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How to Get Export Orders from Abroad & How You Can Fulfil Them

If you've already reached the level in your export import business where you're ready to attract foreign orders and fulfil them, then we appreciate your hard work till now. We know that the journey has been challenging up to this point. Now, as you're all set, we believe that you should not feel too confused about how to get export orders online, as we're here with our expert guide that details every process. 

You need a proper strategy in each phase of your export import business, and perfection is compulsory. So, read carefully in understanding what it takes to get export orders online.

Did you know?

According to the ministry of commerce and industry, India’s overall export that includes merchandise and services in January 2022 alone is expected to be USD 61.41 billion and this exhibits a positive growth of 36.76% over the same period in the previous year.

How to Find Foreign Buyers for Your Export Products?

If you don't explore the most prominent strategies and ideas, you can't crush your competition in anything let alone the export and import business. The world is smart, and you need to be super-smart to be successful!

Here are some of the solid ways to quickly attract foreign buyers for your goods.

A Big Thanks to the Internet

The way technology has upgraded in the last 2 decades is truly unbelievable. It has added ease to almost every field. IT is vital in every field today, and it can add stars to your export and import business if you use it the right way. Just imagine what was the scene before the 1990s in fields like share market, money market, banking, import-export, etc. Exchanging contact information with foreign buyers was a very tough and expensive task. Today, we've got mobiles, laptops, so many other communication tools and everything is powered by high-tech technology.

The exporters and the importors of the pre 90's era would have never thought that exporting and importing could be this easy!

But how would you use the internet most effectively to scale up your export business? 

  • You can launch a top-quality website and update all vital information about your products. Just the nice sharp images and in-depth descriptions can attract a lot of clients.
  • Hire SEO services to rank your new export website in the search engine so that maximum organic traffic lands on your website. More traffic means more chances of grabbing clients. 
  • Facebook, Plaxo, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have all become huge marketing platforms. You can make your company profile/pages, participate in groups, and generate great engagement from the right audience.
  • You can use e-magazines, YouTube, and Flickr to boost your marketing efforts. Conduct photo shoots of your products and your production stages, employees, etc. You can also create some attractive short videos (people truly love them), add some pleasant background music and upload them on YouTube. You can also share the links to such short videos on your other social media accounts to boost engagement.

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Improve Your Communication Skills

If you ask any expert about how to get export orders, the advice will certainly contain the word 'communication". As a seller, you can increase your conversion rate in many ways, but nothing can match the power of communication. It all depends upon how well you understand your clients' needs and how well you help with their pain points. No matter if you've got a top-quality product, you'll have to convince the buyer still. 

The buyers will certainly ask for a few product samples before ordering a big stack. Once they feel satisfied with your samples, you can expect orders to come. You should never refuse to send samples because that creates doubt in the buyers' mind. Two sets of samples for each product category is okay. If you refuse to provide samples, you may lose big export orders. 

Be a Pro at Negotiation

Who doesn't negotiate in business? It is a vital part of conducting any business, and we all know this. Decreasing production and manufacturing costs or selling the products with a thick profit margin is a hundred times more difficult than fetching your profit margin through negotiation. You should have strong points supporting your negotiation. There are many studies on this. Find out for what quality of your product the buyer can't afford to let go, and lay more emphasis on that particular point.

Don't hesitate to flaunt what's better in your product compared to the competitors. However, you should never over-negotiate or be too sticky to your pricing terms; otherwise, it may break the deal for you.

Currently, there are three basic forms of negotiation in trade and business that are followed by every business owner:

  • Negotiation by mail (suitable for beginners).
  • Negotiation by direct meeting.
  • Telephonic negotiation.

Attend Trade Fair or Exhibition Related to Your Business

All of us prefer more options when it comes to buying. The same goes on with the clients. Many attend trade fairs and exhibitions to compare various products and cherish what's new in the market. Such fairs and exhibitions are superb spots for flaunting your products, and this traditional method works most of the time. That's the reason it's still alive. Just ensure you display your products the best way possible and attend to the inquiries patiently. Never sound hasty when answering enquiries.

Contact an Export Promotion Agency

The right promotion agency can bring you quality clients. This is where numerous information sources have been broken down by category, product, geographic region according to various levels of international clients your business has.

Besides getting better ideas of the trends in the foreign markets, you'll perceive great assistance in terms of how to export effectively. However, you need to evaluate their portfolios, reviews, etc. and pay them only if you're confident enough that they'll bring you buyers. 

Keep in Touch With the Embassy of the Government

Now, you may not have thought about the fact that the Government Embassy also promotes your business throughout the country. You, as an export business owner, may receive help from the government embassy in finding business opportunities in the host nation or find vital resources to support the business in their country. 

Keep in mind that government embassies generally work with big and already established companies. Yours is a new one, and the officials may have less confidence in you. Don’t try to force them by any means. Just believe in consolidating relations first, explain your business deeply, and you may get your chance. Sometimes, you'll even have to meet some requirements before expecting them to help you in finding buyers. 

Appointing Agents for Your Export Business

Many export businesses have grown up rapidly by investing more in foreign agents than anything else. Foreign agents with vast experience can very well quench your thirst for finding buyers. Besides introducing potential buyers, they can even support you with processing orders and be your helping hand in solving problems. 

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Friends and Relatives Can Be the Helping Hands as Well

Exporting becomes much easier for you when you've already got your family members or close friends living in the country which you're targeting for exporting your goods. They certainly have a better idea of that country's market, demands, and rules, as they're already living there. Not just that, they can bridge the gap between you and your potential buyers. They can show the buyers of their country confidence in you, and that's how your reactions get strong with them. 

For example, let's say you're planning to export Indian spices to Brazil, and you've got your friend already living there. You can request him to help you understand the market and find Brazilian buyers. The person may spend some days crawling the local import markets and understanding the intricacies. Later, your friend can share the same with you. If you're ambitious enough, you won't hesitate in giving them a small partnership from your export business in return for their support.Besides these points, you must manage the expenses and calculations of your clients, goods, etc. to succeed as a pro exporter.


If you're wondering how to get buyers for your export products, there are in fact many ways to do it! If you're targeting to attract export orders online, just ensure one thing, not to get baffled or depressed if you don't get good clients initially. Also, if you're doing your job perfectly, you'll certainly get clients, and sometimes, waiting for the right opportunities is the best strategy. Be patient, think strategically, and implement your plans with courage. Believe in client satisfaction, and you'll have a big enough client base soon!

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Q: How to get export orders for garments?


You can try out many ways like:

  • Send emails to international garment traders
  • Go online with an e-commerce website
  • Attend international garments trade fairs / exhibitions
  • Join export communities
  • Run google adwords or facebook ads for your business
  • Register on online trade marketplaces
  • Respond to order inquiries on online forums
  • Participate in conferences & seminars

Q: How much time does it take to get export orders from abroad?


It entirely depends upon your product, demand in your targeted market, your strategies, investment in advertisements and so on.

Q: How can I export orders from India?


You need an export license first of all, and your company should meet all the requirements of registered export business to attain that license. Further, you should have proper arrangements for receiving orders, shipping, distributing, transactions and so on.

Q: What’s the difference between export and import?


When a company purchases products from another country, targeting to sell those products in the local market, we call it import. In export, the company picks up the top products available in its own country (or manufacturers by itself) and sells them overseas. A deep understanding of the trend and market is vital in both cases.

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