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Everything You Need to Understand About Starting a Computer Repair Business

Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. We live in a digital age, a virtual world where we conduct all our transactions. Computers are a part of every enterprise, commercial and household. In fact, they are second nature to most individuals. You may have seen people working on the go, be it on their Tablets, Notebooks or mini computers. The increased usage has also resulted in an increased demand for computer repairing services. Apart from the usage, incidents like sudden power outages, rough handling, or even dropping a computer accidentally call for instant computer repair. This has given rise to many individuals who have the know-how to start a computer repair service business. The increasing upside in educating people online,especially in the rural areas and urban areas, has triggered many opportunities for individuals who are desirous of starting a computer repair business.

Did you know?

You can start a computer sales and repair service business from your home with as small an investment as ₹1.5 – ₹2.25 lakhs.

Key Considerations for Starting a Computer Repair Business

A large majority of computer repairing businesses set up repairing services in their respective homes. These could be in the backyard or garage. Many set up shop within a  centrally-located branded store as well to avail of visibility. Let us understand the key essentials of starting this business:

The Primary Considerations Involve

Understanding your target audience

Will your business cater only to individuals and enterprises or both? The requirements of a commercial enterprise will differ vastly from the requirements of individuals. You must formulate a business plan for both. For commercial enterprises, your plan should include a strategy of how to reach them, the services you are capable of offering them as well as entering into a long-term association. For individuals, your services will speak of themselves and then your goodwill will help in the growth of your business.

Acquiring a licence

If you plan to set up your own commercial workshop, you will have to first acquire a business licence in accordance with the terms of The Shop and EstablishmentAct. The time limit for applying for a licence is 30 days. Once you obtain a licence, your shop gets registered under this Act and you can start your operations with ease.

Type of Services Offered By You

At the onset, you will have to communicate in clear terms the various computer repair services which you will offer in this business. You could be a specialist in maintaining servers and networks, which serves as a great opportunity for commercial offices. You could be a specialist in the repair of only personal computers or only Mac Machines. In case you are keen to cater to them all, you can employ skilled personnel who have distinct skills across different types of repair services. Many skilled individuals are not financially capable of setting up their own units. You can employ them and increase the scope of services.


The location of your computer repairing centre will make a big difference to your business growth and profits. If you plan to work from within your home along with service support staff, you will have to invest in a few two-wheeler vehicles for them to become mobile. If you plan to operate from within a storefront, you will have to consider factors like rent in addition to the mobility of the customer service personnel.

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For a home-based computer service centre, you may have to invest anywhere between ₹1.25– ₹2 lakhs. The other expenses would include:

Furniture Requirements For Individual Setup

  • A ventilated workspace with sanitation facilities
  • Ample space to store computers, CPUs etc. which are sent for repairs
  • Different types of tools required for the repair
  • Your own individual computer/s, a hard disk drive and good telephone connectivity.
  • You can also avail of a loan in the event that you are unable to finance the above expenses

Expenses For Commercial Setup


This becomes one of the key considerations as you will be required to fulfil your commitment to this every month. The rentals would vary depending on the location you select, but it would be a mandatory expense for you to incur every month.

Business Collaborations

At the start, you can build feasible relationships with established retail outlets which deal in computers and other related products. These could include Croma,Vijay Sales, or even Reliance Digital. You can get into a written agreement with them which would entitle you to manage all the repair work of the computers sold on their premises. Such collaborations are very rewarding as the sales staff can promote your computer repairing service business through their interactions with the clientele. This helps promote the outlet as well as the purchase and repairing aspects would appear like a bundled service. Another interesting collaboration would be to set up a repair outlet in the vicinity of an IT park provided. This again is dependent on the city in which you reside.


Certifications play an important role in brand building. You may be extremely skilled and have a team of equally skilled personnel, but certifications indicate your proficiency in the said business. This will also help speed your collaborations and give you a faster entry into IT parks and other commercial businesses. Some attractive certifications include the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and CompTIA A+ Technician. The CompTIA A+ is one of a person's renowned hardware credentials. The A+ feature is an added validation of the person’s knowledge and skills required to repair laptops, personal computers, operating systems, printers as well as mobile devices. The Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) certification is very useful if you plan to specialise in repairing Apple platforms and products. There are many other specific certifications and you can work towards obtaining those depending on the specialisation of services you wish to offer.

Additional Services & On-Site Servicing

If you want your computer repair business  to expand significantly, you should extend your services to individual users and households. Most working individuals own a personal computer or a Tab or even a Notebook. The constant usage tends to impact their devices and they would welcome home services. Not everyone is familiar with wi-fi or router services or the various other issues. Once you start home services and familiarise them with your specialised services, the goodwill will help in the speedy growth of your computer repair business.

Authorised Repair Centre

A large majority of computer companies have their individual authorised repair service setup. This means that the company affirms that the repairing service centre meets the required quality standards and is authorised to repair the computers manufactured/sold by them. This type of certification will enhance your brand status as a trusted and quality service centre for computers.

Familiarise Yourself With Competing Services

You should be constantly aware of the quality standards of your competitors and understand what type of services they offer. You should also be aware of their monetary charges. You should research such factors consistently as it will help you to understand their vital areas of operation and areas where you need to enhance your skills to stay ahead of them.

Marketing Your Computer Repairing Service Business

You could start with your own friends, ex-colleagues, neighbours, and family members to spread the word about your business. You should develop a website with a friendly user interface that details all your services and the brands you service. Upload all your certifications for visitors to understand your proficiency in the business. Showcase all your collaborations and details of the clients you have serviced. Learn how to hire the services to optimise keywords like computer repair services so that you have a good Google ranking. Give a dedicated contact number where people can connect with someone at all times. Include a message box for people to leave a message. Ask the webdesigner to create a space for reviews so that visitors can read the reviews and contact you accordingly. Promote your business across social media platforms.

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Every business is liable to some contingency at some time. You should be prepared for that by investing in some feasible insurance policies to counter different issues which may arise in the course of time. Some of these include:

  • General liability insurance: Third-party property damage, third-party injuries, copyright infringement, advertising injuries like defamation.
  • Commercial property insurance: Natural disasters, damage to the property, forcible closure in the event of damage caused to property.
  • Business owner’s policy: This is a combined policy of the general liability insurance as well as the commercial property insurance. This is one of the most feasible insurance policies for computer repair service businesses, especially if you take up a rented space in a storefront.
  • Errors and Omissions insurance: If some clients believe you have not given them satisfactory services, they may try to file a lawsuit against you. In such cases, this insurance policy will take care of all the costs incurred from the lawsuit, settlements as well as legal fees.
  • Cyber liability insurance: If there is a breach of data on your servers or a lawsuit is filed against you by clients, blaming you for a data breach on their computers – this policy will take care of all expenses that cause a hindrance in your business operations, credit monitoring, data recovery, regulatory compliance, cyber extortion payments as well as a notification to the customers who have been impacted.
  • Commercial auto insurance: You can invest in Hired and Non-Owned Auto insurance (HNOA). This will help pay for accidents in personal as well as rented vehicles which are utilized for official work.
  • Fidelity Bonds: Ensure that neither you nor your staff resorts to stealing any money. In the case of theft, these bonds will help repay the amount stolen.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This takes care of all the medical expenses of your staff as well as helps pay for expenses incurred if workers are involved in any accidents during working hours.


We are sure the various details shared in this article will give you complete clarity on the feasibility of setting up a computer repair service business. You need to be well-versed with the products you service to be able to offer solutions at all times. A good number of certifications, quality collaborations, skilled staff and seamless services can help your business develop into a lucrative one very soon. 

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Q: Does becoming an authorised dealer help validate your skills and proficiency?


Earning a certificate of an authorised service centre establishes a lot of trusts across clients who use diverse brands. This type of certification assures customers that they can expect quality service.

Q: Do collaborations with branded outlets assist in giving your computer sales and service business more visibility?


Yes.Such collaborations prove to be very effective. These outlets can help expand your business on the basis of various contracts you sign with them. The sales staff can promote your business in the course of their interaction with various clients.

Q: Does the setting up of a computer service centre require a lot of investments?


You could choose to set up a computer repair shop from your own house or from a storefront. The expenses vary accordingly. The details of this article provide you with requisite information on the same.

Q: Is it easy to set up a computer repairing service centre?


Yes.You need to possess the necessary skills and have a feasible business plan of whether you want an individual set up or collaborate with computer outlets.

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