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How to Become a Seller at Flipkart?

Most individuals choose to make purchases using e-commerce websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, and Flipkart in the current digital age. Consumers are enthusiastic about internet shopping due to obvious reasons like speedy delivery, easy access, large savings, and convenient payment choices. Individuals are quite happy to buy their favourite things with the touch of a button or via their smartphones. So, if you operate a business and would like to become a Flipkart vendor, this article is for you.

Did you know?

Flipkart is one of the most popular platforms for selling online in India. You can sign up on Flipkart for free without paying any registration fees.

How to Become a Flipkart Seller

To sell your products on Flipkart, an individual or company must first join as a Flipkart seller. The procedure of becoming a Flipkart seller is simple, and you can start the process of becoming a Flipkart seller website page. An individual or company can join up as a Flipkart vendor by giving details about the company and the items the seller intends to offer on Flipkart. 

To complete the Flipkart seller sign up procedure, you have to provide some mandatory information about you and your business and go through the verification process to claim that your business is legit.

  • Name 
  • Contact Number 
  • Email Account
  • Pick-up location/business location
  • Product types that the company wishes to offer on Flipkart
  • Documentation for business registration
  • Documentation for tax registration

Business Registration

In addition to the vendor's basic details, the vendor has to provide some essential details relating to business with Flipkart while doing the seller enrollment process. Depending on the kind of business you will operate with them, the requirement of documentation will differ.

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Selling on Flipkart as an Individual or Sole Proprietorship

Whenever a person intends to sell on Flipkart under their own identity and also their legal authority, the company will be immediately recognized as a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietor firm does not provide the promoters with little liability safety, is not readily transferred, cannot have shareholders or partnerships, is not easily customizable, and has minimal rights to acquire bank financing. As a result, experts advice is staying away from becoming a Flipkart vendor through a sole proprietorship firm. In case you choose sole proprietorship, then you will have to submit the following documents:

Identity Verification

  • Signed statement on company letterhead showing that the person owns and administers the savings account in the company's name.
  • Bank financial statement filed on Flipkart payments channel
  • Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence, or some other picture identification card
  • A letter establishing identification from a recognized public authority or government servant.

Address Verification

  • Telecom bill (fixed line), which is on sole proprietorship name.
  • Electricity bill under the sole proprietor company's name
  • Savings account statement under the proprietorship's identity
  • Company letter, ration card, rental or licence agreement
  • A letter establishing identification from a recognized government authority or governmental servant.

Selling on Flipkart as a Private Limited Company

To become a Flipkart seller as a Private Limited firm is among the most popular ways to become a Flipkart seller. It offers organisers with limited liability safety. A corporation is an independent entity with simple generalisability, the capacity to take on shareholders or associates, and the ability to scale operational processes rapidly. For a Private Limited firm, you have to submit the following important documents.

Identity Verification 

  • Document of Private Limited Company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Document of Memorandum of Association 
  • Business PAN Card 

Address Verification

  • Telephone bill of the firm (Fixed line)
  • Lease or leasing arrangement for a company's power bill

Selling on Flipkart as an LLP / Partnership Firm

A general partnership company can also be a Flipkart vendor. Nevertheless, it is better to form a limited liability partnership before becoming a Flipkart seller. It gives statutory protection, simple generalisability, a distinct legal organisation, and other important documentation for swiftly becoming a Flipkart seller.

Identity Verification

  • Partnership agreement 
  • LLP Incorporation Certificates Partnerships registration
  • Power of attorney issued to a member of staff of the LLP or collaboration company to do operations on its name 
  • Any record indicating partners and the individual having the reins of attorney, including their pictures
  • Address proof 
  • The LLP's or partnership firm's PAN Card

Address Verification 

  • Any legally acceptable documents proving the partners' and people holding the right of attorney
  • Firm telephone invoice 
  • Firm electricity partner's bill 
  • Leasing or rental agreement
  • Licence agreement for a 
  • Company's power bill

Selling on Flipkart as a Trust & Foundation

Charities and non-profits foundations may also become Flipkart vendors. They have to submit all the documents in the foundation's name to prove the lawful authenticity.

Listing of Products on Flipkart

Whenever you want to sell online on Flipkart, the listing is comparatively simple compared to other competing marketplaces. Flipkart does have a customer service website. You should have at least ten goods to post and sell on Flipkart. You may keep goods photographs on hand and submit them together with description and pricing information. Choose the appropriate category for your goods.

Dashboard - Where the Entire Product Are Managed

You may begin selling on Flipkart after completing the seller enrollment process and uploading your product listings. Flipkart gives a dashboard from which to manage all processes. Flipkart also offers discounts, advertisements, and statistical assistance, so you can see which products are performing well enough with price and other criteria.

Shipping and Logistics of Products by Flipkart

When you open a Flipkart seller account online, you will receive shipping and logistical assistance. Flipkart has agreements with carriers to pick up packages and deliver them across India. They also offer packing assistance and supplies, as well as coaching. When a customer places an order, the seller prepares the goods for export by packing them. The logistics company will pick up the item for further delivery. Please keep in mind that Flipkart does not supply packaging materials. Sellers are responsible for making their provisions. It is simple to sell and transport on Flipkart since they have 200 pick-up locations and 10,000 delivery workers.

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Flipkart seller: Tax Registration Requirement

After the Flipkart seller completes the Flipkart seller registration of the commercial enterprise for the prospective company, they have to submit the tax registrations and bank accounts in the name of the firm.

  • Name of the company
  • PAN - Permanent Account Number of an individual, a private limited corporation, or a partnership.
  • TIN - Tax Identification Number, which most individuals recognize as a Sales Tax Number or CST Number in the name of a firm.
  • TAN –TAN is necessary for Tax Deduction at Source on a company's name.
  • Name of a savings account
  • Bank account number
  • IFSC code of a bank

Start selling on Flipkart

After the business's promoters complete submitting the following details, paperwork, and registrations, the company may begin selling its items on Flipkart. Now firms may establish storefronts and list things for sale on Flipkart to begin selling.


Now that you've learned everything, we hope you'll be able to prosper as a licensed Flipkart seller. There are several advantages of selling on Flipkart, although there are a few drawbacks. This is the appropriate option for you if you enjoy taking on new tasks. All you have to do is make a concrete plan of action and work on it. You must be an astute vendor. The internet shopping portal sector is expanding; therefore, you may have a very positive outcome in this field. Best wishes!
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Q: Will I have to pay to list items on Flipkart?


No.The Item listing on Flipkart is completely free. Flipkart doesn't require payment to list your product digitally, and you have to pay a tiny fee on the products you sell.

Q: How many listings are needed to begin selling?


To begin selling on Flipkart, you must have at least one listing (unique item).

Q: When will the seller receive the payment?


Via NEFT transfers, the money is released to your savings account. Flipkart will clear your invoices within 7-15 working days, depending on your seller grade.

Q: Do I have to ship my stuff to Flipkart?


No,Flipkart manages the shipment of your goods. Everything you have to do is wrap the merchandise and have it available for shipment. Their shipping department will come to your location and collect the merchandise before delivering it to the consumer.

Q: What are the benefits of selling on Flipkart?


Flipkart is the undisputed king in Indian e-commerce, with the greatest online presence and the top level of reputation. They are the most powerful partner for bringing your items to clients across India, including over 10 crore active consumers, 1 crore everyday page visitors, and 8 lakh monthly deliveries to over a thousand locations.

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