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UPI and QR code are the best way to accept contactless payments quickly and safely.
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All-in-One QR collects payments from any app. You can use Khatabook QR for all customer transactions
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UPI QR are two safe and easy ways to receive contactless payments.
QR code or Merchant QR is a unique code linked to your bank account in a safe and secure way. It allows you to accept contactless and cashless payments from customers.
QR code generator is activated when you add your bank account and complete your KYC. Thereafter you can download and/or order your QR code display.
Yes the QR code is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs.
Yes, even the delivery of the QR code is free of cost
You can download your merchant QR and use it immediately while you wait for the QR display to be delivered.
The QR will be delivered to you within 7-8 days after placing the order.
You will receive the money directly in your bank account.
You will receive the money immediately in your bank account.
Using a QR code is simple. Stick your merchant QR at a suitable place. Ask customers to scan the QR with any UPI app. You can track all payments in Khatabook.
All UPI apps can be used including Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, BHIM, Bharat Pe etc

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