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Top Manufacturers of Bearings in India

Before we dive into understanding the companies that manufacture bearings, let's understand what bearings really are. Bearings are a mechanical component and are indispensable to the machine industry. You can find them used in electric generators, automobiles, and even aeroplanes among many other machines. Bearings support the rotating shafts of turbines, rotors, gears as well as wheels across machines and ensure their smooth functioning. Bearings are so fundamental to the machine industry that they have been called the industry's ‘bread and butter’.

Did you know?

The expression "bearing" is derived from the action word "to bear"; a bearing being a machine component that permits one section to bear (i.e., to help) another.

Defining a Bearing and Its Importance in Various Machinery

Bearings were developed towards the end of the 19th century. It was initially made by hand. Technology advancements have made it possible to manufacture them with ease. These products have a wide range of applications. India is considered as one of the largest importers of this product. Bearings are known to reduce friction. They make the rotation of various machine parts a seamless activity. One of the primary functions of Bearings is that they help to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed. They protect the parts which are involved in causing the rotation. This, in turn, helps to maintain the accurate position of the rotating shaft.

Bearings Have Two Key Functions

  • They transfer motion, i.e. they support and guide components that turn relative to one another
  • They transmit force


Bearings usually consist of the following components

  • Two rings or discs with raceways
  • Rolling elements in the form of rollers or balls
  • A cage that keeps the rolling elements apart and guides them

Inner Ring/Outer Ring

The inner and outer rings are usually made from a special high-purity, chrome alloy steel. This material has the necessary hardness and purity – both important factors for a high load rating and a long service life. The least complex Bearings are bearing surfaces, cut or framed into a section, with shifting levels of command over the structure, size, unpleasantness, and area of the surface. Other bearings are discrete gadgets introduced distinctly into a machine or machine part. The most refined bearing for the most requesting applications are extremely precise gadgets; their production requires the absolute best expectations of current innovation. Through this article we'll try and understand the history, products offered and operations of the Top 5 bearing manufacturers of India.

Some of the Best Bearing Manufacturers in India

India imports a vast amount of bearings and also exports huge quantities to various countries. India leads in both, assembling and sending out bearing items. Bearing companies in India have been expanding consistently throughout the years because of the unceasing demand across industries on a national and global platform. 

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Top Bearing Manufacturers in India

Below mentioned are some of the top bearing manufacturers in India, enlisted in chronological order, from oldest to youngest:

1. SKF India Ltd.

SKF India Ltd was laid out in the year 1961 subsequent to a planned exertion between AB SKF, Associated Bearing Company limited and Investment Corporation of India Ltd. In 1965, the main collecting plant was begun in Pune. Regardless, Bearing SKF presence in India can be traced back to 1923, when the SKF pack set up its exchanging arm in Kolkata. The association is the second biggest bearing association in India.

Today they have three collecting plants arranged in Pune, Bangalore and Haridwar. Additionally have broadened their business with 11 arrangements work environments across India and a supplier association of in excess of 300 traders.

Bearing SKF item portfolio comprises seals, mechatronics, grease frameworks, and administrations. It also deals in Value Added Solutions, Customised products, and assemblies, DGBB. With a rich legacy of over a century, SKF Bearings India has a worth chain spreading across 130 nations along with an excess of 15000 wholesalers across 450 areas

They work in three unique organizations

  • SKF India Limited, SKF Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd 
  • SKF Engineering 
  • Lubrication India Private Limited.

2. Schaeffler India Ltd

Schaeffler India is reputed as one of the biggest bearings manufacturers in India. The association was until recently, known as FAG Bearings India Ltd. The Company started out in the Year 1962, Schaeffler with 4 plants and 19 arrangements work environments. Two of their manufacturing units are based in Vadodara and Pune.

Given below are the details of the different bearings they make

  1. Rolling and plain bearings
  2. Linear guidance systems
  3. Maintenance services
  4. Digital services to core industries. They moreover have a few skills in arranging amazing and practical creative responses for vehicles and business vehicles.
  • The collecting plant in Vadodara, Gujarat was set up in 1964 and produces a colossal extent of metal balls, tube formed roller heading, and roundabout roller bearing and wheel course and sold under the brand name of FAG.
  • The second plant in Vadodara at Savli produces state-of-the-art significant indent metal balls and colossal size roller heading similarly sold under the name of FAG.
  • Schaeffler's third state of the art plant is arranged at Talegaon near Pune and makes engine and transmission parts for the front frivolity drive system, chain drive structures, valve train, shift systems, and an extent of needle roller direction and parts, under the brand INA
  • The fourth collecting region is based out of Hosur, making handle systems and twofold mass flywheels for explorer vehicles, light business vehicles, profound business vehicles, and ranch trucks which are sold under the brand of LuK

3. NRB Bearings

NRB Bearings is another reputed bearings company in India. It leads in the manufacturing of needle and cylindrical roller bearings. This is one of the leading bearings manufacturers reputed for its quality and innovative designs that are responsible for the ultimate solutions reducing friction. For more than 40 years NRB has spearheaded the main edge of bearing innovation, and today more than 90% of vehicles on Indian streets run on NRB bearings. Since its inception, NRB has developed past its unmistakable item to offer a wide scope of high-accuracy friction solutions in the car area as well as across all versatility applications.

Their different organizations are

  • SNL Bearings Limited, NRB Bearings (Thailand) Limited
  • NRB Bearings, Europe 
  • GmbH
  • NRB US Inc.

Their product range includes

  1. Roller bearings 
  2. conventional cylindrical roller bearings, and
  3. A new lightweight drawn cup bearings generation.

4. Timken India Ltd

Timken India Ltd. is the brainchild of  Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) and The Timken Company. They set up their first assembling offices in the year 1987 in Jamshedpur. They also have specific sales offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Jamshedpur. 

Timken India Limited, a Timken Company subsidiary, started its operations across India almost three decades ago. Today, they have some of the best manufacturing plants in Jamshedpur and Raipur to serve bearing business area needs and outside of the area. TISCO and TIMKEN each held a 40% worth stake in the association and the public held the rest. In 1999, Timken also held a 40% stake which earlier was held by Tata Steel in Tata Timken Limited

 This organization has deal work environments in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Jamshedpur, and Chennai and in Raipur

Their product range includes:

  • Engineered bearings
  • Mechanical power transmission products 
  • Industrial services
  • The extensiveness of bearing fix and related mechanical power transmission administrations to help profound organizations.

5. Menon Bearings Ltd

Menon Bearings Ltd. was established in 1991 and has manufacturing units in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. This bearing company in India undertakes various activities like arranging, testing, endorsement, and collecting of Bearings, Bushes, and Thrust Washers for a wide extent of employments which is comprehensive of Automotive Engines, Compressors, Generators, Stationary Engines, Marine Engines, Earth Movers and Tillers.

MBL is universally arranged, with commodities of around 30% of its creation to a wide extent of business areas from the USA to China, France to Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Dubai, Netherlands, etc.  Menon Bearings has offices in Indianapolis, USA has been taking extraordinary consideration of worldwide OEMs and the market in the USA for more than twenty years.


From smart toys to actual automobiles, bearings have a huge impact on our lives and the machines we use. This article would have surely given you an understanding of the significance of bearings and some of the best bearing brands in India. Some of the key areas in automobiles, where bearings are utilised include turbochargers, different gears, suspension, and wheels among many others. Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: Which is the best bearing brand?


 SKF Bearings India is one of the best bearings brands in India. It has its presence spread across 130 nations. This includes an excess of 15000 wholesalers across various countries.

Q: Which bearing manufacturing organization booked the greatest sales?


Schaeffler India Ltd booked the highest sales, compared to the other manufacturers, of ₹ 4,510 Cr.

Q: Which bearing manufacturing entity has the highest promoter holding?


Schaeffler India Ltd has the highest promoter holding wherein it's promoters hold  74.13 % of the equity.

Q: Which bearing manufacturer recorded highest growth over the last 3 years?


Schaeffler India Ltd showed a significant growth is sales of 38.66 % considering the last 3 years.

Q: Which bearing manufacturer provides the highest ROE?


Menon Bearings Ltd. gave a whopping ROE of 30.17 % for the latest financial quarter.

Q: What are the factors that influence friction within a bearing?


Shape, material, fluid, and air pressure are some of the factors that can affect the friction within a bearing.

Q: Which are the different types of bearing that are manufactured?


There are 6 types of bearings.

  • Plain bearing
  • Rolling-element Bearing
    • Ball bearing
    • Roller bearing
    • Jewel bearing
    • Fluid bearing
    • Magnetic bearing
    • Flexure bearing

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