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Which are the Best Markets in Indore?

Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most developing cities in India. The city has a lot to offer for all age groups. This city is truly amazing and has many interesting places to visit. These include historical monuments, fashion markets as well as food stalls. Indore has been on the chart of growing cities in every sector in recent years, from academics to industrial sectors. Like every part of this city, even the shopping markets of Indore are a perfect destination for everyone who loves to shop. Since Indore is a place that excels in all fields, its markets also are enriched with myriads of offerings. People come here in great numbers to savour its delectable food. What’s more, you get everything at affordable prices! Let's explore some markets in Indore where you can buy anything, from delicious pani puris to beautiful hand-made artefacts, and from furnishings to creative interiors.

Do you know? Indore has the world's largest Ganesh Idol, known as Bada Ganpati. The astounding height of the idol from crown to feet is 8 metres. The stunning idol is a highly revered place by the locals and a favourite spot for tourists all over.

Fascinating Shopping Markets in Indore

1. MT Cloth Market

MT Cloth Market, also known as Maharani Market, is one of the biggest markets in Indore. This market in Indore is an old favourite among not only the locals who have been living here for generations but also the visiting population. You can find a wide variety of dresses, sarees and fabrics here at reasonable prices. MT Cloth Market is a one-stop destination to meet all your shopping needs. From silk saris to lehengas, you can never tire of this Indore famous market that caters to the needs of almost every age group.

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2. Sitlamata Bazar

Sitlamata Bazar is one of the unique markets in Indore for its variety of Banarasi silks. This market in Indore is a preferred choice among many lovers of silk fabrics. This famous market of Indore also deals in a large range of quality fabrics, as well as artificial jewellery which is very popular among the younger crowds. This Indore market is your go-to-market because of its affordable prices.

3. Rajwada

Rajwada is the ultimate destination for budget shopping in Indore. The market houses several shops that offer various products. These range from clothes to accessories, and creative footwear as well. You are sure to find almost everything here at prices which are more reasonable than the ones at high-end stores.

4. Bajaj Khana Chowk

The clothes are of excellent quality and are also inexpensive. There is something very vibrant about this Indore market. This is considered as one of the main markets of Indore and tends to get over-crowded. It is ideal to make your way here early in the morning and explore at leisure. You can then relax and enjoy some yummy food.

5. Khajuri Bazaar

Are you a book lover? Do you love collecting books? Looking for a good place to buy the latest books as well as some really old, hard-to-find ones? If so, come to Khajuri Bazar in Indore. This place is full of booksellers who sell all kinds of books, from the latest novels and fiction to the poem compilations of India's greatest poets, from their professional reference books to school textbooks.

6. Sarafa Bazaar

Getting your hand on some ethnic piece of jewellery to adorn it around has never been easy before unless you're in Sarafa Bazaar. This place is just like a shining box filled with every kind of jewellery you seek for. Be it silver, gold, pearls or artificial diamond, Sarafa Bazaar is the hub where you can get anything at the best price.

7. Mrignayani Showroom

If you inquire about shopping in Indore, the first name that comes to mind is the Mrignayani Showroom. This is a one-stop shop for buyers fond of buying handicraft items. This showroom is well known for introducing some of the best and most creatively designed products to customers across India. Mrignayani got itself registered under the Central Government in 1975, and this showroom enjoys a strong presence throughout Madhya Pradesh. 

8. Jail Road

Jail Road is a district located in Indore, India. It is not an area situated in the city's outskirts but exists strictly in the middle of the city. It can be found in the south-eastern section of Indore. Jail Road is a famous market in Indore, and it belongs to the western part of Indore. It is suitable for city dwellers and locals as it has good connectivity through public transport facilities. On this road, you can find many shops which sell some goods at lower rates.

9. Gramin Haat Bazar

There are tens of dozens of stalls in this area to satisfy every need of yours at affordable prices, then why are you even thinking twice? Just grab your car keys and head on over to Gramin Haat Bazar. The Gramin Haat Bazar has rows and rows of stalls, each selling different kinds of handloom products. Better known as the heritage market of Indore, this gets very chaotic because of the crowds, but it's a great spot to go if you're trying to get lots of shopping done in one day.

10. Moolchand Market

Every family loves to shop first, for their children and they believe in getting the best for them. Moolchand Market is, without a doubt, one of the most popular places for children's apparel and footwear. This is a great place for shopping in Indore. A trip to indulge your kid with clothes and toys from Moolchand Market is a long-cherished dream for every child. With amazing shops, an environment of a colourful market, and multiple choices for the kids, this place can become a wonderland for them. From tiny little clothes to fancy toys, this place has it all.

11. Tibet Market

Gloves, socks, and woollen caps become a necessity in such cold weather. Tibet Market is a one-stop-shop for all your winter needs. It sells everything from warm jackets to cardigans, cool scarves, and gloves of various designs. The Tibet Market of Indore is a warm and colourful place jam-packed with everything you need to prepare for winter. Jackets, shawls and mufflers come in various designs and colours, and everything here is very pocket friendly. Whether it be warm clothing or something from the street food stalls, the Tibet market has everything you need this time of the year.

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12.  Heritage Market

Last but not least, the Heritage Market is centrally located and an abode for expensive brands and showrooms. It's a shopper's dream. It bears the emblem of good taste, making it popular for people who want to own a piece of history. If you're brand conscious, you should visit this market, not only to buy but also to see the building's architectural design.

13. Pakeeza

This place is one of the cheapest markets in Indore in terms of shopping places where you are looking for amazing options for clothes and jewellery pieces. The Pakeeza Market stands tall on New Palasia and is the most established shopping destination of Indore. It has a wide collection of tops, kurtis, gowns and other clothes which start at as low as ₹50. This shopping place is one of the most visited places in Indore by the tourists and visitors who are looking for some great deals at cheaper prices.


We are sure you have gained some very valuable insights with regards to the shopping markets of Indore city. As stated in the beginning, this city is a shopper's delight as seen in the Rajwada market. Many people come here to shop, and they find something new every time they do. Also, keep visiting this city again and again to discover more Indore Markets. The beautiful city of Indore has an amazing diversity in terms of how it attracts its people with its budget-friendly shopping markets. This is why the appeal of markets finds its way onto every tourist's list. With so many things to do in Indore, there is no reason not to be disappointed if you take your first step into this magnificent city! Take these basic guidelines, and you will be able to boost your trip and make sure that you don't miss out on anything. So, don't miss out on any of these while you are in Indore. Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: Why is Indore known as a 'mini Mumbai'?


Indore is known as mini Mumbai because Mumbai was also having similar problems of hazardous working conditions in cotton mills located in the heart of the city. As a result, cotton mills had more space to expand, and both cities had compact industrial residential areas. Apart from that, there are an ample number of shopping markets in Indore like they have in Mumbai. The huge malls, shopping complexes and open-air markets have come up in Indore that makes the city a shopper’s paradise.

Q: What makes the Ganesh idol different from other architectural designs and shopping spots in Indore?


The fact that makes the Ganesh idol more exquisite and different is that it's made of a single alloy without any additional support. The Ganpati statue is beautifully placed right at the heart of the city. The temple is built in Gothic style with beautiful marble columns and intricate carvings as you enter.

Q: What is Chappan Bazar Market in Indore famous for?


The Chappan Bazar market is famous for its 56 stalls under the same roof. It has become a part of the Local DNA of Indore. Flocking to the market are Tourists and Locals who want to spend an exciting night enjoying the best local Indian, Chinese and Italian Food.

Q: Which market in Indore is best for buying fresh fruits and vegetables?


Choithram Mandi is an amazing place for fresh fruits and veggies.Try getting vegetables for the week here; it's a lot cheaper than the municipal market. Usually, you can bargain and get half a kilo of anything at a lesser price – tomatoes, onions, potatoes.

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