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What Are the Top Manufacturing Companies in Chennai?

Chennai is one of the most prior cities when it comes to manufacturing companies in India. Most of the manufacturing companies opt for Chennai as a basic land for establishment. Due to this, Chennai plays an active part in India as a potential power and economy. Chennai is the most industrialised city, and the GDP of Chennai is between $78.6 billion to $86 billion. There are several manufacturing companies in Chennai, including automotive, hardware, biotechnology, IT sectors, health, etc. According to an article published in Forbes magazine, Chennai is the fastest-growing city. Apart from being a great part in providing manufacturing companies, Chennai also has the upper hand in the exchange in India. It is the 3rd largest trading city in India.

Did you know?

Chennai is among the great producers of business processing outsourcing, due to which it is titled Detroit of India.

Aspects of Manufacturing Companies in Chennai

Chennai is one of the first priorities for any manufacturing company for its establishment. Chennai has undergone the establishment of several manufacturing companies on its land, including automobile, healthcare, hardware and IT manufacturing businesses. When it comes to the information technology sector in Chennai, it is India’s second-highest producer of BPO. The BPO stands for business process outsourcing. Besides the manufacturing company, Chennai also plays a primary role in the exchange. The Madras Stock Exchange is one of the four major stock exchanges recognised by SEBI, including the Bombay Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Top Manufacturing Companies in Chennai

Chennai is the top priority in terms of cities for various manufacturing companies and has the largest number of manufacturing companies established on its land. It is witnessing an increasing pace in technology. The top 10 manufacturing companies in Chennai are:

Ashok Leyland Limited

Ashok Leyland is an automobile manufacturing company in Chennai. It is one of the largest and the oldest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India that was established in the year 1948. They are the basic manufacturer of trucks and buses, which are distributed globally. Apart from commercial vehicles, it is also responsible for the production of spare parts and engines for several marine and industrial applications.

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Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, established in 1965, is one of the finest manufacturing companies in Chennai that offers the production of diesel, petrochemicals, gasoline, kerosene, LPG and several other products. It is one of those manufacturing companies that play a great role in prioritising the GDP of Chennai.

Indian Potash Limited

India Potash Limited is the greatest supporter of the agricultural field by the production of fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides and animal feeding products. It plays an essential role in the import and export, exchange, marketing services, etc. It was established in the year 1955 and had its headquarter in Chennai.

MRF Limited

The MRF Limited stands for Madras Rubber Factory, which is a multinational manufacturer of tires in India. This multinational company in Chennai is the greatest producer of tires, tubes, conveyor belts, etc., for commercial vehicles like cars, buses and even tractors and trucks.

Murugappa Group

Murugappa Group is a cooperative house that endorses a number of businesses under one name. The group was founded in 1900 and had its headquarters situated in Chennai. It is one of the largest leading brands in India, which serves several segments like auto components, fertilisers, cycles, transmission systems, bioproducts, etc.

Redington India Limited

Readington Pvt. Limited is one of the manufacturing companies in Chennai that serve in the information technology sector. It provides various facilities like PCs, networking software and several enterprise solution products. Apart from this sector, Redington also plays a vital role in the consumer and lifestyle category, which includes entertainment products, digital lifestyle products, digital printing machines, etc. It is one of the greatest manufacturing companies situated in India.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is a name that needs no introduction. It was founded in the year 1901 by two members named Albert Eddie and Robert Walker-Smith. Royal Enfield, which is a unit of Eicher Motors, has several products in the market, which include Royal Enfield Clipper, Bullet, Super mature, Interceptor, etc. With its multi-level company in Chennai, Royal Enfield distributes vehicular units all over India.

Saint Gobain India Private limited

Saint Gobain India Private Limited is the largest manufacturing company in Chennai, which is a leading producer of construction materials. It was founded very early in the year 1665 and it is now one of the leading brands. The basic products of Saint Gobain India Private Limited are glass, ceramic, gypsum, plasterboards and several other construction materials.

The India Cements Limited

India Cement Limited is one of the best manufacturing companies situated in India. It is the manufacturer of high-grade and good-quality cement used in construction works. It was founded in 1946 and had its headquarters situated in Tamil Nadu. The products of The India Cement Limited are one of the top choices of many multinational construction companies.

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Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE)

Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited is one of the top manufacturing companies in Tamil Nadu. It was founded in 1960 and had its headquarters situated in Chennai. The primary production of this manufacturing company is for machinery, which includes batteries, gear transmission components, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, vehicle franchises in plantations, etc.

Top IT Companies in Chennai

Chennai has a great grasp of the IT sector. It plays an active part in contributing to several companies related to IT sectors. There are several Information Technology business companies that are situated in Chennai. The top 10 IT companies in Chennai are:

  1. Infosys Limited
  2. Colan Infotech
  3. Osiz Technologies Private Limited
  4. Agira Technologies Inc.
  5. Openwave Computing Services Private Limited
  6. Official Gates Technology Private Limited
  7. Ionixx Technologies Private Limited
  8. Idea 2IT Technology Service Private Limited
  9. Openwave Computing LLC.
  10. Dotcom Infoway


Chennai is the most prior city for manufacturing companies. Most of the manufacturing companies related to the IT sector are choosing Chennai as their base headquarters land. An article published in Forbes Magazine shows that Chennai is called the Detroit of India because not only it is the land of the highest number of manufacturing companies, but also it is one of the highest producers of business process outsourcing. Some of these manufacturing companies in Chennai are Royal Enfield, Infosys Technology, MRF Limited, Murugappa Groups, etc. These are some well-known renowned manufacturing companies as well as companies related to information technology sectors situated in Chennai. Chennai plays an active part in providing India’s economic power and potential.

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Q: What varieties of manufacturing companies are in Chennai?


There are several manufacturing companies in Chennai, which includes computer software and hardware, in terms of the IT sector, along with which there are several manufacturing companies including tourism, biotechnology, floriculture, electronics, food processing, infrastructure development, transport equipment, etc.

Q: What is the title given to Chennai?


Chennai is called the Detroit of India because of its great industrialisation, high area GDP and its great role in the field of exchange, transportation and establishment of a number of manufacturing companies. The city plays a vital role in the information technology sector. Several IT-based companies in Chennai are Infosys Limited, Colan Infotech, Ozis Technology Private limited, Official Gates technology Private Limited, Openwave Computing LLC.

Q: What are the top manufacturing companies in Chennai?


There are several manufacturing companies situated in Chennai. Most of the manufacturing companies choose Chennai as their land for the headquarters and several branches, as it is the most industrialised and finest city in India. Some of these manufacturing companies in Chennai are Ashok Leyland Limited, Chennai Petroleum Corporation, Saint Gobain India Private Limited, MRF Limited, Murugappa groups, Royal Enfield, etc.

Q: Why is Chennai the first priority for the manufacturing companies in India?


Chennai manufacturing companies contribute to the greatest economic power and potential of India due to its high area GDP. Being a metropolitan city, as well as having a great industrialisation foundation, Chennai is the first priority of every manufacturing company in India. Chennai recognises companies related to information technology, automobile, healthcare and several other fields.

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