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How to Get an Asian Paints Dealership in India?

Asian Paints is one of the multinational paint companies in India. It was founded in 1945 by 3 co-members, Suryakanti Dani, Champaklal Choksey and Chimanlal Choksi. This renowned paint company is the 3rd largest company in Asia and 10th largest in the world. They are the hub of several home décor items, including texture wall paintings, plane wall painting, stencils, wall coverings, etc. Getting an Asian Paints dealership in India is quite easy. There are several dealership plans under the Asian Paints dealership, including a low-cost plan in which the investment amount is as low as ₹5 Lakhs. There are two methods of requesting the dealership: either by requesting through email or contacting the sales manager of a particular area where the shop is needed to be established.

Did you know?

Asian Paints is India's largest and Asia's third-largest paint company.

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Asian Paints Brand Details

Asian Paints is one of the renowned brands in the paint industry. Asian Paints franchise is the 3rd largest company in India and the 10th largest globally. Asian Paints had a successful run in more than 15 countries with a turnover of 2 billion dollars and it operates over four regions, which includes Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc. When it comes to home décor, which includes texture wall finishings, plain wall finishings, wall coverings, stencils, undercoats, etc., Asian Paints are among India's most recommended products. If someone wants to get an Asian Paints dealership in India, it is one of the greatest ideas. There are several steps that are included in the procedure of getting the dealership of this Mumbai-based multinational paint company.

Asian Paints Dealership Cost

The Asian Paints dealership provides several plans according to the scale of the business. For the new dealers or the starter businessmen, Asian Paints provides a low-cost plan. This plan also includes an advantage to open a business in rural areas. For the application of this low-cost plan, it is required to have an investment amount of ₹ 5 Lakhs, along with a proper retail space which makes you eligible to attain the low-cost plan. To start up the dealership, several necessities must be fulfilled, which includes a rented commercial space for establishing the shop, a colour mixing machine, as well as there is a need for an amount to purchase the stock, which may cost up to ₹3.5 Lakhs to ₹4 Lakhs, inclusive of GST. Apart from these necessary products, there are some extra expenses for which an amount of at least ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 must be kept in hand.

How to Get an Asian Paints Dealership

Once the eligible investment amount is collected and the documentations are well prepared, the procedure of starting the dealership of Asian Paints is not quite hard. There are two methods of contacting the Asian Paints for the dealership procedures. They are:

Email: For starting an Asian Paints dealership, it is required to get in touch with Asian Paints through email. It is required to share the contact details over the email to the Asian Paints along with the subject, "Asian Paints dealership request." In the contact details, the name, contact, address, shop name, contact number and email ID needs to be mentioned. The company will respond accordingly after receiving the email.

Contacts: The second method of requesting an Asian Paints dealership is to get in contact with the company's sales manager according to the area where the shop is going to be settled. For further inquiry, there is a toll-free service number and an email available for the head office of Asian Paints.

Documentation and Licence Requirement

For getting the Asian Paints dealership, several documentation and licences are required. They are:

  1. It is required to have the land documentation if the shop is going to be established on self-owned land or the rental agreement if the shop is going to be rental-based.
  2. A local government-authorised trade licence is required.
  3. A GST certificate is necessary.
  4. A brief registration of the business explaining the designation as a sole proprietorship, LLP, or private limited.
  5. Authorisation certificate from Asian Paints.
  6. Finally, insurance is required for the safety of the business.

Asian Paints Dealership Profit Margin

The dealer gets a low-profit margin when it comes to profit margin under the Asian Paints dealership. Profit margin ranges between 3% to 8% of the overall sales. However, Asian Paints provides a market share of 40% to the dealers, along with discounts in terms of cash and RPBT, which is the total compensation for providing the low-profit margins. The discount range is 5% cash discount if the purchase amount is transacted within the three days of purchase and the discount under RPBT is approximately 3.5%.

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Advantages of Asian Paints Dealership

Asian Paints is one of the well-known paint companies in India. Apart from being such a multinational company, it provides several advantages to its dealer. Some of the great advantages of Asian Paints dealership are:

  1. Products portfolio: Asian Paints is one of the multinational paint companies, including several home décor under its grasp. The product portfolio includes a wide variety of ranges, which allows the dealer to gain a high revenue compared to other paint brands.
  2. Brand visibility: Asian Paints do not require any introduction when it comes to brand visibility. Moreover, there are several advantages of acquiring an Asian Paints dealership in India as it supplies its products in the urban areas and has the reach towards the rural areas. The dealer had a strong customer base that did not require any promotion or marketing with such better visibility.
  3. Brand equity: The Asian Paints brand equity is the most trusted and smooth running for a business. Asian Paints has been awarded the eighth rank in the Forbes magazine under the title of World's Most Innovative Company. Therefore, Asian Paints is one of the most renowned brands available in the market, which can operate seamlessly because of its strong base.
  4. Low-cost opportunity: As Asian Paints supplies its products in urban and rural areas, there are several schemes to acquire an Asian Paints dealership in India. Due to the low economy based in the rural areas, there is a low-cost plan for the Asian Paints dealership. A dealer with an investment amount of ₹5 Lakhs, along with retail space, is eligible to opt for the low-cost plan.


Asian Paints is one of the largest paint companies all over the world. It was founded in 1945, with its headquarter in Mumbai. To get the Asian Paints dealership, it is quite necessary to follow a documentation verification step and an investment amount. Asian Paints provide various schemes for establishing a dealership, including a low-cost plan. Under the low-cost plan, it is required to have an investment amount of ₹5 Lakhs, along with retail space. A dealership can be requested through the official email or by contacting the sales manager of a particular area.

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Q: What are several Asian Paints opportunities?


Asian Paint is one of India's most renowned paint companies, which provides several advantages to the dealer. It provides a high-quality product portfolio and it has great brand visibility, along with its supply, not only in cities but also in rural areas. Moreover, Asian Paints provide a flexible, low-cost plan for acquiring the paint dealership.

Q: What are the documents required for an Asian Paints dealership?


The documentation required for the Asian Paints dealership includes the Asian Paints authorized certificate. Apart from this, it is required to have a GST Certificate, trade license, shop registration certificate, business registration certificate, land documentation, or rental agreements, along with business insurance.

Q: How to get an Asian Paints dealership?


To apply for an Asian Paints dealership, there are two procedures. Firstly, a dealership request can be claimed through email. Secondly, to get the Asian Paints dealership, contact the area sales manager for further procedure inquiry.

Q: What is the marginal profit in the Asian Paints dealership?


Asian Paints provide a low-profit margin for the dealers. Profit margin ranges from 3% to 8% on overall sales. However, to compensate for this low-profit margin, Asian Paints provides a 40% market share, along with several discounts, including cash and RPBT.

Q: What does the Asian Paints dealership cost?


Asian Paints provides several dealership plans. The low-cost plan includes an investment of ₹5 Lakhs, along with retail space. Moreover, there are several required products that need to be purchased.

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