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Table of content

How To Change your Mobile Number in the EPF Account

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the most popular retirement benefits schemes among salaried employees.  The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) services can be easily availed online using your mobile number. To avail of the online EPFO services, it is compulsory to get your mobile number registered with the EPFO portal.

The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) members do not need to visit the EPFO office for availing various services. If a member gets their mobile number registered with the organisation's online portal, they can easily avail several EPF related services through SMS. However, it is essential that if you change your mobile number, then you should also change your mobile number in EPFO portal.

How to register mobile number in EPF Account or How to register mobile number with UAN?

The members must sign up to the EPFO portal and register with their mobile number. Without the EPFO mobile number registration online, the members cannot avail themselves of online services and receive updates through SMS.

When an employee becomes a member of the EPFO, a Universal Account Number (UAN) is allotted to the employee. UAN is a unique 12 digit identification number allotted to the employee, which remains the same irrespective of the number of jobs they change. After the generation of UAN, the EPFO member has to activate the UAN by logging in to the EPFO portal. You can also know the UAN no. from your salary slip. 

Following are the steps to activate UAN:

1. Visit the EPFO member portal. The link is:


2. Under the “important links” tab at the right-hand side panel, select Activate UAN.

3. Now enter the UAN, Member ID, Aadhaar No., PAN, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile No., Email ID.

4. After entering the above details, click on the “Get Authorisation Pin” option at the bottom of the page.

5. You will receive an OTP on the mobile no. entered by you in step 3.

6. Enter this OTP to activate UAN and get your UAN mobile number registration online process done; by doing so, your UAN is activated and also your EPFO mobile number registration online is completed.

Once you get your mobile number registered with the EPFO portal, you begin to receive SMS related to your PF account on the mobile.

How to change mobile number in EPFO account? 
Steps for UAN portal mobile number change

In case you change your mobile number, you need to update your new mobile number with the EPFO portal to continue availing of the online services related to your Employee Provident Fund account. The EPF mobile number update is necessary as your old mobile number is registered with the online portal. You will not be able to receive information about your PF account until EPF mobile number changes.

Follow these steps for EPF mobile number update or UAN mobile number update:       

1. Visit the link https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and enter your UAN and password on the right-side panel.

2. Select the ‘Contact details’ option from the Manage tab;

3. Now check the ‘Change mobile no.’ box, and then you will be asked to enter your new mobile number twice. 

4. After entering the new mobile number, click on the ‘Get authorisation pin’ button below.

5. You will receive an OTP on the new number that you entered in step 3.

6. Enter the OTP in the given box and press submit. Your process of EPF mobile number change is done.

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What to do in case you forget your EPFO portal password?

To complete the process of UAN mobile number update, you need to enter your UAN and password. Still, there is a possibility that you might have forgotten your EPFO portal’s password as you do not log in to the portal frequently.  Now that you neither have your password nor your old registered mobile number, how would you change mobile number in EPFO portal? 

These simple steps will guide you to change your password and update your mobile number:

1. Visit this link- https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ 

It will take you to the EPFO member web portal.

2. On the right-hand side panel, where you need to enter your UAN and Password, click on the ‘forgot password’ option.

3. Enter the UAN number and the Captcha code, then click on the submit button.

4. Now, it will ask you whether you want to receive OTP on the registered mobile no. select ‘NO’ and proceed.

5. Enter your Name, Date of Birth and Gender and click on 'verify.'

6. A box will appear with ‘Valid against’ written on it; you have to enter your PAN or Aadhar Number details here.

7. Once the above details are validated, you will be asked to enter the New Mobile Number, enter your latest mobile number and click on the ‘Get OTP’ button.

8. Enter the OTP received on your updated mobile number and click 'Verify.'

9. After this, a new box will appear; here, type your new password twice and click on the 'submit' button. 

10. Now, you have successfully changed your password and updated your latest mobile number with the EPFO online portal.

The Employee Fund Organisation (EPFO) members can avail many services related to their Provident Fund Account through online mode. The services that can be availed online include knowing your PF balance detail, view member passbook, transfer PF account balance, etc. To avail of these services efficiently, the member's mobile number should be registered with the EPF account and the details of the Aadhar, PAN, and Bank account should be linked and updated. There are many ways to avail of the EPFO online services. Some of them are explained below:

Check your Provident Fund account details by using the SMS service– 

  • To avail of this service, it is necessary that your Bank Account, PAN details and Aadhar no. are linked with your Universal Account Number (UAN) and also your latest mobile number is registered with the UAN on the EPFO online portal. The SMS facility is available on a 24/7 basis. 
  • To avail of this facility, the users have to type EPFOHO(space) UAN(space) 'first three characters' of the language. For example, if you want to receive information in English, then type EPFOHO UAN ENG and send it to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number. 
  • The members can choose to receive SMS in English or Hindi or 8 other languages, namely, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Tamil. Thus, you can easily check your Provident Fund account balance within a few minutes by using this service. 
  • You will receive a message showing details about the Name of the Provident Fund account holder, Date of Birth, last contribution made by both employer and employee, the total balance in the Provident Fund account. 

The benefit of using the SMS service is that it is less time consuming and delivers the information right into your hands within a few minutes. 

Umang App- 

  • Apart from the SMS and missed call services that you can avail using your registered mobile number, the Employee Provident Fund Organisation has also introduced the mobile application “Umang App”, with the help of which you can make PF related transactions using your mobile phone. 
  • To use this app, you have to download the application on your mobile phone and, after that, do a one-time registration on this application with the mobile number registered with UAN or EPF account. 
  • You will have to enter the basic information before you can proceed to use the application, which includes details of your Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc. 
  • After successful registration, you can use this app to view your EPF passbook, showing details about your account balance, interest credited, and other details. 
  • With the help of this application, you can also track the status of the claims raised by you. Umang App is one of the initiatives among the many introduced by the government to make financial transactions transparent and digital.

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Why is it important to register/update your mobile number with the UAN or EPF account?

There are many benefits of registering your mobile number and updating it (in case your mobile number is changed) with the UAN or EPFO online portal. Some of these benefits are:

1. You can use the SMS service to know your account details only if your mobile number is registered with the EPF account.

2. Whenever the contributions are made to your account, you can receive an SMS update on your registered mobile number. Thus you can confirm the successful deposit of the amount in your account and the date of deposit.

3. You can easily track the claim status with the help of your registered mobile number.

4. You can transfer funds from your old Provident Fund account to the new one through an online facility for which you will receive OTP and confirmation requests on your registered mobile number.

5. You can use the missed call service of the EPF portal only from your registered mobile number.

6. If you have submitted the request for withdrawal of the provident fund amount, you can receive an SMS update when the withdrawal amount is approved and credited to your bank account.

7. For all the online transactions, whether performed through login to www.epfindia.gov.in mobile number change or Umang app, confirmation request or OTP for validation is always sent to your registered mobile number to verify your authenticity transaction. Thus, if you keep your latest mobile number updated/registered with the UAN or EPF account, the Provident Fund related transactions become easier, fast and secure.


The Employee Provident Fund scheme is one of the most chosen retirement benefits schemes by salaried employees. This scheme has many benefits such as tax benefits, high-interest rate, transparency, post-retirement corpus accumulation, withdrawal facility in times of emergency, etc. The digitalisation of transactions has made it easy and quick for users to make transactions related to their Provident Fund account. The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) online portal has made registration online for the members. There is no need to visit the EPF office or submit any documents physically. The transactions can be done online provided that your mobile number is registered with the UAN or EPF account, UAN is activated, and the PAN, Aadhaar and Bank account details are linked. The online facilities have made the transaction more transparent, secure, easy and less time-consuming. Due to this, it is important to know EPF mobile number registration or how to change mobile number in EPFO, among other details. For more information, check out the Khatabook app. 

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Q: What is the EPF passbook?


EPF passbook is a statement that shows the number of contributions made to the Provident Fund account by the employer and the employee, interest credited to the account, withdrawals made, if any, and the total balance of the account

Q: When can I avail the SMS service to know my PF balance?


The SMS service to know your PF account balance details can be availed anytime as it is a 24/7 support service.

Q: Can I change my mobile number registered with UAN if I forget my login password?


Yes, it is possible to change your mobile number even if you forget your login password. First, you will have to set up a new password and validate your details, and then you can easily change your registered mobile number.

Q: Is the missed call service of EPFO for balance enquiry chargeable?


No, the missed call service of EPFO is free.

Q: Does UAN change when I change my job, or the employer gets changed?


The UAN remains the same irrespective of the number of times you change your job. Only your member ID gets changed under different establishments you work.

Q: What is UAN?


UAN stands for Universal Account Number, and it is a unique 12 digit identification number allotted by the government or Employee Provident Fund Organisation to its members.

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