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GST Certificate Download – Download from gst.gov.in

Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax that has replaced multiple indirect taxes in India such as service tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), etc. It came into effect on 1 July 2017. There are currently four main slabs of GST in India - 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. The tax collected is shared by both the central and state governments equally. If the sale is made within the state or UT(Union Territory), CGST and SGST/UTGST are collected. If it is an interstate sale, IGST is collected, which is a combination of CGST and SGST/UTGST rates, 

What Is GST Certificate?

Goods and Services Tax Certificate is the Registration Certificate of Goods and Services issued by the Government of India. The GST certificate is a legal document that serves as proof of registration under GST in India. 

  • GST certificate is a requirement for businesses in India,  where the turnover exceeds the threshold limit. A business is required to display this certificate on its premises. Otherwise, it has to bear the penalties under the Goods and Services Act. 
  • Any business can apply for a GST certificate through the Goods and Services Tax portal, i.e., gst.gov.in. You should also note that the Government does not issue a physical certificate. You can only download the certificate from the GST website. Every taxpayer successfully registered under GST is issued with a GST certificate. 
  • Every taxpayer registered under GST is issued with a GST registration certificate on form GST REG-06. The types of taxpayers include ordinary, TDS, and TCS applicants under the GST, those responsible for obtaining a unique ID under Section 25 (9) of the CGST Act, non-residents including OIDAR(Online Information Database Access and Retrieval) service providers, and migrant taxpayers in pre-GST rules.
  • The certificate has no expiration date when issued to regular taxpayers. As long as GST registration is active and not cancelled, it remains valid. 
  • For a casual taxable taxpayer under this act, GST registration lasts for ninety days. The GST registration certificate becomes invalid after that. However, a taxpayer may apply for a further extension.

Whenever there is an amendment to the GST registration details,  you can download the GST registration certificate with the amended details.

Contents of a GST Registration Certificate

The GST registration certificate contains the main certificate along with two Annexures- A and B.

Following are the contents of the GST registration certificate:

  • The GSTIN of the taxpayer
  • Business Name
  • Type of Business (like Partnership, Company, Proprietorship, etc.)
  • Address of Place of Business
  • Date of Liability
  • Period of Validity.
  • Type of registration
  • Particulars of the Approving Authority (Digitally Signed)

Who Issues GST Certificate?

The GST certification authority is the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN), which issues these certificates electronically. Also, this certificate is issued and approved under the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax Act.

The GST registration certificate on FORM GST REG-06 contains information such as:

  1. Legal Name of the business
  2. Trade Name of the business
  3. Registration Type
  4. The main business location
  5. Other locations of the business

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How To Obtain GST Registration Certificate?

  • You can apply for GST registration on the GST website by visiting www.gst.gov.in in a web browser. After proper confirmation of the application by the relevant authority, registration will be accepted. 
  • The registration will be effective from the date when liability for registration arises, in case you submitted the application within a period of 30 days from that date. However, if it was delayed, GST registration is valid from the date of issue of registration
  • Bank account details may be added later. But, this must be done within 45 days from the date of registration or the last day to complete the GSTR-3B form.

How To Get GST Number?

You can get the GST Number online by sending a request to the GST website in India. You can follow these simple steps to get GSTIN for your business. Also, the processing of the GST application is completely free and there is no fee charged by the government. 

Here are some quick steps to follow for your first GST Number download:

  1. Visit the website www.gst.gov.in
  2. Click on the Services Tab >> Registration>> New Registration
  3. Complete all the required details and submit your registration form.
  4. Once your request is approved, you'll receive a 15 digit GSTIN number.

Steps To Download GST Registration Certificate

If you want to download your GST registration certificate online, then you must first register your business under GST. If you have not registered your business under GST in India, you will not be able to download the GST certificate.

In order to download your GST certificate,  you must have access to your GST account. Once you have the details of the GST Portal account, follow the steps below:

  1. STEP 1: Open the GST website https://www.gst.gov.in/

      2. STEP 2: Click the 'Login' button to enter the username and password.

  1. STEP 3: Enter the relevant details 'Username' and 'Password' and captcha in the required field and click 'Login'.
  2. STEP 4: Click Services -> User Services -> View / Download Certificate.

  1. STEP 5: Click the 'Download' button on the screen to download the certificate. 

The certificate contains all the details of the tax transaction. The downloaded GST registration certificate is computerized and therefore does not need to be signed on.

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Sample GST Certificate

Time Limit For GST Registration Certificate

GST registration certificates issued to ordinary taxpayers do not expire. Therefore, as long as the GST registration is active and not cancelled by a GST official, it will remain valid.

However, in the case of casual or non-resident GST taxpayer registration, validity is limited to 90 days. The taxpayer may apply for an extension at the expiry of the 90 days. 

How To Make Amendments In GST Registration Certificate?

In the event that any GST registration certificate details are incorrect, the taxpayer may change the field in the GST portal. Correction of the field requires the approval of Tax Officials and if approved a new GST certificate can be downloaded. Some of the key categories in the GST registration certificate are:

Changes in the Main Field 

Any change in the official name/trade name of the business, which does not include a change in the PAN, the main business location, Additional Business location(Without Changes in Government), Addition or removal of Partners / Carte / Managing Directors and full-time Director / Members of the Executive Committee of Organizations / Board of Trustees / Chief Executive Officer or equivalent.

Main field amendment can be initiated by following the steps below:

1. Access the GST Portal.

2. Log in to GST Portal for official certifications.

3. Click Services> Registration> Amendment to Core Fields Registration link.

4. Review the required changes to any required fields.

5. On the Verification tab, select the Verification check box.

6. In the name of the authorized drop-down list, select the authorized signature.

7. In the Location field, enter the place name.

After completing the Registration Amendment application, you need to sign the application digitally using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) / E-Signature or EVC.

Following the amendment of the application, the applicant will receive the status of the application (when it is approved or rejected) by SMS and notification by email message. 

After approval of the application, the applicant can view the approval order (REG 15) and can also download the order from the GST website. In addition, the Portal will also provide you with a download of the registration certificate feature containing the details amended from the certificate.

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Displaying The GST Registration Certificate And GSTIN

All organizations registered under the GST watch must display the GST registration certificate in the main business area. It is necessary to add to the GST registration certificate all the additional business premises such as the main office, branch, etc. The GST certificate can be displayed at the door or around the payment section. Non-compliance with this disclosure could result in fines being levied on the offending business.

GST Certificate Verification

You can check the certificate by downloading it from the website. However, if you want to know the status of your certificate registration you can check it out on the GST website. 

  1. Visit the website www.gst.gov.in
  2. Click on the “Search Taxpayer” tab
  3. You can search for your GST certificate status by:
    • GSTIN / UIN ”
    • With PAN
    • Search for composition taxpayer
  4. Click on the option above that applies to you.
  5. Enter GSTIN, PAN, or composition taxpayer details.
  6. After entering the relevant information, click the "Search" button
  7. The program will show "Your GSTIN / UIN status"
  8. Your subscription is active if the program identifies you as "Active"

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Summing Up

With the coming up of  The Goods and Services Tax, the Government has made it easy both for the businesses and the consumers to deal with the multiple taxes prevailing in India.   GST had been a game-changing step in the Indian Taxation System, where all the indirect taxes levied either by the central or state government came to an end and were followed by a single tax i.e., Goods and Services Tax.


Q: Is it possible to make amendments to GST Registration Certificate?


Yes. With the approval of Tax officials.

Q: Is there any time limit for the GST registration certificate?


Once the certificate is issued to an ordinary taxpayer, it does not expire until it is cancelled by an official. 

Q: How to download the GST certificate?


Once you have GST portal details after registering your business, follow the below-mentioned steps:

- Go to the GST website: www.gst.gov.in.

- Enter your username and password after clicking on the login button. Enter the required captcha and click on the log-in button.

- Click on Services -> User services -> View/Certificate Download.

- Click on the download button to download the certificate. 

- Open the pdf document and take a printout.

Q: How to register for a GST certificate?


Go to www.gst.gov.in. After the application receives proper confirmation from the relevant authority, the registration is considered complete. 

Q: Who issues the GST certificate?


Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) is the competent authority to issue the certificate.

Q: What is a GST certificate?


It is valid proof that your business is registered under GST Act if its turnover has exceeded the threshold limit.

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