Financial Calculators: All You Need To Know

PF Calculator image

PF Calculator

What is a PF calculator, EPF calculator, and PF interest calculator? Learn about the PF maturity calculator and EPF interest calculator in this article in detail.

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Income Tax Calculator

Need to calculate income tax but don’t know how to calculate income tax? We’ll help you with income tax calculation, income tax computation format with an income tax calculator.

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NPS Calculator

What are the NPS calculator and the NPS interest rate? Learn how to use the NPS tax benefit calculator, NPS pension calculator, and NPS returns calculator in this article.

GST Rate Finder and HSN Code List: An Overview image

GST Rate Finder and HSN Code List: An Overview

What is the HSN code? How does the HSN code finder works, and so on? Read this article to learn all about the HSN code and GST rate finder.

Salary Calculator image

Salary Calculator

Do you always get confused with the salary terms? Learn what CTC calculation, the monthly salary calculator and others in this detailed article are.

Simple Interest Calculator image

Simple Interest Calculator

What are the interest calculator, interest rate calculator, and simple interest calculator? Learn how to calculate interest and simple interest in this article.

Loan Tenure Calculator image

Loan Tenure Calculator

Do you require a loan but don’t know how to calculate loan tenure? Don’t worry. In this article, we will be explaining in detail the loan duration calculator. So without any more delay, let's start.

Loan Amount Calculator image

Loan Amount Calculator

What are the loan payment calculator and loan calculation formula? In this article, we will learn more about loan term calculators, note calculators, and PMT calculators.

EMI Calculator image

EMI Calculator

Do you want to learn more about EMI loan calculators? Here, we will discuss what is EMI calculator? How to calculate EMI? And many more details about it.

Business Loan EMI Calculator image

Business Loan EMI Calculator

What is the EMI calculator for business loans and the MSME loan EMI calculator? This article will briefly describe the business loan eligibility calculator, business loan interest calculator, and commercial loan EMI calculator.

PPF Calculator image

PPF Calculator

Read this article to learn more about PPF Calculator, PPF interest rate, online PPF Calculator, PPF maturity calculator and much more!.

Gratuity Calculator image

Gratuity Calculator

A calculator for gratuity in salary helps in long-term financial preparation. The gratuity salary calculator India uses many inputs like the last drawn salary, the years of service and the special allowances

HRA Exemption Calculator image

HRA Exemption Calculator

Learn how to calculate HRA. Using online calculators for the calculation of HRA, you can figure out your tax-free HRA and pay your income tax accordingly.

GST Calculator image

GST Calculator

GST calculator will calculate the amount of GST included in a gross price as well as the amount you should add to a net price.

If you are from a background in business and commerce, then you must have surely used a financial calculator in your studies. A financial calculator is one of the most important tools for students seeking a career in this profession. It is the most effective tool which helps in calculating the rates, conversions, compounding time value of money, simple interest, net annual value, and so on.

You can also perform the basic functions with the help of a financial calculator. It helps you to make better financial decisions, such as making the monthly budget and finding the net profit or loss in your business.

These reasons make the financial calculator a valuable tool. Many people make quick decisions for their business because of online financial calculators available. They also provide advanced functions, which a basic calculator doesn’t provide. In this article, we will learn more about how to use a financial calculator and online finance calculators.

Did You Know? 

65% of the taxpayers in India plan their investment with the help of financial calculators for tax savings.

Types of Financial Calculators

There are several kinds of money calculator apps available that help you to make your complex work easier. In your general life, you need to take certain decisions for your future, such as taking the loans, credit card interest, the returns that your investment will give you, and so on. Without financial calculators, it will become a tough task to find the solution to such complex problems and take the decisions accordingly.

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There are several kinds of online financial calculators in India, such as –

EMI Calculator

The life of most middle-class families runs on EMIs. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installments. The EMI calculator makes it easier for you to calculate the monthly installments that are payable on your loan. It also gives you the suggestion of how early you should repay your loan to save your money. You can make a better decision to successfully meet your financial needs.

Several types of EMI financial calculators in India are –

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Customers take personal loans from the bank for making large purchases, meeting emergency expenses, wedding expenses, and so on. This personal finance calculator will tell you how much amount you will have to pay for this loan repayment. This will help you to plan your payments and plan your expenses accordingly.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home is considered the biggest asset of our lives. So we must not make any wrong decisions regarding it. Persons seeking to purchase a ready-to-move property or fully construct a new home take home loans from financial institutions. People prefer taking home loans rather than mortgaging their assets. Use the financial calculators' app that helps you to calculate the amount of your home loan and pay your home comfortably later on.

Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

It is the kind of a secured loan that banks or financial institutions grant against your fully constructed house property or residential property. Keeping your home as a security for money is always the toughest decision. You can’t afford to make wrong decisions with regard to it. Use this online financial calculator to know the amount you need to pay for your EMI.

Education Loan EMI Calculator

Many people have to take education loans for themselves or their children for the purpose of higher studies. The options of loans that help you yo carve your niches are very few. But, the educational loan is one of them. The repayment of an educational loan must not stop you from pursuing your dream career. Take the help of the best financial calculators to plan the repayment of your educational loan.

Car Loan EMI Calculator

Purchasing a new car is not a big deal today, and it is a matter of necessity for most Indians. This EMI financial calculator will help you to estimate your EMI requirements for the car you are planning to purchase.

Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Gold is considered one of the best and simple options for saving. It is a liquid asset that has high significance in the lives of Indians, and it helps them in times of crisis. The gold loan EMI calculator helps to estimate the loan repayment for gold loans.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

You get various options from the banks from which you can take the loan when you take the loan from banks or financial institutions for the purpose of purchasing or constructing your home. Sometimes, after taking the loan, you explore other options like interest rates of other banks, their repayment policies, and so on. This leaves you in deep trouble when you come to realise that you are paying more money for your existing home loan. So before switching to the other bank for your home loan, you can use the online finance calculator for the purpose of the home loan balance transfer. It will help you to compute the amount that you can save by switching your existing home loan to another bank.

Loan Eligibility Calculator

Every bank and financial institution has its own rules and regulations for granting a loan. They provide loans only to the people who fulfil their eligibility criteria. There is a free financial calculator available online that informs you whether you are eligible for taking a loan from a particular bank or not. It also tells you the loan amount for which you are eligible. So you can check your eligibility status from such online financial calculators before applying for a loan. This will help you to save your time by going to the banks and enquiring from there.

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Deposit Calculator

Many people are not able to save their money in one go. There can be several reasons behind this, such as low-income levels, higher expenses, and so on. So for savings, many people go for the option of Recurring Deposit (RD) or Fixed Deposit (FD). These schemes help you to save bit by bit and provide interest on the outstanding balance. But a person often gets confused while opening RD/FD savings scheme in the bank. The reason again here is the interest rate. All the banks pay different rates of interest on your RD/FD scheme. Moreover, the interest rate paid by the Post Office is also different.

To avoid this confusion, you can use a money calculator for finding the most beneficial option for yourself. You can also use the time value of money calculator that helps you to know the value of money that you will receive in the future. It will tell you the actual amount of your future money as per the present.

This financial calculator calculates the compound interest and the total value of your fixed deposit over a specific period of time.

Recurring Deposits Calculator  

It calculates the value of total interest that you will receive against your recurring deposit amount. You can also compare the interest rates provided by the different banks.

Gold Rate Calculator

Gold is one of the most beneficial liquid assets. This online financial calculator calculates the value of gold in your city. You have to enter the purity level of gold offered in this calculator. You can know the real-time value of gold and silver along with their instant changes in value.

Retirement Planning Calculator

People generally wonder about the amount they require to sustain their lifestyle after they get the retirement from their job. They have to make a decision whether their current savings and investment will be enough for their future or not. The online finance calculator for retirement planning helps you to know the amount that you should start saving from now for your retirement. You should use this calculator to plan for your retirement and enjoy a stress-free life later on.


Using online financial calculators helps you in financial decision-making. You can perform various calculations that a basic calculator cannot perform. You can use them for various functions such as calculating the loan amount, comparing the interest rates, cash flows, and so on. Financial calculators online are simple and convenient to use. In professional life, finding the time value of money is very important since it helps us to know the present and future value of money. Taking decisions based on time value has been possible only because of online financial calculators. They are also useful if you work with your investments. It gives you clear and realistic expectations. You come to know whether the investment you are making is worth it or not. While purchasing the new asset, you should be aware of its depreciation value, too, which you can understand by such calculators online. We hope that this article has helped you to know how to use financial calculators for taking quick decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of online financial calculators?

Online financial calculators help you to make decisions related to your investments, loans, EMIs, purchasing assets, and so on. You can use these calculators and prepare in advance.

What are the different kinds of financial calculators in India?

Different kinds of financial calculators are EMI calculators, gold rate calculators, time value of money calculators, retirement planning calculators, and so on.

What are the different types of EMI calculators?

Different types of EMI calculators are personal loan EMI calculators, home loan EMI calculators, education loan EMI calculators, and many more.

How to compare the interest rates of RD and FD of different banks?

You can compare the interest rate of RD and FD by using an online deposit financial calculator.

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