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Guide to EPFO KYC Process

It is significant for employees to upload KYC in the Employees Provident Fund Organization’s member e-sewa portal. In the EPF KYC portal, the responsibility lies with an employer to provide details of KYC, and employers verify the details before employees upload KYC details. Advantages and benefits are ensured after an EPFO KYC and income tax benefits to employees.   

Did you know? 

Universal Account Number was introduced in 2014.

How to Upload KYC in EPF UAN

Easy and plain steps to seed KYC details with a 12-digit Universal Account Number provided by EPFO: 

  • An employee has to log in to his EPF account at the unified member portal. 
  • The KYC option needs to be clicked after the Manage section. 
  • Selection of details such as PAN, bank account, Aadhaar etc., for linking with UAN. 
  • The requisite fields have to be filled by the employees, and the Save option has to be clicked. 
  • While continuing the EPFO KYC, the employee's request will appear in ‘KYC pending for approval.’ 
  • After the employer approves the details, the following message will appear: ‘Digitally approved by the employer’. 
  • After confirmation from UIDAI, employees can view it displayed against their Aadhaar. 

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  • PF Withdrawals Online 

It is not required for an employee to approach the employer and they need not wait at the ex-company for the signature of the authorised person. 

  • Documentation Not Needed 

After KYC details are filled successfully in the PF portal and an approval later by the employer, documentation part of EPF is not required. 

  • Universal Account Number 

UAN of an employee must be activated with the KYC to seed it and is required for withdrawal. A KYC can happen if the UAN of an employee is activated, and activation of UAN beforehand must be ensured by employees.  

  • PF Passbook 

Before PF KYC, employees can look at their PF passbook after activation of the UAN. The employees can receive their per month PF contribution. 

  • Transfer of PF Online 

Transfer of EPF account from one organisation to another can take place. Activation of an employee’s UAN is a must and the employee needs to make sure with his employer that no duplication of his UAN takes place. 

EPF Scheme

It is a key scheme that comes of aid to employees to build a sizeable retirement corpus. It came into shape in 1952 for the welfare of employees, and the Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952, governs the scheme and Employees Provident Fund Organisation manages it. 

  • In this, the EPF account gets contributions from the employer and employees equally every month. 
  • The employer is responsible for depositing the entire amount to the EPF account. 
  • From the monthly salary of employees, the share is deducted. 
  • An employee must generate a Universal Account Number allotted by the EPFO. 
  • UAN functions as an umbrella for several member IDs of an individual by different employers. 
  • The multiple IDs of an individual are linked under a unique number. 

Documents for KYC of EPFO

The necessary documents for EPFO KYC are as follows

  • Bank Account Details 
  • PAN Number 
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport 
  • Driving License 
  • Election Card
  • Ration Card 
  • National Population Register 

Steps to Upload KYC in EPF UAN

  • An employee has to visit the portal of EPF for activation of their Universal Account Number. 
  • The mandatory fields must be filled up along with the mobile number. 
  • In the next step, the UAN number, name, date of birth, and the captcha must be filled up and later, ‘Get Authorization Pin’ has to be clicked. 
  • The mobile number gets the OTP required for the activation of UAN and ‘I Agree’ has to be clicked and the OTP should be entered. 
  • The activation of UAN will take place after choosing the password and final submission. 
  • The employees need to visit now to the homepage of the EPF portal. 
  • UAN number, password, captcha should be entered, followed by clicking ‘Sign In’ to complete EPFO KYC
  • E-mail ID and mobile number can be changed in the ‘Manage’ option and highlighted documents on the screen for online withdrawal benefits should be filled and ‘Save’ needs to be clicked. 
  • The status, ‘Pending KYC’ will be shown in front of the employee. 
  • After the employer approves the uploaded KYC of the employee, the status shown will be ‘Approved KYC’. 
  • After ‘Save’ is clicked, the data will be reflected in the employer’s EPF portal. 
  • An employee can approach the company's Human Resource Department in writing, requesting approval of KYC. An application along with a photocopy of the PAN card, Aadhaar card and a cancelled cheque should be carried by an employee. A receipt of the submission needs to be taken from HR.

Updation of Contact Details

It is mandatory to link a mobile number and email ID to UAN. It is because several services of EPFO are provided to its members through email and SMS and it is easy to update contact details in the EPF account. 

The following is the process of registering contact details for UAN: 

  • UAN is mandatory to be activated in the EPF member portal to register an email ID and mobile number. 
  • In the important available links, ‘Activate UAN’ must be clicked. 
  • The employee needs to enter details such as name, UAN, date of birth, email ID and mobile number. The captcha verification code should be entered and ‘Get Authorization Pin’ should be clicked. The email ID and mobile number get an OTP after a while. 
  • UAN needs to be activated after entering the OTP. After the activation, the email ID and mobile number will be registered, which are necessary for EPFO KYC

The following is the process of changing email ID and contact number for communication with EPFO: 

  • An employee has to visit the official portal of EPFO. 
  • The UAN, password and captcha code need to be filled, followed by a click in ‘Sign In’. 
  • In the ‘Manage’ tab, ‘Contact Details’ should be clicked for logging in. 
  • Two checkboxes will be available for an employee to change mobile number and email ID, and a checkbox is selected according to the requirement. 
  • A new mobile number and email ID should be typed and ‘Get Authorization Pin’ must be clicked. 
  • After receiving and entering the OTP, contact details get successfully updated. 

Redressal of KYC Issues

There is a helpdesk for UAN related issues in the Employee Provident Fund Organization. The helpdesk was established, which is available online as well as offline. Users' problems can be resolved by either getting help from the helpline offline or online. Issues of EPFO KYC are resolved even by meeting officials of the UAN helpdesk. Member queries are attended to through email and toll-free numbers. 

The helpdesk of EPFO resolves the following queries and issues of EPF subscribers: 

  • The portal’s technical issues and Umang app
  • KYC details update
  • EPF transfer 
  • OTP non-reception 
  • Understanding UAN 
  • Issues that arise if more than one UAN is allotted 
  • Unavailability of passbook
  • Change in contact details 

Getting KYC details updates for UAN reduces the dependency on the employer while moving jobs, and it comes in aid during a transition from one job to another. An employee does not need to upload all KYC documents, and they can upload one or more documents for it. 

Approval of KYC Documents

After the KYC details are successfully updated in the EPFO portal, the KYC inputs get approval from the EPFO department or employer. If the contact details are not approved, they can contact the EPF Grievance Portal. An employee needs to wait for three to five days to get approval, and the portal can be viewed in the ‘KYC pending for approval’ section. 

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Process of Embedding KYC Details in EPF UAN

  • If details of an employee are matching, legitimate and verified, the documents are digitally attested. 
  • After the approval, EPFO authorities verify approved documents to see for mismatches, discrepancies, etc. 
  • If documents do not get approved, the helpline number and email ID for employees are 1800 118 005 and uanepf@epfindia.gov.in. 
  • After everything is complete, if an employee raises a claim, the verification process will be done in no time, and the details of KYC get embedded in the EPF UAN system. 

Key Points to Note

  • During filling details from KYC documents, the employees need to be particular about no discrepancies during the EPFO KYC process from documents like aadhaar card, passport, PAN card, driver’s license etc.  
  • After uploading the documents, the employer will take 2-3 days to approve. 

The KYC details of employees that get embedded in the portal get their transfers and claims approved much faster and it is a simple process for employees and employers. 


Every scheme requires filling up of KYC and PF account demands the same.

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Q: How can UAN EPFO KYC be checked online?


The status can be checked in the official portal of EPFO via a UAN card.

Q: What are the TDS charges after EPFO KYC?


The TDS charges are lower after KYC updation and PAN is linked with the EPF account.

Q: Is it necessary to upload documents for EPFO KYC on the portal?


No,an employee only has to type the document number and the document's name.

Q: Is it mandatory to get an EPFO KYC updated online?


No,it isn’t necessary to get KYC details updated online.

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