening a Domino's franchise, Domino's franchise cost in India, the requirements and the profit margin that can be made. Therefore, carefully decide on the type of outlet, venue and other essential information for starting a Domino's franchise in India

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Q: What are the other food items available at a Domino's store?


Apart from selling different pizzas, Domino's offers pasta, tacos, fries, garlic bread, desserts, beverages. A Dominos pamphlet with price that helps you get your desired food item at an affordable price without any consultation from the staff.

Q: What is the monthly earnings of a Domino's store in India?


Based on the store's location and adherence to quality standards, the profit margin and the revenue varies from store to store. An average income of a franchise partner ranges from INR 2 to 3 lacs a month.

Q: How could one get the Domino's franchise in India?


If you are willing to start a domino's franchise of your own, then getting the franchise is just a few steps away and is an easy process. You need to fill an application form, get through the telephonic interview round, and then attend the meeting while understanding every vital detail before becoming the franchise owner. If you pass the interview, then you will be given orientation at an existing franchise. Once you are practically exposed to the norms of the franchise, financial matters will be discussed with you, and the documentation will be carried out, making you an owner of your franchise.

Q: Is getting a Domino's franchise profitable in India?


Getting a Domino's franchise is indeed profitable in Indian markets. You can definitely give it a try because of the vast demand for pizzas by every age group. The company started its very first franchise in the year 1967 in India. In not more than 11 years, the number of Domino's in India reached 200 stores in 1978 and, while still increasing, has crossed 1400 stores to date. Many people are consuming pizza every day, either by dining in, taking away, or getting delivery at their doorsteps. Hence, there is no second thought that getting a domino's franchise is profitable.

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