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An Overview of the Wholesale Markets in Lucknow

Lucknow is the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, and it is the state's largest metropolitan area as well. Wholesale markets in Lucknow are well-known for displaying a wide variety of fashion and household items ready to be purchased by the day to day consumers. In the wholesale markets of Lucknow, you will be able to find local shops as well as several century old enterprises that are still in operation, and everything you find here are of high-quality. Apart from home goods and clothing materials, this city also has a particularly dedicated to industrial items. Read on to find out the best wholesale markets in Lucknow and the things you can purchase from this lively area.

Did you know? The wholesale markets of Lucknow are one of the celebrated aspects of the city and everything that is produced here for commercial purposes reflect the rich tradition and culture of the state.

Wholesale Markets In Lucknow

Lucknow is also known as the City of Nawabs (Nawabon ka Sheher in Hindi). The richness of history, culture, and the tradition of the times of Nawabs continue to permeate everything produced for the commercial market. Needle-stitching is one of the city's traditional crafts, and both chikan and zardozi needlework are pretty popular throughout the region.

Lucknow's wholesale businesses are well-known across the country for their one-of-a-kind clothes, furniture, and consumable items. The wholesale industry has changed dramatically in the last two years, bringing in new methodologies and mechanisms to this age-old marketplace. In the upcoming sections, we will dive deep into the details of the wholesale marketplaces in this vibrant city.

Aminabad Bazaar, the Heartbeat of the Consumerist Market

It is one of Lucknow's most historic marketplaces, located in Aminabad Bazaar Street. It started to see economic success in the 19th century during the reign of the Awadh ruler, Imaad Hussain Khan Amiaiddaulah. His goal was to keep the market inside a particular area; therefore, he constructed four gates. With the construction of a mosque called the Kaalan-Phatak Masjjid, the gates were demolished and replaced with a mosque. Lucknow's Aminabad cloth market grew into a mecca for handicrafts and fashion under the British occupation of India.

An unbelievable number of companies are currently located there, providing anything from decorations to chikaan-work clothing items, footwear’s, costume jewelleries, and so on. This market's merchandise is mainly acquired locally, with numerous embroidery artists and artisans providing services to the enterprises for many generations.

  • What things to buy? All kinds of chikankari clothing and other fashionable goods, as well as wedding accessories, saris, footwear’s, and local street-food, are available for purchase.
  • Market-timing: 9 A.M to 5 P.M, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and special events. Weekly closures are observed on Thursdays.

Hazratganj Bazaar Street

His alias, Hazzraat, established this marketplace in 1892, named after Nawaab Amjaad Ali Shah. The age-old buildings have been given a contemporary, global makeover. It includes old Mughal architecture and marble-top seats, walking pavements, and water-cascades evocative of the Victorian era, as well as stunning glass sky-scrapers of the current day.

This bazaar offers a more costlier and large variety selections of merchandise than Aminabad or any other Lucknow market. It also has an upmarket variety shop. The enticing décor of the various fashion-related shops might encourage anybody to get inside and take a look. The market is surrounded by several hotels designed to entertain customers. Various wholesale food businesses in this area are worth a visit.

  • What things to purchase: Shopping options include handicrafts, organic cotton items, handmade garments such as embroidery and Chikankari clothing items, and groceries. Authentic street-food joints are a must visit in this area.
  • Market timing: From 10 A.M to 11 P.M, Monday to Friday.

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Lalbagh Furniture Bazaar

This bazaar is a leading and cheapest furniture market in Lucknow, providing a wide range of high-quality furniture and modern home décor at affordable prices. You'll discover various types of furniture retailers at Lalbagh's Furniture Bazaar. Those who purchase at this marketplace may expect a pleasant shopping experience because of the considerable support and customer service by each vendor.

Free furniture delivery is available to everyone. Home decor goods such as curtains and wallpapers are available, as well as a wide variety of goods. You may get furniture for your business or home, a hospital or school, as well as flooring, consoles, and curtains to match your location. To top it all off, the shop's display style is one-of-a-kind, showcasing both furniture and design ideas. 

  • What things to buy: You can locate the best furniture in Lucknow for any of your household needs right here!

  • Market-timing: From 10 A.M to 9 P.M, Monday to Friday.

Kapoorthala Bazaar

This is an integration of several Lucknow kapda markets and it has modern and fashionable design items of all kind. In recent months, a flood of new clothing shops, boutiques, and Chikankari showrooms have opened in this region. Sarees, dresses, outfits, Lucknowi kurtis, and other trendy things are available in genuine fabrics and classic embroidered patterns, as well as exciting colour combinations, for both men and women. The city of Lucknow's "clothing market" is where you'll find the biggest joy if you are a lover of fashion clothing items.

From all around the city, fashion geeks flock here for custom-made apparel from the best tailors in the business. Your jaw will drop when you see a designer's mastery of high-quality clothing materials that are kept on display throughout the day.

  • What things to buy? Weddings, proms, and other formal occasions are an excellent opportunity to invest in an eye-catching piece of apparel. Hence, if you visit here, you’ll get your bags full of quality clothing materials that are designed stunningly beautifully.
  • Market-timing: 12:05 P.M to 9:05 P.M, Monday to Friday.

Some of the other well-known bazaars where you may barter and then go on a shopping binge are listed below.

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If you want to buy anything from gold trinkets/gadgets to kitchenware and sanitary products, Alambagh, Lucknow's second most popular shopping district, has it all. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, there are a range of snacks and sweets for sale in this lively area.Apart from that, everything from jewellery/home appliances to décor/diamonds/footwear and clothing items are available for purchase.


This Lucknow market which has been there for more than 200 years, carries a wide range of goods, including clothing, technology, furniture, and other consumer items. Zardozi costumes, woodcrafts, and exquisite jewellery are just some of the items this area is well renowned for, but trust us, there are many more.

There is a huge flea market every Sunday, where you can get everything from antiques to apparel. Additionally, food sellers provide pan masala, pilaf and kebabs from a wide range of cuisines from across the globe for purchase.The things available for purchase include zardozi embroidered clothing, a dedicated wholesale market for ladie's suits in Lucknowhandicrafts, and jewellery.


Yahiyaganj, also known as the biggest Lucknow wholesale kapda market, is another popular shopping destination in Lucknow. When visiting Nakhas, you should make a point of stopping by this market. The things available at wholesale prices include beauty products, household appliances, clothes, and crackers, to name a few. A gurudwara is also located here. A variety of things, comprising steel kitchenware, crackers, toiletries, toys, and spices, are available to buy at seriously affordable prices.


Visit some of these well-known marketplaces of Lucknow to experience the joy of shopping! Tourists who want to have a good time are drawn to the destinations you've just finished reading about. We are sure that you’ll love the overall experience in the Lucknow’s wholesale markets! Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: Is Lucknow kapda market home to a wholesale clothing business?


Those seeking for the best wholesale shop in Lucknow will have to sift through all of the marketplaces listed above before finding one that specialises in handcrafted apparel. Locate a fabric store in the market and spend the whole day browsing through the racks.

Q: Which are the cheapest furniture market in Lucknow?


There are other furniture businesses and manufacturers here, but if you're looking specifically for high-end furniture, go to The Furniture Bazaar. A wide range of styles may be found in this region, from classic to modern and even cutting-edge and trendy designs.

Q: In Lucknow, where can I obtain fashionable clothing?


The Kapoor-thala market in Lucknow is the place to go if you want to experience the city's high-end fashion. You'll be able to get some of the most current and trendy  designs in this wholesale markets for ladies' suits in Lucknow, which is home for some of the best designers.

Q: Is there any good place to purchase Chikankari fabric in Lucknow?


The marketplaces of Hazzraat ganj and Aminabad provide reasonably priced chikankari and embroidered clothing. The cloth market in Lucknow includes both contemporary and traditional clothing designs for men and women.

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