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Unique Gifts Ideas for Wedding

Weddings in India are distinguished by festivals and are celebrated with a great deal of zest and enthusiasm. Ceremonies, themes, décor, costumes are all filled with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm! It's the ideal time to give your newlywed couple something special!

This year's wedding season will be different, with more socially distant events and fewer attendees. Even though weddings have evolved, the impulsive nature of Indians to give and receive gifts remains the same. Guests are now more inclined towards gifting the couple something very unique. From gifting something simple to something luxurious, you can do your ideal gift hunting for the pair from the comfort of your home by just going through this article. 

Let us explore some of the most stylish and personalised gift ideas for you, ranging from home decor to travel accessories.

Did you know? A stadium built for Dubai’s Prince Sheikh Mohammed for a record $22 million by his father is considered one of the most expensive wedding gifts ever. 

Best Wedding Gift Ideas


In India, no wedding is ever complete without jewellery. From exclusive to minimalistic (as per your gifting budget) - a customised piece of jewellery is considered the best luxury wedding gift in India.

A Romantic Getaway

It's a wonderful present for any newlywed couple! A relaxing vacation at a historic hotel or a woodland retreat will demonstrate your concern for the pair. It might also be a beach resort in an isolated place where the pair can spend quality time together. The goal is to offer the pair some quality time to relax and unwind.

Air Purifier

'Love is in the air,' they say. But where is the room for love when there is so much pollution? On a practical note, an air purifier is a necessary device, especially for people living in urban cities. A breath of fresh air can delight the couple. A cordless air purifier is a better gift idea as it can be used in any part of the house. Aromatic oils can also be used to create a romantic and relaxing ambience.

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Give the Gift of a Subscription

If you know the couple, you're probably aware of their content consumption habits, whether it's magazines or on-demand streaming. A year's subscription to a popular magazine, Amazon Prime, or Netflix will provide plenty of quality time for the couple.

Welcome them Home

Many married couples purchase a new house to give a bright start to their new life.  A wonderfully crafted personalised cutting board is one of the loveliest and most practical wedding gifts for couples moving into a new house as husband and wife! Beautiful end grain bamboo board doubles as a wedding and housewarming present and may be used to prepare whole dinners, serve snacks, and even serve as a charcuterie board! When not in use, the substantial board looks great on display and will remind them of their wedding day, the day when they started their new life together as a family.

Their Happiest Memories in a Shadow Box

Their wedding will be one of those times in their lives when every moment will seem like one they should preserve for the rest of their lives. They can relive that time with an engraved shadow box gift set! This shadow box set will be a unique wedding gift that allows them to show off their big day! Perfect for her bouquet, flowers from the reception, or even photos from the ceremony, this shadow box set will be a most creative wedding gift that allows them to show off their big day!

Lovely Wine Chiller

Give the happy couple the gift of constantly chilled wine! This exquisite wine cooler is one of the most unusual wedding gifts because it's not your typical wine chiller and doubles as a lovely decorative item for the kitchen or dining room. They'll enjoy using the chiller to guarantee that the bottle of wine they saved for their first drink together as a married couple or for their first anniversary is perfectly chilled.

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Electronic gadgets, such as a Fire Stick, smartphones, smart TVs, or tablets, can be practical gifts and make excellent wedding gift ideas.


Bathrobes that match and are soft are a nice gift that the couple can wear while bathing and relaxing. An excellent robe is constructed of fine Turkish cotton with a textured weave on the surface and a soft terry lining on the inside. The perfect way to spend a leisurely Sunday morning!

Perfume/ Scented Candles

Perfumes are not only considered as the fragrance but the aroma that reminds you of a special person. Attempt to learn about the couple's perfume preferences. Epitomise this love for fragrance and gift the couple some exquisite perfume set. Gift them Scented candles that give a calming effect and can be used to rejuvenate an entire environment. Its delicate scents will refresh the exhausted pair and make excellent Wedding Gift Ideas!


You can give cash as a gift if you don't know what the couple will like and want to keep it simple. Additionally, gifting cash will enable the couple to save it for future expenses.


You can give your favourite newlywed pair a sophisticated strap bag to ensure that they can travel in style, whether on their honeymoon or weekend travels. It can be personalised with hand-painted inscriptions or foils to add a personal touch.

Board Games

Couples can improve their compatibility by playing board games. They are beneficial in three ways:

  • Playing competitive activities boosts adrenaline levels and strengthens bonds between newlywed couples.
  • A partner can better grasp the cognitive process of the other, resulting in a better understanding.
  • It's a fun hobby that allows you to spend more time with your family.

Custom Drinking Glasses

You won't find more original wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom who have distinct favourite drinks than a cute his and hers pair! They'll adore having their custom-made glasses for date evenings and after-work beverages, especially on their wedding day! If you get them a matching set, make sure you also get them a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine so they can try out their new glasses right away when they open their gift.

Pre-Paid Wedding Cards

It has replaced the previous custom of handing overstuffed envelopes to the bride as one of the most popular gift options today. Every couple requires financial assistance when they begin their marriage adventure, and they might purchase any useful items to embellish their residences. This option is available at most banks, and you can also pay using debit or credit cards. It's a simple yet effective manner of presenting that will delight the recipient because they can buy whatever they like.


Any couple who creates a wedding register can be extremely particular about their future requirements. However, everyone expects a gift to contain a little more thought and ingenuity than a plain check. If you want to go off-the-beaten-path, you'll need to put a lot of effort into making the gift exceptional, practical, and one-of-a-kind. When you offer a wedding present, you're congratulating the happy couple on their decision to marry and spend the rest of their lives together. With these unusual wedding gift ideas, your gift will do the congratulation for you! Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: What is the ideal wedding present for an Indian couple?


Jewellery is the ideal present for an Indian wedding. Giving the bride and groom gold jewellery, such as a chain, earrings, or bangles, as a token of good luck in their new life is considered auspicious.

Q: Is it considered impolite to send cash as a wedding gift?


No,cash is a highly practical and well-received wedding gift.For all types of couples, it is certainly the safest and most valuable gifting option.

Q: What are some good ideas for a low-cost wedding gift?


Here are the top 5 budget wedding gifts:

  • Picture Frames
  • Dinner set
  • Cash
  • Mug Sets with Personalization
  • Items for Bedding

Q: What type of wedding gift should we get for someone who has everything?


Even for couples that have everything, these items will be completely unexpected. Here are some of the best Wedding Gift Ideas for the couple who has it all.

  • Items with custom printing or monograms
  • Blankets and Picnic Baskets
  • Wine Box with a Name
  • Percolator for coffee
  • Carryall Luggage is a term used to describe a person who carries
  • All-in-One Tray
  • Planting Tubs/Vases Made-to-Order
  • Scented Candles of the Highest Quality
  • Throw Blankets Made of Knit
  • Gift Cards from Amazon
  • Gift Cards to Sephora
  • Mats or Rugs with Fur
  • Kit for Gardening
  • Whiskey Gift Set for Weddings
  • Essentials for Travelling
  • Spa Kit (All-in-One) (Beauty Gift Basket)
  • Games for Boards
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Router with Wifi

Q: What are some of the best wedding gift ideas for a couple getting married?


The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for a couple are kitchen appliances and home decor goods. You can even have these products customised to reflect the couple's personalities at various gift shops.

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