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A Guide to Freelancing, the New Age Work Standard

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is an evolving trend with a world of opportunities. Freelancing is not a 9 to 5 job. In freelancing, you are not under direct employment with anybody. You work independently, just like when you are self-employed. Freelancers are also called independent contractors for this reason. They can take up a job on contract, for a short term. Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the flexibility it offers. People between the ages of 18-30 are more inclined to this form of employment. They either take it up as an additional source of employment or the primary source.

Changes in the employment arena have slowly led to the gig economy's growth over the years. If you have the necessary skill, you can make it a lucrative career option.

Did you know?

There are over 110 crore people in the world engaged in freelancing.

Types of Freelancing

While we know that freelancing is a common term, the types of jobs done by freelancers are vast and unique. There is a wide range of fields open for you to choose from, and all you need is the skill relevant to the job. You can approach firms to take up short or long-term assignments. These days, several platforms are available online that list the jobs available 

for freelancers. It is advisable to keep your portfolio ready to impress the client and grab opportunities.  

We will look at in-demand freelance jobs below.

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Freelance Content Writing

It is one of the most common freelancing jobs. Content writing could be your area if you think you have the passion and a flair for writing. People are always on the lookout for information, making the demand for good quality writers persistent. In most cases, you don’t need any certification to start as a content writer, though training may be a plus. You will be asked to write a sample to assess your quality. You can also create your blog and pour your thoughts into it. Some types of writing are academic writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, technical writing and article writing.  

Freelance Designer

Graphic design is an in-demand field. The attractive sites that you see online are the work of these designers. Training and certification will help you grab more opportunities. Acquire the basic skills and then identify your area of expertise. You could be developing company logos or features for an e-commerce store. Once you are trained in your field, a portfolio of your work will help you go places.

Freelance Accountant and Tax Consultant 

If you are bored of a conventional accountant job, you could take it up as a freelancing opportunity. A degree in accounting with proven experience can help you here. Also, there are certificate courses that help you practice as an independent tax consultant. These can be done in your comfort, even from home. 

Freelance Photographer

This sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. It is a diverse field of wedding/event photography, fashion photography, wildlife photography, action photography, and more. You can turn it into a wonderful career if you have the passion. Whatever your area is, you need to keep your collection of pictures in a portfolio to showcase your talent.  

Freelance Marketing

It is another popular gig among the freelancing community. As a freelance marketer, you help people or companies to sell their products and services through your way of marketing. You must have seen so many influencers on social media, and these are the people who are called freelance digital marketers. You choose to promote the products on behalf of the company for a fee. In this way, you create customers for the company. 

To become a freelance marketer, you should first create a strong presence on social media platforms. You can choose your speciality here and build connections with companies through collaborations, and it is a win-win for both of you. The greatest benefit is that you can fix your fees since you are the key to attracting clients here.  

There are different types of marketing like content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Email marketing, video marketing, etc.  

You should learn the skills in your respective arena to create a powerful marketing campaign with a punch. Communication skills are vital for digital marketing, and make sure to develop them if you want to be an in-demand influencer. There is competition, and it is essential to be a power-packed marketer to stand out and reach a wider audience. 

How to Start Freelancing?

Does freelancing appeal to you? Freelancers have a lot of perks, and you could be one if you choose to. If you want to know how, here are the steps involved:

  • First, identify your area of expertise where you would like to offer your services. Along with this, you also have to know if your skill sells. Always try to find out what the client needs so that you can be the best fit.
  • To be the best, you should hone your skills. If, for example, you have a flair for writing, you have to explore and find out the skills needed to establish yourself as a writer. You could take up a short-term course to polish your writing skills.
  • Build your portfolio so that you can present it to create an impression. It should be exceptional if you want people to look for your service. You can create a digital portfolio on platforms like Canva or Behance as a designer.
  • Create a compelling social media presence.
  • Approach clients through your proposal and be flexible with your pricing as the field is highly competitive.

How to Be a Successful Freelancer

Freelancing is a wonderful opportunity but is not as easy as it may sound. To be successful, try to follow these tips:

  • Time management is a primary skill needed for freelancers. Keep track of your time since there are so many distractions when working from home. You should prioritise tasks so you can be productive.
  • The next thing is to split your work into manageable tasks. Don’t be overwhelmed with so many things at a time. Start easy and make your work less stressful.
  • Use freelancer tools that make your life easier. You have various tools that have been created for the benefit of freelancers, and these are time-management tools, accounting tools, marketing tools, design tools, and writing tools. 
  • Learn to say ‘no’ by being realistic. Take up only those tasks that you know you can complete on time. You cannot accumulate tasks just for earning and then do sloppy work. 
  • Be professional in your job so that the client looks up to you for their next requirement. It is important to be committed even though you are freelancing.

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Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Let us look into each side of the freelance business. 


  • You are not bound by the 9-5 timeline and can have an independent work life. 
  • You have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients. Once you complete an assigned task, you are free to look for another more interesting and profitable job.
  • Flexibility concerning workload is available for freelance jobs. You choose what you can do for a day or week and deliver accordingly. As a freelancer, you can dictate your terms if you have the required skills.
  • With freelancing, you can make money out of your passion. Since you work with passion, you can be more productive.


  • There is no guarantee of a regular job and income when you freelance.
  • Freelancers do not get benefits enjoyed by permanent staff, and they only get paid for a particular order. 
  • A lot of scams operate in the freelance market. The absence of a formal contract may result in being paid late or not being paid at all. 
  • As freelancers, you may have to skip being at leisure to get the order, so many freelancers end up working continuously without any vacation.


We hope this article has given you an insight into what freelancing is and how to be successful in it. If you want to try your hands here, follow the tips, work smart and create a niche.

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Q: Can freelancing be taken up as a primary source of income?


Freelancing jobs are sporadic, and it is best to go with it part-time. You can make this your full-time opportunity when you have a strong financial backup.

Q: In which fields can freelance be taken up?


A sea of opportunities are available for freelancers. You can choose to be a writer, editor, graphic designer, artist, tax consultant, coder, photographer, etc.

Q: What is the benefit of being a freelancer?


You are your own boss and can work independently with many clients at a time.

Q: How to become a freelancer?


Approach prospective clients and showcase your skills or create a small business on your own with your passion.

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