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Table of content

50 Low Investment And Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas

Are you a creative person who wants to create a business based on your talents? Are you looking for a business that requires less capital and yields more profit, but you can't seem to discover one? Are you looking for a way to advance your career by utilising your creative abilities?

You'll be surprised to learn that many company ideas may be started with no or little money and can significantly increase your financial benefit over what you have today. This post will describe 50 such ideas that demand nothing more than your creativity, aptitude to learn, passion and most importantly, your hands. These suggestions fall under the category of handicrafts goods, which require only a few essential tools and your mental fortitude.

Did you know?

The handicrafts market is projected to witness a CAGR of 10.9% from 2022-to 2027.

Some Excellent Handicraft Business Ideas to Start in India

Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas

Most unemployed people can find work with handicraft item business ideas, and you can even incorporate your family and friends if they wish to join you. This is one of the most appealing aspects of this sector, so many individuals have chosen it.

We hope that this post gives you a fresh perspective on work and that you will be able to start your art & craft business.

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1. Crafts of Bone and Horns

This is also a revenue-generating business that you can start with a small initial investment. These handicrafts use cow horns, buffalo horns and bones from various birds and animals, and you can use these bones to make a variety of lovely synthetic products.

2. Brass Items

Brassware is a term that refers to handcrafted items made of Brass, which is a copper-zinc alloy. This is also a low-investment, high-profit art and craft enterprise that requires only flawless talents and a few simple instruments to transform raw materials into finished goods.

3. Crochet

Crochet is a type of art in which you use yarn and a crochet hook to knit a range of items in demand.

4. Soap Making

Making soap is a handicraft, and soaps are a treat. When it comes to design, texture and scent, you can be as creative as you want when manufacturing soap. Don't be hesitant; individuals are always willing to buy unique scented handcrafted soap on the market.

5. Gift Card Maker

Handmade cards are genuinely heartfelt, and in today's world, individuals need someone to produce them. Make cards by hand to help people feel joyful and use your ability.

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6. Candle Making

Since earlier civilisations, the candle-making industry has been one of the most demanding. First, you'll need your fine abilities and a few basic supplies, such as sol, beeswax, paraffin, gel, wicks, jars, oils for scent, colourants and some cooking equipment.

7. Knitter

Back in the day, grannies used to sew us sweaters each winter. Such days are long gone, yet hand-knitted sweaters are still popular. Make the most of your abilities and earn from them.

8. Florist 

The flowers are lovely. Garnish them with glitters and ribbons to make them more beautiful and profitable.

9. Handmade Presents

This contains a wide range of items such as candles, soaps, cards and artefacts. Choose the products you have a skill set for and sell them online or offline.

10. Embroider

Embroidery is one of the most in-demand skills. India is known for its embroidery, which comes in various styles, and there are many excellent artisans in the country. This is extremely important in the handicraft industry.

11. Poster Making

Make posters by combining your painting and design skills. The advertising and film industries value the authenticity of a handcrafted poster. Be inventive and enthusiastic about it.

12. Painter

The painting was and continues to be an art form that we can never replace. Custom paintings have a sizable market. Sell your talent now.

13. Designer

People's interest in designer apparel has increased due to the rise of social media. Use your imagination to make and sell outfits for which people will pay a high price.


14. Personalised Tailor

If you don't want to design but know how to sew, ask your customers to send you a design, and you'll make them a dress. It's a traditional method that many Indians still practise, and it's still highly popular.

15. Colouring Book Artists

When designing books, don't be afraid to let your imagination go wild. You can create colouring books that are enjoyable for both children and adults.

16. Basket Weaver

With so many talented labourers available, this is a terrific concept for the low-investment, high-profit handicraft industry.

17. Shoes Decorating

People adore fashionable clothing and footwear, so they decorate their shoes. You should be aware of the many designs on footwear done by hand on basic sandals in Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is an excellent opportunity for you to put your skills to work and make a lot of money.

18. Ceramic Maker

People are hoarders of exquisite ceramics that they keep with care at home and are always willing to pay a high price.

19. Welding

Welding is a skill that only a few people have, and it involves melting different metals together to create beautiful artefacts. Make the most of it and get those innovative products on the market.

20. Tapestry

Resurrect traditional customs and launch a handicrafts business by selling gorgeous tapestry home decor.

21. Papier Mache

Paper Mache is a popular craft among children and adults alike. Bring your best game to the table and sell it.

22. Religious Ritual Objects

India steeps in tradition, with numerous rituals still practised today. Make the ritualistic decoration. It is affordable, and you can sell it for a profit.

23. Macramé-Making

Put the nimble fingers to work and create lovely thread macramés for your home. You can also use a variety of colours to create a unique theme.

24. Essential Oil mixer

As new as it may seem, the world is waking up to the benefits of essential oils, and it is quickly becoming a large business. Understand their chemistry, combine them and market them for the benefits they provide.

25. Carpet Weaver

Machines will never be able to replicate the exquisite designs that humans can create. Hire a skilled weaver and sell the rugs for a high profit.

26. Jute Products Creator

Everyone is worried about the environment, including jute product manufacturers. Make attractive jute products, including bags and caps and assist others in avoiding the use of plastic.

27. Shell Artefacts

Shells are a famous relic in coastal settings. Genuine handcrafted shell artefacts fetch exorbitant prices.

28. Collage Making

People enjoy building collages out of old images or recollections. Use your imagination to come up with new designs.

29. Wood Carver

The antiques that last a lifetime are constantly in demand. Make some gorgeous curves on the wood with your talented hands and sell them for a high price.

30. Pet Accessories Maker

People love their dogs as if they were their children, and they are willing to spend a lot of money to keep them looking nice. Make pet accessories to show your love and kindness to the world. The concept is novel and entertaining.

31. Pot Maker

It's satisfying to see you build pots and make them yourself. Sell those lovely pots in a variety of styles.

32. Perfumery

Perfume making is the most abundant of the handicraft industries. People are always interested in purchasing those exquisitely scented glass bottles and play around with the packaging to make a lot of money.

33. Clay Sculptor

It has always been and will continue to be popular art. Clay sculptures are one of the most profitable in the handicraft industry.

34. Photographer

Nowadays, everyone wants to be photographed by a professional; sell those stunning photographs you took.

35. Rubber Stamp Maker

Not just for the office, individuals enjoy having their personalised seals. Make the most of your abilities by putting them on the market.

36. Natural Dyer

Make the most of your abilities by putting them on the market. These days, everyone is looking for an organic dyer, and use your dying skills to sell them online or in person.

37. Book Binder

Books are forever available and always will be. Hardbound books sell for a reasonable price; learn the business and make your profit.

38. Personalised Photo Frame Maker

Nobody wants a boring photo frame anymore. Customers can personalise such photo frames however they want. You can use shimmers and clay to decorate them. They make a lot of money.

39. Interior Decorator

Interior decorators are in high demand, as are designer paintings and pottery for the home. Create an interior design theme based on your consumers' preferences.

40. Decorators

India is a country where festivals and celebrations need the use of decorations. You might be a decorating designer and introduce new decorative items to the market with your handicraft business.

41. Origami

You can offer art and crafts, such as origami, both offline and online, or you can teach youngsters and adults how to make origami.

42. Calligrapher

Calligraphy isn't just for relaxing videos anymore. Use your calligraphy abilities to write invitations and create logos.

43. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a time commitment as well as a personal art form. As a volunteer, make scrapbooks for people for a fee. It's lovely, and it's close to the heart.

44. Furniture Decorator

Carve or paint the chairs uniquely if you're a furniture decorator. Make them lovely and sell them.

45. Mural Maker

Make an enormous splash with your art if you're a muralist. Paint and decorate those walls to your heart's content.

46. Carpenter

Put your creative mind and talented hands to work and create gorgeous furniture to sell.

47. Jewellery Designer

It is currently highly popular with both men and women. Make and sell stunning jewellery out of various materials. People will always be willing to pay for them.

48. Baker

People are always ready for bread and dessert if you're a baker. Apply your baking skills to any online or offline media, and you'll find a long line of eager consumers.

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49. Gift Wrapping

As simple as it sounds, wrapping a gift in a unique and attractive style demands a skill set, and people are willing to pay for the originality and tidiness.

50. Quilter

There are numerous quilt products available, but none compare to the comfort of a cosy childhood quilt. Assist folks in reliving their experiences.


This piece outlines 50 ideas that only require your imagination, willingness to study, passion, and, most importantly, your hands. There are many ways to make money using your talents, and creativity is one. Using your creative ability to start a small business is an excellent approach to developing your career. Handicraft businesses have a great history and always will be a part of our culture. There are numerous types of handicrafts companies that can be helpful to create capital. Even though it sounds more effortless than it looks, creating a small business requires a lot of dedication, hardwork and patience. This article, we believe, will significantly assist you in determining the type of business that is best for you.
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Q: Can you start a handicraft business with less money?


Yes, most of the handicrafts business costs low investment.

Q: How many different kinds of handicrafts are present?


Numerous top 50 are in this article.

Q: Can handicrafts be made into a profitable business?


Yes, handicrafts can be highly profitable depending on their quality.

Q: What are handicrafts?


Handicraft is working with materials by hand and using hand tools. The end outcome can be functional or ornamental.

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