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Top 10 Cheapest Markets in India You Should Know About

What is the main word that rings a bell when we say cheap or market? You naturally think of street shopping, cheap deals, and endless bargaining until you get that thing at its cheapest. India is a notable centre throughout the world for its unique culture and various products. But its haggling discount market takes the crown. From the local people to foreign traders, everyone's interested in the various items and various styles on display.  

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Since the 1800s, these markets have everything from clothes to gems, household items to showpieces. You can also discover something to take home, to friends and family. The local cultures also affect the designs. The very cheap rates are another reason that makes these markets a hit.

Top 10 Cheapest Markets in India 

Look at our rundown of cheapest markets that are the top ten cheapest markets in India and entice interest among Indian and international shoppers for quite a long time.

1. Crawford Market in Mumbai 

  1. The Crawford Market is a dream business opportunity for sellers, and for buyers who love to get things cheap
  2. It was established in 1869. This is one market where you can't quit buying just one thing.
  3. From imported chocolates, staple goods, makeup, fragrances, clothes, and significantly more. 
  4. They are the saviour of discount and haggling markets in Mumbai. 
  5. Stocks from this market get sold out among different cafés, corporate gifting, households, and are also sold interstate. 
  6. Any dealer opening up their businesses here is sure to benefit well.

2. Surat Textile Market 

  1. It is the most significant textile market in India. It’s also known as India’s  Precious Stone city.
  2. The textile industry in Surat is among the oldest and main markets in the country. 
  3. Various businesses set up centres for spinning yarn, weaving, etc.
  4. Also known for its synthetic textiles, the city measures almost 30 million meters of coarse texture regularly. A major part of the polyester used in India comes from Surat, and it is the best market for businesses to trade in garments and grow their business. 
  5. It has a large number of fabric dealers, and they are the primary distributors and makers of the textile industry in Surat. They all offer significant bargains. 

3. Chandni Chowk Market in Delhi 

  1. The busy and chaotic 24X7 paths of Chandni Chowk are both a customer's delight and seller's heaven. 
  2. This famous market has been a favourite for movies to show the unique Delhi culture. 
  3.  It is also known for its street shopping, designer textiles, handiworks, silver adornments, and knickknacks; it has pulled in traders throughout the country. 
  4. Small town dealers to international businesses, everyone is part of this market. 
  5. Many movies have also been shot here, showing the growth of small businesses to huge successes. 
  6. This market has been around for over three centuries and is well known in India, and abroad. If you have not already visited it, then you’ve got all the reasons to be here. 

4. Johri Market, Jaipur 

Jaipur has a wonderful business place for various beautiful and traditional Rajasthani craftsmanship. Johari Market is perhaps the most popular spot to shop in Jaipur. The word 'Johari' in Hindi signifies 'Diamond setter'. The market has many shops that manage beautiful gems displaying the rich Rajasthani culture of the city.

  1.  Any shopaholic who loves the Indian styles will disclose to you Jaipur's Johri Market is a must-visit. 
  2. There are many crafts like - 
    1. Mirror work jewellery
    2. Tie and dye works 
    3. Beautiful  weavings 
    4. Rajasthani handiworks 
    5. Traditional Mojaris
    6. Household decorative items
    7. Furnishing items
    8. Well designed cushions
    9. The impeccably made Rajaais to keep your body warm in those crisp winter evenings. 
  3. It has various sellers from all over the state of Rajasthan, that come here to trade their crafts to a bigger market.

5. New Market in Kolkata 

New Market is a market in Kolkata on Lindsay Road, close to Free School Road (Mirza Ghalib Road/Rani Rasmoni Street). "New Market" refers to the first encased market. 

  1. From unique sarees to earthenware moulds, this market is brimming with things that will make you want to keep buying.
  2. With a vast volume of trade and at very economical prices, the New Market in Kolkata is the market for cheap deals
  3. Kolkata New Market is also known for its- 
    1. Well designed sarees 
    2. Clothing 
    3. Handcrafted artifacts 
    4. Home decoration items
    5. Delicious food

6. Leather Market in Kanpur 

Kanpur is known as the leather city because of its large number of tanneries,  manufacturing leather products and supplying them nationwide. It has more than 400 tanneries. Some of the significant tanneries that produce quality calfskin items in Kanpur are: 

  1. Indian Public Tannery 
  2. Oriental Tannery 
  3. Pacific Tannery 
  4. Kelco Tannery 
  5. Bengal Tannery 
  6. Ruler Tannery. 

With many years of skilled experience, tanneries produce quality goods that various organisations export these products too. The products include leather coats, belts, sacks, shoes, etc. It is heaven for leather product lovers.

7. Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

  1. Hazratganj is the focal shopping region of this city. Set up during British rule its famous Victorian-era-designed buildings are something that draws tourists from everywhere.
  2. Lucknow's shopping markets are known for their Chikankari (Chikan weaving) work, Mughal style handiworks, and numerous other crafted items.
  3. It is additionally a landmark for book lovers because of its century-old book stores that still are in business.
  4. You can likewise enjoy the delicious local food here.

8. Habibganj Market, Bhopal

Habibganj is a standout amongst other shopping areas in the City of Lakes. Dealers and traders from all the way from central India have strong business relationships with this market.

In the event that you are searching for-

  1. Stylish Accessories
  2. Extremely inexpensive and well-designed clothing
  3. Socks
  4. Shoes
  5. Spices
  6. Locally-resourced vegetables, and then some

This astonishing business market has an answer for every one of your requirements. In any case, make a point to lock in your haggling capacities when here.

9. Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi

  1. Referred to ordinarily as "SN" by local people, Sarojini Market is regularly referred to as the best spot for shopping by Delhites. This market is more than 100 years old and is unique for its deals and shopping experience among numerous different things. 
  2. This market displays an ideal mix of traditional and modern. The shopping experience here is something unique that you would not often find elsewhere.
  3. Spread over a large region, this market has everything without exception that you may be searching for. From garments to gadgets, to food, to furniture, to global brands, this market is in every case bustling with a tremendous number of customers from 10 in the morning to 9 at night, the entire week.

10. Luxury Kashmiri Market in Srinagar

  1. Kashmiri Market of the city Srinagar has been often said to be a luxury lover’s paradise.
  2. Once patronised by the royalty of the state, now it is even exported abroad.
  3. They offer Pashmeena, Silk Carpets, hand-embroidered Persian rugs, and the purest of Saffron. Therefore a visit to Srinagar isn't merely complete without shopping in the Kashmiri market
  4. Aside from these, you'll be able to realise the reasonably priced but also wonderfully made paper Mache boxes, spices, dressing material suits, Kashmiri arts, and precious pictures for the collector in you.

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Some final words

All of these well-known markets draw in traders and businesses and tourists from within and outside the country. The sellers engage the buyers and are responsive to the buyer’s needs. Haggling is expected and is very much part of the cultural experience too. They offer the best market choices for exploring the products and buying them at very reasonable prices, make these the cheapest markets in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Which is India's largest wholesale market?

Ans- Sadar Bazaar is the largest wholesale market in India.

Q. Which is the cheapest market in Delhi?

Ans: Sarojini Market is one of the cheapest markets in Delhi.

Q. Which is the cheapest market in India?

Ans- Chandni Chowk, Delhi is the cheapest market in India.

Q. Which is the largest market in India?

Ans: Khari Baoli in Delhi is Asia's biggest wholesale market for food items like- spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Q. Which is the largest cloth market in India?

Ans- The largest textile market in India is Surat Textile Market, Surat.

Q. What is the cheapest clothing material?

Ans- Cotton Fabric is the cheapest and most comfortable clothing material available in the Indian market.

Q. Which is the fashion city of India?

Ans- Mumbai is the fashion capital of India.

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