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Get Your Free Khatabook QR Code Delivery At Home

The merchant Code or QR code (Quick Response) is a machine-readable code and is 2 dimensional which consists of black and white squares. It is a unique code linked to the bank account securely and safely which helps business owners to accept the money sent from the customer in a contactless and cashless way. Khatabook QR code helps merchants receive payments in an easy, free, simple, and secure way from the customers. Customers have to scan the QR code of the merchant from their mobiles and make the payment for the merchants’ services or products.

Business owners can activate the QR code by providing the KYC details and the merchant bank details. This code can be downloaded on the phone and ordered as a hardcopy. Khatabook will send the QR code by courier to the merchant within 7 to 8 days. All these can be obtained for free without having to pay for either generating the QR code or receiving a copy via courier. After creating a unique QR code, the merchant will receive the money directly in the bank account. This code is compatible with all the UPI apps to get money such as Phone Pe, Google Pe, Bharat Pe, Paytm, and BHIM.

How to Generate Khatabook QR for Free?

There are two options provided by Khatabook to generate QR code for free.

#1. Online

To generate the Khatabook QR Code you can directly click here.




  • Enter name
  • Phone number
  • Pincode 
  • Click on order QR code 

It is very easy to get the QR code simply and securely. To protect the merchant and the customers, the shop name and other details are verified and upon successful verification, the QR code is generated. Generated code will be sent to the phone immediately which can be downloaded. Further, it will be sent to your address via courier. 

#2. App

Another way of getting the Khatabook QR code is through the Khatabook app which can be downloaded from the play store on your mobile phone.   



  • The app needs to be installed on your smartphone. 
  • Then Click on More which is found at the right side bottom corner  
  • From the next screen Select QR Card 
  • Now you will be prompted to enter the following details 
    • Shop name
    • Type of shop
    • Address
    • Bank details
    • KYC details
    • Phone number
    • Landmark for address

If you enter all the details correctly then there is no issue in generating the QR code. The QR card will be couriered to the address you mentioned, for free. Therefore you can simply paste that code in your shop which is found visible to the customer visiting the shop. This will allow them to scan the code from their phone camera to make payment for their purchase.

You can also call the Khatabook customer support phone number which is available in the phone app and website anytime between morning 7:00 am till 10:00 pm in the night for any support required. 

How Does Khatabook QR Help Small Businesses To Grow?

A. Cost-effective 

Khatabook QR code is free and 2 physical codes are sent to the merchant within 7 to 8 days, free of charge. You can easily install the app and then order the Khatabook QR code or generate in on the Khatabook website. After receiving the code display the code in the shop for receiving the transactions from the customer. The payments will get credited directly to the linked bank account. 

B. Secured payment transaction

The Khatabook QR codes are secured for both customers and the shop owners. There is no need to store any information anywhere. The customer will transact money with a secure password pin and mobile swipe password. The merchant need not worry as the money goes directly to the bank in a secured way. Also, the KYC details are verified by Khatabook before issuing the QR code to the merchant. The transactions are encrypted during the transmission of details and even during verifying the pin password.

C. Quick and easy 

Money transactions are easy and simple between the merchants and the customer. There is no need for the customer to carry a card to the shop. The only thing customers need to remember is the pin for the transactions. It is very easy and simple. The Khatabook QR code is the most popular among millions of merchants. It is being used successfully by many merchants and customers without any hassles. 

D. Use one code for different businesses 

All you need to do is generate one QR code for all the types of merchant transactions. Only one KYC and the bank details are enough for various businesses. The merchants can download the QR code online and also get the 2 QR code printed and couriered.

E. Contactless and cashless 

The transactions are contactless and cashless there is no need for debit cards, credit cards, swipe machines, POS, cash, etc. Only the smartphone from the customers and the QR code of the merchants will suffice the transaction requirements.

F. Merchants across India 

The Khatabook QR code applies to any Indian merchant operating in any part of India. Just on giving the bank details and KYC details the order for the QR code can be given. It can be used by both small shops and large shopping malls for any type of purchase and service.

Final Recommendation for Khatabook QR Code 

Khatabook QR code generator allows an easy and simple way of business transactions for all merchants. It is a hassle-free transaction that offers many benefits to customers and merchants alike. It is a safe and secure payment system, which allows customers to use Phone Pe, Google Pe, Bharat Pe, PayTm, and BHIM. 

What are you waiting for? If you are a registered merchant in India, then visit the Khatabook website or download the Khatabook app now and generate the user-friendly QR code to do any transactions for all your business needs. Receive the money immediately on your bank account quickly after the customer sends money. 

There is no waiting period and it is free. 

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