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The Best Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat

It is a well-known fact that the industries in Gujarat are popular. The way Gujarat has developed its industries is very alluring. Being a trade hub, Gujarat has drawn attention not only from other states of India but around the world. There are several reasons behind the growth of the manufacturing industries in Gujarat.

From the government policies to its regional status, all bolsters the manufacturing companies in Gujarat. The gross state domestic product is estimated to be ₹18,79,826 Crores in FY 2022. Here we will discuss about the industries in Gujarat and what are the root causes of its development. We will also mention the list of the top manufacturing companies in Gujarat in this blog. If you have a keen interest in that, consider scrolling further.

Did you know?

A city in Gujarat called Surat is the wealthiest city in India, with an average household annual income of ₹ 4 Lacs.

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What Are the Root Causes Behind Gujarat’s Success?

Gujarat has set a benchmark with its development in manufacturing industries. There are some causes behind its success. They are

  • Regional advantages
  • Government policies 
  • Government vision.

Regional Advantages

The growth in industries in Gujarat depends mostly on regional advantages. From the beginning, this state has been a centre of industries and this fact helps to grow more. Apart from that, the supply of power energy is in abundance. This state has grown into a better educational institute, creating a great labour pool. With 46 ports and 18 airports, Gujarat has expanded a lot.

Government Policies

Government policies are another main reason for the growth of industries in Gujarat. The State Government promotes entrepreneurship. Being the Manchester of India, Gujarat has developed in the textile sector. It generates more revenues for the state. Solar Power Policy or Jal Jeevan Mission or Electric Vehicle policies are well allowed here. With the application of such policies, industrial growth takes a leap.

Government Vision

Government vision is very important in the manufacturing sector. It can be considered as the root cause of the high-class manufacturing industries of Gujarat. Here, the Government has planned for universal access to affordable and reliable energy. Besides, education, agriculture, and tourism are endured with the best visions. Government focuses on these areas to grow more. 

Geographical Importance of Gujarat

Gujarat is located on the western coast of India. It has a 1600 km coastline which is the largest one in India. The border states are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the Union territories of Daman and Diu.

As Gujarat is located at the coast of the Arabian Sea, it gives enough opportunities for petrochemical Industries. In 2015, Gujarat was ranked 2nd as the producer of crude oil. 

Moreover, with better port systems, Gujarat is one of the leading manufacturers of diamonds. 80% of diamonds from the whole world are refined here and thus, Gujarat is called the diamond hub.

This state has also developed in the sector of power and transport. With a better transport system, the state is one of the great manufacturing industries of India.

What Are the Best Business Ideas for Manufacturing in Gujarat?

Gujarat is the western state in India. The Arabian Sea and The Rann of Kutch play an important role in developing manufacturing industries in Gujarat. In this section, we will talk about some successful business ideas:

Gas and Petroleum

Gujarat is affluent with hydro-carbon properties. This state generates 18% of rough oil in the whole country - almost 40% of natural gas and 50% of crude oil are generated from this state. Gas and petroleum can be considered a good plan for manufacturing industries in Gujarat.

Mining and Minerals

As Gujarat is full of mines and minerals, such industries can grow further here. Bauxite, lignite, aluminium, etc., minerals are found in abundance.


Textile industries in Gujarat are very popular as it gives enough opportunities to grow. 

Apart from that, there are good opportunities in

  • Agro and food processing
  • Gems and jewellery
  • Salt industries
  • Waste management
  • Solar power.

Fertiliser and Chemical Production

Agriculture is a crucial part of Indian industries. The fertiliser and chemicals for crops can be a better idea to start a manufacturing company in Gujarat. Every state produces different crops in different seasons, so focusing on that, chemicals and fertilisers can grow as a business.

Paper and Printing

Paper and printing are an essential part of our daily life. Starting your business with paper can be the right choice. As it is an essential object so its demand will be higher. You can opt for paper and printing as your business with low investment.

Food Stores and Confectionary

Do you know that Gujarat is famous for its sweets. The whole state consumes sweets at a good level. As a beginner, food stores can also be good options. Though you will need some equipment and cooks to start such a business. You can also opt to deliver readymade sweets. As the demand is high, with a better strategy, the business can grow rapidly.

Top Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat

Let’s take a look at the top manufacturing companies of Gujarat:

Varmora Granito Private Limited

Varmora is one of the manufacturing companies in Gujarat in the ceramic and tiles sector. It is the leading ceramic company in India. The motive of this company is to serve quality lives to their customers. The philosophy they believe in is ‘think global act local.’ Starting from 1994, Varmora is still thriving as a leading manufacturing company in Gujarat.


  • Slabs
  • Sanitary ware
  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Kitchen sink

Place: Rajkot

Kamal Metal Production

Kamal Metal Production is the leading manufacturing company in Gujarat. This family business manufacturer sells metal components and is an ISO 9001-2008 company. The company was established in 1975 and is still growing. 


  • Brass fitting
  • Brass battery terminus
  • Brass pins for plugs
  • Brass terminal bars
  • Sheet metal parts.

Place: Jamnagar.

Elecon Engineering Company Limited

This company has been serving for six decades as a manufacturing company in Gujarat. It supplies sophisticated equipment. With some satisfactory performance, they have achieved a leading position.


  • Satellites for Isro
  • Naval aircraft
  • High-speed turbines

Place: Vallav Vidyasagar, Anand

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Baxter Pharmaceutical Private Limited

Baxter Pharmaceutical has been serving for 85 years in Gujarat and many people have been treated with the help of Baxter pharma around the world. Starting from 1930, the company is still serving in different ways. They have branches in Bengaluru and Gurugram. 


  • Hospital care
  • Nutrition care
  • Critical care 
  • Renal care
  • Surgical care  

 Place: Ahmedabad

DOMS Industries Private Limited

DOMS PVT ltd is another leading manufacturing company in Gujarat. The company was established in 1975. With the collaboration of different companies, they are thriving higher.


  • Mathematical instruments
  • Colour pencils
  • Brushes
  • Pens
  • Gifts accessories

Place: Umargam

Those were five major industries in Gujarat. There are more manufacturing industries to know. 

List of Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat





Reliance Petrochemical Ltd

Chemical manufacturing

Polymar, Fibre intermediaries, Advance Material


Aeriocan Power Ltd

Electric Power generation, distribution

Erection, Installing of power transmission light

Morbi, Rajkot

Adani Wilmar  Ltd

Grain and oil seed

Rice, flour, sugar


Suzuki Motor Pvt  Ltd

Motor Vehicle

MotorCycle, Bike, Scooter


Cadila Healthcare Ltd

Pharmaceutical and Medicine producing

Formulation,APIs, Vaccines, Biosimilars, Animal Health Products, Wellness Product


Arvind Ltd

Textile and Fabric Mills

Sephora, Polo, GAP, Nautica,


Deepak Nitrite  LTd

Chemical Manufacturing

Xilidines,Cumidines, Oxims


JSK Industries PVtT Ltd

Metal and Minerals

Aluminium Conductors, Wire Rods


Mehek Industries


Steam Boiler, Thermic Fluid Heater


Redox Industries

Chemical products

Fertiliser and Minerals


Trupack System


Cosmetics and cotton pad manufacturing machine


Top Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat

  • Navrang Machinery Private Ltd
  • Samrat Submersible Gujarat Pvt Ltd
  • Sumitek Nataraj machinery Ltd
  • Kottex Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Vizebh Compositech Pvt Ltd
  • Excel Tech India Pvt Ltd
  • Confidence Automotion Pvt Ltd
  • Tanish Industries Pvt ltd
  • Flowtech Measuring Instrument Pvt Ltd
  • Adler Electronics Pvt ltd
  • Micron Pharmaceutical
  • Arkel Electronics
  • The Bhavnagar Salt
  • Silver star Enterprise
  • Gowrie Healthcare Pvt ltd
  • Banas Suzuki 
  • Sruti Filatex Pvt Ltd
  • Ethicare Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
  • Decora auto forge Pvt Ltd


Gujarat has emerged as the industrial hub of India due to various reasons. Whether it is the political influence or the geographical, the state has seen the leap and bound in manufacturing industries. Industries in Gujarat generate well revenue for the country. Some great industries like Adani and Reliance have selected the best marketing place in Gujarat.

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Q: Which Industry is famous in Ahmedabad as a manufacturing industry in Gujarat?


Ahmedabad is famous for its textile industries.

Q: What are the main productions of manufacturing companies in Gujarat?


Gujarat is famous for its tobacco, groundnut and cotton industries. There are also various crops such as ragi, bajra, etc.

Q: What are the best resources for the manufacturing industries of Gujarat?


As Gujarat is located along the coastline, petrochemical is in abundance here. Apart from that, there are minerals such as bauxite and granite that can be found here.

Q: What types of industries are in Gujrat?


In Gujarat, there are mostly petrochemical, diamond and mining industries. Apart from that, there are textile, engineering and many more.

Q: What are the manufacturing companies in Gujarat?


There are various manufacturing companies in Gujarat, Adani Group and Reliance being the leading ones

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