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200+ Small Scale Business Ideas with Low Investment


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Many young and dynamic people in India want to earn their living and be financially independent by setting up their own businesses. They are always on the lookout for low-cost business ideas. In the following blog, we have focused on businesses that are simple to start and grow. These businesses can be started on a small scale and grown at your own pace. Also included are some businesses that are riskier but have high-profit potential. This article discusses various types of business ideas, such as online, high-growth, home-based, easy to start, small scale, low investment, part-time, steady income, and services, products, food, and new businesses.

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Successful business ideas with Low Investment 

  • Recruitment Firm

Almost every industry has open positions, and employers are eager to hire the best candidates. As a staffing agency, your job is to match employees with employers in an industry of your choice. Depending on the market's needs, you can be a temporary-to-permanent, a temporary, or a long-term recruitment firm.

  •    Event Planner

If you have efficient planning and execution skills, you can become a successful event planner. In this industry, you must manage events from start to finish. To get this business off the ground, you'll need qualified employees and contacts with the suppliers to get the required materials.

  •  Catering

Catering is a fantastic business because it allows you to earn a good living without the risks and huge capital/overheads associated with a restaurant business. Consider offering a specialty, such as Barbeques, North Indian, or Continental to distinguish yourself in the catering industry. It's fine to begin with a small menu of only your most delicious foods. Catering services have traditionally grown slowly, primarily through word of mouth. 

  •  Driving School

One of the profitable business ideas is a car driving school. You can start small by purchasing one or two cars and then grow gradually as the number of clients increases. Effective training will also require trainers to be hired.

  • Clothing Boutique

Creating a successful boutique is less about selling individual items and more about creating an environment and clothing collection that people want to be a part of. In other words, it is about selling a way of life. You can either have your in-house manufacturing or go with branded clothes. Once you've made an initial investment in the store and stock, you'll be able to turn it into a gainful business idea if you focus on brand partnerships and selling.

  • Beauty Salon

In India, a beauty salon is a growing business opportunity. Ladies typically prefer this type of business. This line of work requires specialized knowledge. Before you can start this business, you must first go through special training or take a course. This is a low investment business idea. You can open your own beauty salon or become a franchisee for a well-known brand.

  • Fitness Centre/Health Club

One of the most successful business ideas is to open a health club. Health is wealth, and people are willing to spend money to stay healthy. They prefer to work out at a health club or a gym daily. You can open a health club if you have the necessary funds and a suitable location. The likelihood of success in this business is very high.

  • Property Broker

Opening a real estate agency is one of the most profitable business ideas. In this line of work, you must assist people in finding the right property to rent or sell. Every transaction has the potential to earn you a sizable commission and self-investment is negligible.

  • Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are in demand because most clients who run a business on their own or small/medium enterprises lack the resources to carry out digital marketing on their own. It is a low capital-intensive venture, to begin with. All you need is an internet connection, a couple of tool subscriptions, and a website. Everything else like office space, employees, etc. can be added later as the business grows.

Online Small Business Ideas 

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model in which no physical products are managed. All you need to do is create an online store and collaborate with suppliers who are ready to store, package, and ship orders to your customers. There is no investment for holding an inventory.

  • Printable

A printable business is a type of digital business in which a person with graphic design skills can sell and monetise their products such as quotes, photo frames, stickers, etc. Because the start-up costs are low, and it allows you to earn passive income from home.

  • Amazon Store

Over 200,000 entrepreneurs sell their products on Amazon for more than $100,000 per year. You can start selling on Amazon with very little money and as little as one product. You can also personalize the look and feel of your Amazon online storefront. You can have Amazon fulfill your orders and ship your products for you as well.

  • Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while working from a location other than the client's and gets paid for the same. A virtual assistant typically works from home but has remote access to necessary planning documents such as shared calendars. Virtual assistants have grown in popularity as small businesses and startups rely on virtual offices to cut costs.

  • Website flipping

Website flipping is one of the new business ideas that have caught the interest of everyone from stay-at-home moms to recent graduates. It entails purchasing an existing website, improving its design and content and then selling it for a profit.

  • Online tutoring

You can start an online tutoring business if you are an expert in English, math, science, or another subject. An academic degree in the subject you intend to teach is a necessary prerequisite. It is an easy-to-start business with huge demand and decent earnings. As you grow, you can hire additional tutors. 

  • Content writing

Almost every company with an online presence requires assistance in creating content for product pages, blogs, etc. As a result, starting a content writing or copywriting company could be one of your most thriving business ideas.

  • Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective online business ideas. In this industry, you must demonstrate your expertise by sharing unique information. All you need is a domain name and hosting space. To make money online with a blog, you must first attract a large amount of traffic from a specific section of the market. You can earn money through direct advertising or Google Adsense.

  • App development

Because so many businesses require an app, app development is one of the best small profitable business ideas. Not to mention, the cost of launching this venture has decreased a lot as a result of the increase in tools and the number of low-cost developers. You can also hire a freelance app developer through sites like AngelList and Upwork as your number of clients increases.

  • SEO

Do you have any experience generating backlinks (a link connecting one website to the other) and increasing a website's search engine visibility? If you answered yes, there is an opportunity for you to capitalize on your skillset. Site owners all over the world require the services of SEO experts, so starting a business in this field could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

  • Hosting Paid webinars

This online business idea is about hosting a paid webinar online. You can host a paid webinar if you are a highly skilled individual with exceptional domain knowledge. A web-based seminar presentation or video hosted on the internet is referred to as a webinar. To create a successful webinar, you must have specialized skills. To host a webinar online, you must be the owner of a well-known website with high traffic.

  • Vlogging

Making a video on a variety of topics and sharing it online is what vlogging entails. You can begin by uploading videos to YouTube and include them in your vlog. The Youtube Channel Partner program allows you to earn money.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing entails promoting other people's products on your website and assisting them in increasing sales. You will be paid a commission on each product sold. You don't have to be concerned about product shipment, customer service, or anything else.

  • Data Entry

This is a job in which you must enter data or fill out a form according to the specifications into a computer. When doing data entry, your typing speed and efficiency are important factors. Numerous websites offer data entry jobs.

  • Stock Market Trading

Stock market trading is one of the most successful businesses. You can start this business with a small amount of money. This business, on the other hand, requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. To make a profit in trading, you must be extremely skilled.

  • E-book writing

If you have the writing skills and know-how to write an e-book, you can start your own ebook writing business from home. You can either write your own ebook or do this work for others.

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Education-related businesses

  • Tuition Centre

This business can be initiated with minimal investment. You need to possess expertise in certain subjects before starting it. It might take some effort from your side in the beginning. Once it is a hit, you will never look back.

  • Coaching Institute

It is another of the most beneficial businesses in the field of education. The amount of money needed is determined by the size of your project. This company's success mantra is high-quality instruction and prompt service. You can choose niche subjects like chess, writing skills, personality development, etc.

  • Stationery Business

Books, copies, files, pens, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, and other similar items are always in high demand throughout the year. This business does not require any expertise and can be started with a small investment. If you can afford it, you can also invest more money.

  • Computer Training Institute

Computer/software knowledge is required in almost every field. As a result, a computer training institute is a profitable business option. This business necessitates investment in the form of computers as well as other projecting and networking equipment.

  • Music Classes

The next business idea is to start a music school. This industry necessitates specialized knowledge and a great deal of experience. You can also start this business from home.

  • Dance Coaching Institute

Dance coaching is a creative low-cost business idea. You can either hire a dance teacher or train to be one by learning to dance.

  • Career Counseling

Parents and students are constantly looking for a good career counselor to help them choose the best career and study options. They usually seek advice/assistance from a professional. If you are an expert in this field, you can work as a counselor and earn money.

  • Manufacturing of Notebooks

Notebooks are widely used in schools and offices and you can begin with a notebook manufacturing business. The acquisition of high-quality raw materials is critical in this industry. This requires a moderate amount of capital.

  • Education Project Business

College/school students are frequently overburdened with projects to complete. You can start your own education project business if you are creative and eager to assist students. It could be a writing project or practical model work. It is a business idea with low investment and high profit.

  • Manufacturing of school and college bags

Every student, regardless of age, school/college, or grade level, must have a school bag or a college bag. You can start a school bag manufacturing unit.

  • Teacher Training Institute

You can open a training institute where you can coach teachers on good teaching skills and introduce them to new technology, thus, allowing them to teach more effectively. This business has a high-profit margin with less investment.

  • Craft Classes

Nowadays, parents want their children to learn as much as possible rather than wasting time sitting idle. Depending on your skill level, you can begin a hobby class in art and craft. Summer vacations are the best time to make money in this business.

  • Foreign Language Institutes

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can begin teaching it to interested students. This business requires little capital investment and can be of commercial advantage.

  • Manufacturing of Stationery Items

If you have a small amount of money to invest, you could try making stationery items such as ball pens, crayons, pencils, staplers, and so on.

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Unique Business Ideas

  • Chat Bot Services

A chatbot is a business of the future. In this industry, you must create bots that meet the needs of the company. A chatbot business necessitates a great deal of technical expertise and knowledge. This business is a low-cost business.

  • Customized T-shirt Business

If you are creative, customized T-shirts are ideal for selling online and can also be sold locally. Even if you intend to focus on your local market, you may want to avoid the expense of a store at first and try running this business from home.

  • Mural Painting

Mural painters are artists who specialize in painting works of art on physical structures such as private, corporate, nonprofit, or governmental interior walls, ceilings, or floors. The majority of your ongoing costs will be for paint, painting supplies, and travel to and from jobs. If you accurately price your work, your fee will cover these costs.

  • Funeral Services

In India, funeral services are a novel concept. These organisations assist families in making decisions and providing advice on funeral rituals. Not only that, but they will arrange for all necessary materials for the funeral ritual.

  • Doula Services

Doula services are a relatively new concept in India. Doula services provide emotional, physical, and informational support to the pregnant woman for her to make informed decisions throughout her pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Mobile Garage Services

Opening a mobile garage with mobile mechanics is a good business idea because most car breakdowns occur in areas where garage service is unavailable.

  • Hot Air Balloon or Boat ride services

If you are considering businesses in the adventure category, consider starting a Hot Air Balloon service business or a Boat Ride business. This type of business necessitates a large investment as well as skilled labor and only be started where there is a large amount of space.

  • Antique Business

You will be dealing with antiques and furniture in this business. You can begin this business by holding an auction or opening a small shop. It is a luxury segment business, and it is difficult to find buyers in this industry. It is, however, a very useful business.

  • Games organiser at events

Another unique low investment idea is to become a game organiser at events such as birthday parties and anniversaries. To be successful in this business, you must be extremely skilled at communication and creativity.

  • Exercise classes for Pregnant women

To start exercise classes for pregnant ladies, you must first get trained. It is a one-of-a-kind business with a high success rate.

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Creative Business ideas

  • Architect/Interior Designer

Becoming an interior designer is one of the most popular and creative business options. You can start an interior design business if you have a background in civil engineering or architecture.

  • DJ Services

Someone who enjoys music and is creative can consider starting a DJ services business. To begin this business, you must have the necessary skills and experience. It is a low investment venture. All you need is CD Players, Turntables, and Mixes.

  • Organic farming

If you have agricultural land, you can start doing organic farming. It is an economically sustainable business in India and also yields high returns.

  • Hair Business

You may find the concept of a hair salon unusual. However, the hair business is indeed a highly thriving business venture. A large amount of hair is imported from India and used to make wigs.

  • Tattoo shop

Youngsters are obsessed with tattoos and willing to spend money on them. Thus, if you are creative and have the required skill, opening a tattoo parlor could be a viable option. The investment is low and earnings are huge.

  • Children Play area

Children enjoy spending time in a creative play area or somewhere where they can feel adventurous. By establishing such a location, you can launch your own business. This business requires only a small amount of capital to get started and is a unique venture.

  • Jewellery making

There is always a demand for unique handmade jewellery. You can even build a successful jewellery business from the comfort of your own home. And nowadays, there appears to be an infinite number of places to sell your jewellery: online or through shops. Though it requires skill, expertise, and capital, the profit margins are high.

  • Craft making

Do you want to express your creativity while also earning money? What about starting a craft business? With the growth of the Internet, the opportunities to sell your crafts appear to be limitless. But, if you're serious about turning this into a business, you'll need to create your online presence.

  • Yoga Instructor

The wellness industry in India is expanding at a rapid pace. People are shifting their focus from remedial to preventive care. You can begin your yoga business if you are a certified yoga teacher or a yoga expert for maintaining a consistent income source. 

  • Tea/Coffee Café

A tea or coffee café is one of the most creative business ideas. To succeed, you must create a one-of-a-kind tea or coffee café in terms of taste, ambience, and furniture. You can start this business on your own or take a franchise.

  • Embroiderer

In this business, you must learn how to design new embroidery designs. Embroidery can be done with a simple machine or with sophisticated tools. It is a profitable business with a high-profit margin.

  • Professional photography

There are numerous ways to make photography a well-to-do business. Portrait photography, commercial photography for businesses, real estate photography, and wedding photography are all options. Photos can be sold through stock photo services. You can even do photojournalism or sell your outstanding photographs in the world of photo art. It is a simple and evergreen retail business opportunity. 

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Home-based business ideas

  • Insurance Agent

Selling insurance policies is a home-based small investment business option. Every policy will earn you a commission. To be successful in this business, you must have strong communication skills and the ability to convince others.

  • Cake Baking

One of the most profitable and evergreen businesses is cake making. This business is a better way to earn money and can be started easily both in a small town or in the city. Interestingly, women can start this business at home.

  • Candy/Chocolate making

Making chocolate and candy is an evergreen manufacturing business idea. The recipe is the key to success in this business. Confectionery, cream, flavored fruit and nuts, packaging materials, and other ingredients will be required based on the recipe. This can be started from home and then you can move on to mass production as the business grows.

  • Tailoring

Fashion and lifestyle are now among the most thriving industries. It is a good business proposition to earn a living or supplement your income by starting a tailoring service from home. All you need is a sewing machine and a sense of fashion.

  • Tiffin Services

Starting a tiffin service is an excellent home-based business opportunity. Working people or those who are staying alone may need to avail this service often. If you are skilled at preparing tasty meals at a reasonable cost, you can start this business.

  • MLM- Network Marketing

In MLM or referral marketing business you need to sell the services or products of the company you are associated with. Your earnings include commissions from your sales as well as a percentage of the sales group you recruit. It is a team sport that requires a great deal of hard work and dedication.

  • Marriage Bureau

Matchmaking for marriage bureau is one of the best home-based business ideas for housewives. It is the most basic type of business, requiring the least amount of capital. All you need is a database of boys and girls looking for their soulmate. Membership registration fees will be your source of income.

  • Cooking Classes

A housewife who is an expert in the kitchen can start a cooking class at home. To make cooking easier, you may need to purchase some equipment such as an oven, tandoor, chopper, and so on. To teach all students, you may require additional space or a big kitchen.

  • Selling of Artificial Jewellery

The demand for artificial or imitation jewellery has increased by 85 percent. India's artificial or imitation jewellery industry is one of the largest in the world and is expected to grow rapidly. With the rapid rise in the use of online media, the artificial jewellery business is gaining traction. If the budget permits, you can also open your own store.

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Services based businesses

  • Movers and packers

Packers and movers service providers provide end-to-end shifting and packing services. It is a flourishing business with high demand because of both local and inter-state relocation needs. Anyone looking to start their own business with a small initial investment can think of starting and running a packers and movers service business in India.

  • Consulting Business

This business is lucrative and rewarding. You can start as an independent consultant in the field of logistics, HR, small business coaching, website strategies, accounting, legal, and many others. You can also become an organisational consultant to SME businesses.  

  • Resume writing/ LinkedIn Profile writing

It is a great online business and there is a huge demand for resume and Linkedin profile writing. You assist your clients in transforming their experience, skills, and abilities into fantastic job-winning resumes or profiles.

  • Eldercare services

One of the best service business options is Elder Care Services. Many elderly people require care and assistance. As a result, starting an elder care service business makes sense. On a commission basis, you must provide manpower for the elderly.

  • Tour Operators

When establishing a tour company, you should carefully consider your options when developing your strategy. Will you offer tours to individuals or groups? Will you provide bus tours, bicycle tours, walking tours, or a combination of the three? Will your priorities be historical sites, cultural attractions, food, and wine, or outdoor activities? The possibilities are limitless, which makes it a good business if you find a niche.

  • Legal services

Almost every industry requires legal services. You can provide legal services if you have a legal education background.

  • Courier Services

A courier service is an evergreen business opportunity. Many people today are looking for lower shipping costs and faster delivery, so if you can manage it, this is the business for you. You can also obtain a franchise from a reputable courier company.

  • Home Maintenance Services

Every home necessitates maintenance and repair like electrical, plumbing, civil, and carpentry work. You could offer a yearly package of home maintenance and repair services. To get this business off the ground, you'll need experts in each field.

  • Solar panel installation services

The use of a solar panel has multiplied manyfold. It is increasingly being used as an alternative to electricity. You can start a solar panel installation service business if you have money to invest.

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Part-Time business ideas

  • Accounting and record-keeping

A finance person with computer/software expertise can start an accounting and recordkeeping business. The business involves maintaining records of financial transactions of the company. You can get a set amount of money for this.

  • Party Planner

Giving a party is a way of life in a big city. If you want to start a business in the city, providing party planning services is a good place to start. This industry necessitates exceptional management and planning abilities.

  • Daycare Services

Daycare services, where children can stay after school hours, are fast becoming one of the most profitable business ideas in India. Working couples are constantly on the lookout for a safe and secure place to keep their children. However, you will need to make a small investment or find a suitable location to begin child daycare along with engaging skilled staff for ensuring high-quality work. 

  • Visa Consultant

Good visa consultants are in high demand. If you are familiar with visa rules and regulations, you can plan to start your visa firm.

  • Sports coach

A sports coach is involved in the training of a sports team's or an individual sportsperson's operations. You must have the necessary qualifications, such as a degree in sports coaching.

  • Astrology

Palm reading and astrology are specialized services and have decent earning potential. You must first complete training or a course to enter this field.

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Profitable Business ideas

  • Breakfast Cafe

Breakfast foods contain some of the most cost-effective ingredients available. In addition, breakfast restaurant traffic has increased in recent years. This means that opening a breakfast-focused restaurant can be extremely profitable.

  • Mobile Sales and repair

Today's people prefer smartphones due to which the mobile phone industry is expanding at a rapid pace. The growing popularity of smartphones presents a good business opportunity for the sale and repair of smartphones. To get started in this business, you'll need both skill and capital.

  • Packaged drinking water

People nowadays prefer packaged drinking water not only outside but also at home. This is due to an increase in health consciousness. Starting a packaged drinking water supply business is thus a profitable business venture. However, establishing a water filtering and packaged drinking plant will require a significant investment.

  • Bicycle Selling/repair

Bicycles are the one thing that has shaped all of our childhoods, and now it is increasingly becoming popular among youngsters given its health benefits. A cycle store sells a variety of bikes to meet the various cycling needs of its customers, as well as providing appropriate fixing and repairs in terms of maintenance to its customers. If you are willing to put in the initial work, opening a local bike shop for selling, building, and repairing bicycles can be a rewarding venture. 

  • Travel Agency

If you enjoy travelling and assisting others in their travel, you can consider opening a travel agency. You only need a small shop, a computer, and contacts with various hotels and travel agencies. To run this business, you may require experienced personnel.

  • Diary Business

Dairy, which sells milk, sweets, and other related products, is another small and promising business. These kinds of items are always in high demand. These products have the potential to generate a sizable profit for you. To start a dairy business, you'll need a small shop and a small amount of capital.

  • Clothing Line

Isn't it cool to have your clothing line? It is now easier than ever. You can outsource production and sell online. You can sell on your website, on platforms like eBay and Amazon, or even to traditional retailers.

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Retail Business Ideas

  • Grocery Store

A grocery store is one of the simplest and most profitable retail business ideas. This business can be started with a small amount of money. You can also start this business from a rented shop.

  • Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor is an ever-lasting food-based retail business concept. There are two primary ways to get started with this business. The first option is to manufacture on one's own, while the second is to obtain a franchise. Aside from the shop, you'll need cold storage, power backup, and other packaging supplies. You will also need permission from the regulatory authorities.

  • Hardware shop

This business of selling items such as locks, fasteners, plumbing items, electrical items, and building material necessitates a significant investment. You must choose a location where the demand for such hardware is high. One option for such a business could be to locate it in a developing area.

  • Organic Food Store

Organic food is grown naturally without the use of fertilizers or pesticides and is a growing industry in India. The demand for these foods is increasing. You can start this business if you can manage to source organic food from farmers regularly.

  • Auto Spare Part Store

The automobile industry is thriving and will continue to do so in the future. Thus, opening an auto spare part retail store is an advantageous business venture. If you are starting an auto spare part store, it is best to stock a mix of branded and non-branded products. This business has a high success rate.

  • Toys shop

The toy industry in India is extremely profitable. It provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a toy makes learning fun for children. Furthermore, an increase in the number of playschools has added fuel to the industry.

  • Cosmetic Store

As people become more beauty conscious, the demand for beauty-related products and cosmetic items rises. These kinds of products are typically purchased by women. If you are a woman looking for a retail business idea, consider opening a cosmetic store.

  • Safety and Security Products

Starting a retail business by selling safety and security products could be a lucrative business as these products are in high demand. In this line of work, you must keep safety and security equipment on hand, such as a helmet, a safety kit, safety shoes, CCTV equipment, a biometric lock, and so on. You could consider starting this business near an industrial area.

  • Ayurveda and Herbal Products

In recent years, the market for herbal and Ayurvedic products has grown. The arrival of players such as Patanjali has changed the game. If you're looking for a niche market, you could start a herbal and Ayurveda retail business. It is a low-risk investment venture with a high success rate.

  • Gift Card Shop

One of the best retail business ideas is a gift card shop. This company requires a suitable location and a collection of gift cards. Gift cards are widely used on all occasions, so the success rate of this business is high.

  • Optician Shop

Optician Shop is a low-risk retail business opportunity. You must sell sunglass frames, number glasses, and spectacle frames in this business. The success of this business is determined by its location and the quality of its product.

  • Utensil shop

An evergreen retail business idea is a utensil shop. To get started, you'll need a suitable shop and a stock of steel items. The success of this business is dependent on the location of the shop and the quality of the utensils.

  • Paint Shop

Every new or old home and business location necessitates wall painting. As a result, starting a colour shop is a great business idea. It is best to seek the assistance of large colour paint companies such as Asian Paints, Nerolec, and others.

  • Mattresses Retail business

You could also consider starting your own foam mattress company. You can work as a manufacturer or a trader. You will need capital to get started with this business.

  • Seasonal Products business

Selling seasonal products is a good retail business. You must start seasonal businesses such as kites, crackers, rakhi, raincoats, woollen clothes, and so on with low investment and sell them online or through shops.

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Low budget business ideas

  • Diet Food Shop

Many people want to lose weight and are willing to eat diet food. Thus, opening a Diet Food store will almost certainly be a successful venture. Before you begin this business, you must conduct extensive research.

  • Mobile food café

In India, mobile food shops are becoming a popular business option. You must serve food on the move in a mobile food shop. You can convert a small old vehicle into a mobile food shop. The initial investment required to start a mobile food shop business is minimal.

  • Health Drink

Another idea for a health-related business is to open a health-drink parlour. Some well-known health drinks include Neem Juice and Neera. These types of drinks are popular among the general public. As a result, starting a business related to healthy drinks is an excellent idea.

  • Laundry shop

You can open a laundry shop with a small investment in a rented space. You will require labour to assist you with your laundry work.

  • Candle-making

This business can also be started from home. You'll need raw materials such as mould and wax-making materials. You could consider purchasing a ready-made candle-making machine for mass production.

  • Soap making

To begin this business, you must first understand the entire soap-making process. To make soap, you will need a soap mould and raw materials. You must devote a significant amount of time and effort to advertising and marketing your soap.

  • Bag Making

Bags made of leather and plastic are always in high demand. You can start this business with a small amount of money. All machines and raw materials used in its production are readily available from domestic sources, and manufacturing does not require much technology. At a later stage, you can also customize and begin bag printing.

  • Papad/Pickle making

Making pickles and papads is a home-based business opportunity for women. This business can be started with a small amount of money. All you need is the ability to make pickles. To succeed in this business, you must have good packaging, advertising, and marketing.

  • Religious Items

Religious items like Diya, Dhup, Murthi, and Shankha are always in high demand. You can start this business and earn a good living.

  • Pest Control

Nowadays, many people require pest control where these companies provide services directly by going to the individual's home or offices. This gives rise to the business concept of pest control. To get this business off the ground, you'll need skilled workers.

  • Aquarium shop

It is a good idea to keep a fish tank or an aquarium in the house. Aquariums provide a relaxing and peaceful environment. It is also beneficial to Vastu. You can start your own company by opening an aquarium shop which is a low-budget business proposition.

  • Paan café

Paan(Leaf) Store is a low-cost business idea. In this business, you need to prepare and sell various types of Paan, tobacco, mukhwas, and cold drink items. Paan is widely used as a mouth freshener in India.

  • Fruit Jam making

This type of business is generally suitable in hilly areas, where the cost of raw material (fruit) is low. You need a good fruit jam-making machine and raw material to start this business. You need to spend money on advertising.

  • Idol-making

One of the creative low-cost business ideas is idol-making. This business demands a lot of skill and creativity. Idols are used as a showpiece or as a decorative item. Festival seasons like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja demand a large number of idols. You can start making an idol and generating money out of it.

  • Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a type of pest control where you need to fumigate the material intended for export. You need special chemicals and equipment for this service.

  • Car Pooling Services

Carpool means sharing a single car for going to the same destination. This will split fuel costs and thus it will save money for an individual. You can start a service by identifying potential customers, linking them up, and charging a fee for facilitating such a service.

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Wholesale Business ideas

  • Chemical and colour distribution

Consider starting a distribution business for chemicals, dyes, rubber, adhesive, plastic, and so on. Manufacturing of a few products from this segment is prohibited in many foreign countries. As a result, there will be a high demand for such products in those countries.

  • Construction material

The infrastructure industry is booming, and the future of distribution of construction materials such as cement, sand, stone, rods, tiles, bricks, etc. looks promising. It is a capital-intensive industry. This business will necessitate a large amount of space.

  • Automobile distribution

As automobile accessories are always in demand, you can seize this opportunity to start your own business. However, you must exercise caution when selecting products. There are a lot of players in this market, and there are a lot of duplicate products.

  • Cosmetic Products distribution

Cosmetic products are always in high demand. Thus, starting a cosmetics distribution business can be a thriving venture. There are numerous companies in this segment; you should choose a reputable company with high-quality products.

  • Jewellery Distribution

Another prominent business segment in India is gems and jewellery distribution. This business necessitates a substantial investment. Aside from that, you'll need a reliable team to get this business off the ground. Make sure to partner with a well-known company with a strong brand.

  • Distribution of home appliances

Home appliances and kitchenware such as a mixer, grinder, irons, refrigerator, water purifier, and so on are always in high demand. Aside from that, the capital investment required for this business is low. You can be successful in this business if you choose a reputable brand such as Samsung, LG, or Godrej for distribution.

  • Distribution of FMCG Products

In India, starting an FMCG product business is a lucrative business opportunity as products are always in high demand. It is simple to set up a supply chain for these types of products. This business also has a low investment requirement. However, there is a great deal of competition in this industry.

  • Distribution of IT related products

The demand for computer peripherals such as desktops, servers, laptops, drives, and network devices is always increasing. You can start this business if you know the IT field. It is a highly profitable company with a high success rate. You must choose a reputable brand, such as Dell, Cisco, or HP.

  • Distribution of Organic Food

Many organic food companies in India are looking for a distributor. You can rule the market if you have a good dealer network and can market these types of products.

  • Distribution of hospital equipment

If you have medical knowledge, you could consider starting a business of distribution of hospital equipment such as stretchers, monitors, electrocardiographs, an MRI machine, monitors, an X-ray machine, etc.

  • Medicine Distribution

You can start a medicine distribution business if you are knowledgeable about pharmaceutical products. There is a lot of room for growth in this industry. This business has a low capital requirement as well.

  • Seeds distribution

Seeds are used in agriculture, and crop quality and yield are affected by seed quality. Farmers are generally looking for high-quality seeds and are willing to pay a premium for them. You can consider starting this business if you have a good dealer network in a rural area.

  • Distribution of Engineering Equipment

Various manufacturing industries purchase engineering equipment. Cranes, Hydra, earth moving equipment, civil, construction, and control equipment are still in high demand. You could start this business if you have a lot of money.

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Manufacturing Business Ideas

  • Honey Making

Honey processing is another manufacturing business idea. A honey processing business can be started in one of two ways: manually or automatically. The procedure is straightforward and can be initiated from the comfort of one's own home.

  • Manufacturing of Paper

Papers and stationery are always in demand, whether in education or business. You can get started in the business of paper manufacturing  with a small investment. You'll need raw materials like pulp and cellulose, as well as a paper-making machine. You might even consider recycling papers.

  • Toys Manufacturing

In India, one of the most important industries is that of children's toys. To begin this business, you must first decide on the prototype and raw materials needed for the type of toys you will be producing. You can start at a low scale and can be then expanded into mass production using machines. 

  • Soap and detergent making

This business requires money, a large amount of space as well as knowledge of the soap and detergent manufacturing process. Raw materials such as fatty alcohol, colours, chemical ingredients, and perfume will be required.

  • Plastic Bottles manufacturing

The production of pet jars or plastic bottles is a successful manufacturing business. It is a must-have for industrial packaging. The demand for and consumption of these kinds of bottles is growing. For this, knowledge of injection moulding and manufacturing is a must. Also, necessary permits from regulatory authorities are required.

  • Sports items manufacturing

Sport is one of India's most important industries. Thus, establishing a sports-related manufacturing plant could be a profitable venture. You can make batting gloves, a bat, a hockey stick, and a ball, among other things. To survive in this market, you must maintain quality and standards.

  • Fertilizer Manufacturing

This business can be started on a small or large scale. If you are new to this field, start with compost fertilizer made from waste items. Once you understand the manufacturing process, you can expand to a larger scale. This business has a low investment requirement.

  • Carpet Making

The market for carpets and rugs is indeed large, both domestic and internationally. If you open a production factory for this type of business, you will most likely succeed quickly.

  • Production of electric fitting

Nothing works unless there is electricity and electrical equipment. With small capital investment, you can start an electrical fitting manufacturing business. It may require regulatory permits and licenses.

  • Kitchen utensil manufacturing

The kitchen utensil manufacturing industry has a sizable market. So, starting a kitchen utensil business is a great idea. You can buy ready-made machinery for making kitchen utensils.

  • Leather goods manufacturing

Leather products such as bags, belts, footwear are always in demand. You can start a leather item manufacturing business if you have the necessary skills, expertise, and manpower. This business has a high investment and regulatory requirement.

  • Production of ceramic tiles

The expansion of the real estate market always benefits other construction materials such as ceramic tiles. This venture needs significant investment.

  • Furniture Making

Furniture such as chairs, beds, tables, cupboards, etc. has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. If you have enough space and want to produce large-scale products, this is the idea for you. To begin this business, you will need skilled labour.

Renting Business 

  • Car rental

Renting a car is a traditional business. Because of Uber and Ola, this business has grown exponentially. Luxury cars, in addition to standard car rentals, are in high demand. If you have the necessary capital, you can start your own car rental company.

  1. ATM Space rental

Banking organisations are constantly on the lookout for ATM space to expand their ATM network. As a result, ATM space is in high demand. You can start an ATM space rental business if you have a commercial property in an appropriate location and enough capital.

  • Renting Fancy dresses

The fancy dress rental business is a low-cost investment opportunity. Fancy dresses are frequently in demand at school for a variety of events and even for a variety of social functions. You can make a lot of money by starting your own fancy dress rental business.

  • Rental of construction equipment

Construction equipment demand is at an all-time high as a result of real estate and infrastructure development. Because construction equipment is expensive, the majority of developers and businesses prefer to rent it.

  • Decorators

Decorators are responsible for the supply of decorative materials, stages, chairs, and other social function-related items. These kinds of items are always in demand, especially during weddings, parties, political parties, and conferences. As a result, starting your own decorator business is a booming venture.

  • Wedding dresses Rental

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer renting out designer wedding dresses rather than spending exorbitant amounts for the same. Wedding rental is a fruitful business that requires very little investment and management. Indeed, starting this business from home can make it easier.

Import Export Business

  • Readymade garment export

The following item on the list is importing and exporting readymade garments. India is well-known for its clothing. In comparison to other countries, Indian garment production is inexpensive. You can make a lot of money importing and exporting readymade garments.

  • Handicraft Item Export

Handicraft items have a lot of potential outside of India. These items are created by hand or with the aid of tools. The availability of low-cost, high-skilled labour in India is a plus for starting this business.

  • Import and export of Diamond

One of the best ideas with great potential is to start a diamond import and export business. This business needs substantial investment. In this business, you must import rough diamonds and polish them before converting them into cut diamonds. 

  • Import of Machinery

Starting a machinery import business makes sense if you have a mechanical background. Imported machinery is always in high demand. 

  • Electronic equipment import

Obtained through import, Electronic components such as mobile phones, TVs, and other consumer goods are still in high demand. As a result, starting an electronic component import business is a fantastic business opportunity. This business requires significant investment.

Technology Business

  • Software Development

Software development is a low-investment skill-based venture. To start this business, you will need specialized skills and knowledge. This business can also be started from home and then you can build a team as the clientele grows.

  • IT Support

You can start the business of providing remote IT support to the customer. As the use of the internet and information technology grows, this business looks promising and flourishing.

  • Repair/maintenance of computers

Computer Repair and maintenance is a low-cost tech business idea. In this line of work, you must repair computers and IT peripherals. To begin this business, you will need a small shop or location. It is a profitable business opportunity.

  • Cyber Security Services

Nowadays, there are numerous instances of cybercrime, hacking, and virus attacks. Thus, starting a business providing cyber-security services is a great idea. In this line of work, you must provide security services to businesses. This includes the installation of cybersecurity measures such as a firewall, an anti-APT appliance, monitoring equipment, and auditing services.

  • Website making/designing

The website design business has its advantages like client work is infinitely varied, and you're constantly learning new things. It's also a ridiculously simple industry to get into – all you need is a computer, Internet access, and time. There is plenty of demand for low-paying work to get you started, as well as fair pay for good work if you can do it.

  • Mobile app development

Mobile application development is evolving into an evergreen industry. The majority of businesses choose to create a mobile application to connect with their customers. If you are an expert in mobile app development or want to learn more about it, you should consider getting started with mobile app development.

  • Web hosting services

A web hosting business is a simple business to start as all you need to do is purchase reseller hosting, design your packages, and sell them. Furthermore, because reseller hosting is a recurring business, you will earn revenue consistently by billing your clients at your prices.

Agriculture based business ideas

  • Fish Farming

Fish farming is a type of aquaculture business. A marine or freshwater environment, and many small fish tanks, are required for fish farming. Fish is eaten both in India and elsewhere. To begin this business, you will need to invest a significant amount of money. This business carries a high level of risk.

  • Florist

One of the best agriculture business ideas is to become a florist. You must produce various types of flowers in this business. You'll need a suitable location to grow flowers. You can sell these flowers to a local florist or open your florist shop.

  • Gardening Services

Agriculture-based companies can also launch gardening services. Nowadays, homeowners and businesses prefer gardening services and the vertical wall concept. It makes sense to start this business if you have prior experience in this field. It is a very flourishing business opportunity.

  • Bee Keeping

Beekeeping can be a hobby or a business. The sale of honey and other bee-related products generates revenue for the beekeeping business. To begin this business, you will need a suitable location as well as skilled labor.

  • Landscaping

The landscaping or lawn care business is one of the most profitable in the agro-based service industry. This green business also allows you to work from home and with a low initial investment. In this industry, having expert knowledge as well as excellent communication skills is essential.

Trading Business Ideas

  • Garment Trading

Garment trading is a fruitful business venture. In garment trading, you must purchase readymade garments at a lower cost and resell them at a higher cost. The domestic and international markets for garment trading are both very strong.

  • Hardware and Sanitary trading

Because of the growth in the real estate industry, hardware and sanitary supplies will always be in high demand. To begin this business, you will need to invest a significant amount of money.

  • Trading of fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable trading is an excellent business opportunity. This business requires little capital to get started. You can either open a retail store or work as a wholesaler in the fruit and vegetable trade.

For your benefit, below are some business ideas that require generous investment.

Capital-intensive business ideas

  • Restaurant
    A restaurant is the most flourishing food-based business idea. This business necessitates significant investment and meticulous planning. In addition, you'll need a good chef to prepare the food. It takes a long time to succeed in the restaurant business.


  • Medical Diagnostic center/Pathology Lab

The growth of medical problems demands diagnostic and advanced tests. If you have skills and qualifications, you start your medical diagnostic center or a pathology lab. This business requires substantial investment.

  • Rice Mill

Rice Mill is a business needing hefty investment. There is a large marketplace for rice in India and abroad. Rice is an essential food of the majority of the population in India. You need to undergo a series of approval for establishing this business.

  • Textile Unit

A textile unit is a business idea that demands a lot of investment. In this business, you need to produce raw fabric or other textile products to sell to individuals or businesses. This business requires space and machinery.

  • Transportation services

In this business, you need to provide a facility of transportation to the customer. You can offer a car or bus facility to the end-user. It can be by call or pre-book facility. You need to invest a lot of money in buying a car and bus.

  • Car Parking Services

Car parking service is a recent concept, as you know that parking cars in the business area is always a problem. If you have a huge space you can utilize this space by providing a safe and secure car parking place.

  • Petrol pumps

A petrol pump or Gas station is a business option that demands huge capital investment. Apart from money, you need a lot of space, labor, and machinery for this business. The cost of setting up is also high.

  • Marriage Halls

A large space can be converted into a wedding hall or a party plot. You may need to spend a significant amount of money on the area's decoration and development. This business can generate a lot of money for you.

  • Imported Furniture Store

You can enter the business of selling imported furniture. This furniture is available for import from China, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. To begin this business, you will need a suitable location as well as a large amount of capital.

  • Electronic Store

You can sell electronic items such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines etc. To begin this business, you will require a large amount of space as well as a large amount of manpower.

  • Art and collection shop

If you enjoy collecting antiques, the art and collection business may be of assistance to you. You must keep art, antiques, paintings, and other decorative items in your shop if you are in this business. It is a risky business decision.

  • Poultry and fisheries

Another good investment business idea is the poultry and fishing industry. Before you start this business, you should research the market. To keep chickens, you will need an incubator and a rack arrangement.

  • Night Club

The nightclub is a profitable business option for large cities. However, opening a nightclub is difficult because you need manpower, licensing, and other arrangements.

  • Video conferencing and Board room services

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have access to video conferencing or boardrooms. You can plan to make money if you have the space, capital, and expertise to build a boardroom or video conference facility.

  • UPS business

You can get into the business of buying and selling UPS. Aside from that, you can use the AMC of an old UPS. You can partner with a reputable UPS company, such as APC, to sell their products.

  • Solar farm

Solar power generation is the next big thing. This venture necessitates a significant investment. In this business, you must generate solar energy using equipment and sell it to a power generation company or a client.

  • Building construction

In the city, the business of building materials and construction is expanding. To begin this business, you will need to invest a significant amount of money. To start this business, you will also need to be skilled. Getting good labor is difficult in this business.

  • Gold/Diamond ornaments shop

Gold/Diamond ornament shops are a very lucrative business venture. You must invest money in this business to purchase the inventory. Aside from that, you'll need a suitable location, preferably in a market area, to start your business. The success of this business is dependent on your knowledge and networking abilities.

  • Spices Business

Another successful business idea is to start a spice or masala powder business. You will need to invest money to get this business off the ground. You can either create your spice blends or acquire a franchise from one of the world's most well-known masala powder companies.

  • Car Modification Services

People nowadays cannot afford to buy an imported car, so they often opt to modify an existing vehicle for a better design and appearance. This gives rise to a profitable business known as auto modification service.

  • Printing press

Another business idea is to own a printing press. In this line of work, you'll need to invest in printing equipment. Ascertain that you have sufficient business to establish a printing press. To begin, it is a better idea to start on lease.

  • Internet service provider

Because the demand for the Internet is increasing, starting an internet business makes sense. This business necessitates expertise and a significant investment in terms of purchasing equipment and establishing a network.

  • Modelling Agency

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models for them to work in the fashion industry. A modeling agency makes money through commission.

  • Nursing School

A nursing school is a high investment business option as it requires infrastructure, employees, equipment, a license, etc. You will also require trainers to train your employees.

  • Oxygen Gas Bottle

The next business idea is to sell oxygen gas. Many gases, such as oxygen, are widely used in the medical and industrial fields. You can consider starting your oxygen gas cylinder or other gas supply business.

Final Words

Choosing your business idea is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. So take your time to go through this extensive article to find an awesome idea for you! 

Go through the entire list of small-scale-business ideas and shortlist one or two based on your skill, business potential, and investment required.


Q: What are some of the low investment business ideas?


Some of the low investment business ideas are event planning, catering, blogging, consulting business, teacher training, cosmetic product distribution etc.

Q: How can I start my low budget business?


You can search about the business industry you like and identify business ideas which you can successfully execute. You can also refer to this article which covers most successful small business ideas.

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The information, product and services provided on this website are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty or representation, express or implied. Khatabook Blogs are meant purely for educational discussion of financial products and services. Khatabook does not make a guarantee that the service will meet your requirements, or that it will be uninterrupted, timely and secure, and that errors, if any, will be corrected. The material and information contained herein is for general information purposes only. Consult a professional before relying on the information to make any legal, financial or business decisions. Use this information strictly at your own risk. Khatabook will not be liable for any false, inaccurate or incomplete information present on the website. Although every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this website is updated, relevant and accurate, Khatabook makes no guarantees about the completeness, reliability, accuracy, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, product, services or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Khatabook will not be liable for the website being temporarily unavailable, due to any technical issues or otherwise, beyond its control and for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of or access to, or inability to use or access to this website whatsoever.