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What is ICEGATE and How Does it Work?

One of the most crucial tasks in the business is having proper records and managing the database accurately. Several importers and exporters have a large database containing the files of shipping bills, bill of lading, bill of entry and a number of other documents. ICEGATE is an online portal that helps in managing these records without any hassle. The ICEGATE full form is Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Data Interchange or Electronic Commerce Gateway, which has been highly beneficial to a number of importers, exporters, cargo service providers, etc. Every user is provided with a unique ICEGATE ID and their password, which keeps the whole record safe and private.

Did You Know?

There are more than 7 lakh exporters and importers that are using ICEGATE, which has been beneficial in the smooth running and safeguarding of their business. Currently, there are more than 43542 registered users of this web portal.

What is ICEGATE?

ICEGATE is termed as Indian Custom and Central Excise Electronic Data Interchange or Electronic Commerce Gateway. It is an online portal that works as an infrastructure for supporting the management of the database of several bills regarding imports, exports, and several other services. 

ICEGATE is basically used by traders, import service providers, cargo transporters, etc. They have the unique ICEGATE ID that helps in maintaining all the records and prevents the entry of any non-registered user. ICEGATE had spread its arm into various other fields as well. Several licensing and governmental bodies are using ICEGATE for the management of important documents. On the other hand, ICEGATE also plays a great role in helping the citizens to clear out their taxes online without spending much time in offline payment methods. Mostly, the ICEGATE registration is done for import, Import general manifest, export, Console manifest and Export General Manifest.

ICEGATE- Service and Advantages

There are a number of advantages you can avail of the ICEGATE e-commerce portal. Some of the great features associated with ICEGATE are:

  • It is very much beneficial as well as necessary for filing online import and export-related documents.
  •  ICEGATE helps in tracking the status of the online filing of several documents.
  • Information about the import and export status are duly informed to the owner or the user through their registered email ID.
  •  ICEGATE can prove beneficial in terms of having any query or misunderstanding related to any service,  for which the help desk is available with 24/7 support.
  • To ensure the proper privacy and security over the documentation, only the individual with a valid ICEGATE ID is eligible to file a document on the portal.

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Steps to Register for ICEGATE

Registering an ID on the ICEGATE portal is made quite simple for the ease of the customers. Following are several steps for registering on the ICEGATE portal.

  • For the registration, an individual is required to open the official website of ICEGATE.
  • It will redirect the individual to the homepage of the ICEGATE portal. There will be a registration link.
  • Click on the registration link for proceeding towards registering.
  • After clicking the registration link, there will be an option of Simplified Registration.
  • Click on the Simplified Registration option to proceed with the signing up of the ID.
  • The user is required to enter several personal information, which includes GST number, mobile number, email ID, etc.
  • After filling up the form, the individual is required to set up a password for their ID. It is required for the password to be strong enough to prevent any unauthorised access.
  • A registration form will appear on the screen with the unique ICEGATE ID as well as the password created by the user.
  • For the verification of the ICEGATE ID, there will be 2 OTPs that will be sent to the user, one on the registered email ID and another to the registered mobile number.
  • The user must enter both the OTPs for the successful verification of documents which will lead to a successful registration in the ICEGATE portal. Entering the wrong OTP will show an error report.
  • After the successful registration, the final form will be provided to the user for re-checking.
  • Once all the details are rechecked and corrected, the individual is required to click on the finish button.
  •  A popup warning window will appear on the screen, which will be tagged as, Are you sure you want to complete the auto IEC registration?
  • Tap the yes option for completing the registration.

Documents Required to Register Yourself

By following the above-given instructions, an individual can easily create an account on the ICEGATE portal. However, there are several documents that are required to be kept ready before registering into the portal. The documents required for ICEGATE registration are photo identity proof (Aadhar card/Voter ID card/driving licence/passport), authorisation letter, authorisation to F card or G card and licence or permit.

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Benefits of Using ICEGATE Portal

ICEGATE is an online portal that keeps the records as well as manages the documentation related to import and export. The primary storage in the database includes the shipping Bill, bill of lading, bill of entries, employee list, etc. These data are managed in a precise manner according to a unique ICEGATE ID which can be logged in by entering the password created by the registered user. It has help desk management that provides support in solving a number of issues. On the other hand, the ICEGATE offers several services like online payment, tracking of the document status using a registered ID, finding the status of import-export code (IEC), registration over the intellectual property rights through the internet, as well as online tax payment, i.e., custom duty. The basic principle of an ICEGATE portal is the exchange of data between traders or users in the most precise, secure and accurate manner.


As we have mentioned earlier, ICEGATE stands for Indian Custom and Central Excise of Electronic Data Interchange or Electronic Commerce Gateway. It is an online web portal that is designed for the management and record of the database, storing the information related to the documentation of imports and exports. The service provided by the ICEGATE e-commerce portal is being expanded to several fields, which includes online tax payment, IGST reimbursement, e-payment, etc. An individual registering on the ICEGATE portal will receive a unique ID which will be used during the filling of the report. Several benefits of using the ICEGATE portal includes the online tracking of the records, checking the status, getting the information on their registered email ID, online payment and 24/7 assistance.

It is a platform that keeps all of the important documentation safe and secured from any threat.

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Q: Why is it needed to register at the ICEGATE portal?


Importers and exporters are not eligible to file out the documentation like the shipping bills, bill of entries, bill of lading, etc., without being registered on the portal or having a valid ICEGATE ID. Therefore, for the filing procedure, an individual requires to have a verified ICEGATE ID and password. The verification is done for the email as well as the phone number with the help of the OTPs sent individually to the registered email ID as well as the mobile number of the owner.

Q: What are the documents required for ICEGATE registration?


For registering with the ICEGATE portal, there are a number of documents required. These documents include photo identity proof like Aadhar card, driving licence, voter ID, etc. Moreover, an individual requires a licence for a permit, authorisation letter, authorisation to F-card as well as G-card.

Q: What are the benefits of the ICEGATE portal?


There are a number of benefits you can avail from the ICEGATE portal, which includes the safe and secure filing of import/export documents, helps in tracking the status of the goods as well as the authenticity of the documents registered, information about the shipping Bill, Bill of Entry, Bill of lading, etc., are provided to the owner, over their registered email ID. On the other hand, the ICEGATE portal has a helpdesk that is available 24/7 to provide help and support to the user.

Q: What do you mean by bill of entry and bill of lading?


The Bill of Entry is documented and evaluated by the exporter or the importer for the several goods that are being shipped from one country to another country. It has all the details required for the shipments so that there is no hurdle during the transportation. On the other hand, the bill of lading is evaluated and documented by the shipper, who has the responsibility of transporting the particular goods from one border to another country. The ICEGATE e-commerce portal allows the service of e-filling of these bills.

Q: What is custom duty?


Customs duty is the tax that is imposed over the transportation of several goods, items, etc., from the international borders. It is basically the tax paid by the traders over the imported goods. The customs duty was imposed in India by the Customs Act of 1962, which specified several guidelines relating to the business of import and export. The ICEGATE e payment helps in paying off the custom duty online.

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