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List of the Most Rewarding Export Products in India

India has come up as a big exporting nation in recent decades, which has boosted the Indian economy to new heights. The number of products exported from India has significantly increased, and the market is now wider than ever. Many foreign markets are heavily dependent on India for importing certain goods to their countries. 

India's top export products include petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, motor cars, jewellery, sugarcane, etc.Are you planning to export but are uncertain about what exactly to sell? Which item in India is exported most? No worries, we've brought you twelve broad products with high demand that you can export from India.

Did you know? India had a total export of ₹ 2,28,071.76 Crore in April 2021.

12 Best High Demand Products for Export in India

1. Petroleum Products

Many semi-products are made of petroleum-like charcoal, coal, coke, and wax. These products have a massive demand in some developing neighbouring nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, etc. It's undoubtedly a very lucrative export business, but keep in mind that you need heavy investment for this.

2. Precious Stones and Gems

India has always been known for its jewellery and precious stone exporters. There's no deficiency of markets that import gold, silver, gems, semi-precious stones, etc., and India is one of the top exporters of local handmade jewellery. 

If you participate in the same business, you can reap great profit margins. If you plan to export precious stones, you need an in-depth knowledge of these gems, and their quality, because a slight up/down in quality means a lot of difference in the cost.

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3. Mineral Fuels

You'll be shocked to know India has 87 sorts of minerals out of which 47 are non-metals, 10 are metallic minerals, bifurcated as 40 sorts of fuel minerals and 26 others. Iron ore is the leading mineral in export, and it is undoubtedly a vast market. A huge advantage is a never-ending demand for these minerals.

4. Mechanical Equipment

India is the leading manufacturer of mechanical appliances. Indian manufactured tractor–driven harvesters and self-propelled harvesters are used in numerous countries from South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Experts even expect further expansion of the demand in the upcoming time.

5. Pharmaceutical Products

In terms of value, the Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks 14th globally, and concerning size, it stands third. In 2019, India supplied 20% of the global generic medicines, expected to grow further in the coming years.The pharmaceutical industry has over 8,100 drug production facilities in India. The top pharmaceutical export products are active ingredients (APIs), finished drugs (FDFs), biopharmaceuticals and other medical services. India leads the world in pharmaceutical factories as per the U.S. Drug Control Agency outside the U.S.The pharmaceutical and drug products export business is among the most liquid and lucrative export businesses globally, and surprisingly, it's still an easy choice for any small exporter in India. 

6. Dairy Products

India reaps great profit by exporting dairy-based products to many countries. Milk from Indicine cattle is highly sought after in Western markets. The cost of products derived from these kinds of milk is easily sold at around four times the price of local dairy products. 

Also, some major Indian dairy exports include ghee, cheese and curd. Dairy products are a very lucrative export proposition. However, it would be best if you kept a sharp eye on quality controls, packaging and refrigeration because of the shorter shelf life of these products. 

7. Leather and Its Products

India is one of the leading leather exporting nations, and several markets worldwide pay very high for leather products. These products include purses, coats, shoes, cricket balls, etc. Many leading luxury brands import leather from India at very low costs. 

The U.S and Europe have traditionally been the big markets for Indian leather goods. You can even target some small countries to play the game in the low competition. Even demand for semi-treated leather is high. 

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 8. Textile Products

The textile industry has always served as the trump card for the Indian export monopoly. This industry has direct employment of 45 million, and the Indian government is very generous towards exporters of textile products. 

Many countries like the U.K., U.S., UAE, etc., always have a demand for Indian textile, accounting for around 50% of the entire textile exports from India.

Numerous natural and artificial fibres can be exported from India, and even as a very small exporter, you can get large orders. Many small-scale jute exports have expanded at an incredible rate in recent years. Besides jute, India is a leading exporter of many other fibres. If you ask which textile product is most exported from India, the answer will be cotton. 

9. Organic Chemicals

Whenever we talk about India's most exported product, organic chemicals are always a strong point of discussion. The market is pretty wide, and a wider market always offers great opportunities to importers and exporters.

Today, India exports agrochemicals, organic, and inorganic chemicals to numerous countries in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. 

10. Homoeopathy and Ayurvedic Medicines

If you're in the mood to export the most profitable products from India, you shouldn't ignore Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. India has become one of the big exporters of alternative medicines to the western world in the last decade. 

Thousands of medicines fall under this category. If you can explore the demand and buyers across the seas, you can comfortably begin an alternative exporting business with very little investment. 

Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines bring you great exporting opportunities, and undoubtedly you can enjoy huge returns even after selling these meds at a very competitive price. 

11. Cereals 

Holding the reputation of a great cultivating nation, India has been very active in Agro-based export for a long time. Presently, we're exporting cereals to Iran, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries. There is a great demand in the whole gulf, and India exports rice in enormous quantities to these countries. Most importantly, the government highly supports the export sector of cereals and promotes it by giving exporters many concessions and benefits. Small businesses get a lot of support to thrive. 

12. Meat Products

India holds the biggest vegetarian population in the world. People from Western countries consume more meat products per capita than Indians when comparing meat consumption. India faces no difficulties in meeting its local demands, and that is where the doors for export open. 

Many countries cannot meet the meat consumption scale in their countries, and they've got no option other than exporting meat from other countries. India is a huge exporter of buffalo meat, and beef consumption is banned almost throughout India, leaving the majority for export. Besides beef, India is also a huge exporter of pork. India also is a major seafood exporter, with it single-handedly fulfilling the seafood requirements of many land-locked countries. 


We now hope you know about the top export products from India. India has developed as a manufacturing hub of many products, and you can reap the advantages by becoming an exporter. Most importantly, let your manufacturing cost be as low as possible, explore the markets with a high requirement, figure out the departments in which you can beat your competition with your product. The rest depends on your planning and setup.Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: Which Are the Most Demanded Products in Kerala?


Here are the seven most famous products exported from Kerala.

  1. Mask
  2. Sanitiser
  3. Smartphones
  4. Fitness Equipment
  5. Beauty Products
  6. Books
  7. Handicraft Items

Q: To Which Countries Does India Export the Most?


Many countries import Indian goods, but the USA (16.8%), UAE (9.2%) and China (5.3%) are the biggest importers of Indian products.

Q: What Will Be the Best Yet Cheap Product to Export From India?


If you want to begin as a small-scale exporter, you can begin by exporting textile products which is one of the top 10 products exported from India. Also, we've got a great textile manufacturing infrastructure in India, and the production cost is less.

Q: Can I Export Medicines From India?


Yes, there's a great opportunity of reaping incredible profist by exporting medicines, especially alternative medicines such as Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. Pharmaceuticals are one of the top export products from India.

Q: Which Product does India Exports the Most?


India's top exports are refined petroleum oils, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, diamonds, heavy machinery and cars.

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