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How to Start a Tea Time Franchise

India is one of the world's largest tea producers. It is also one of the world's largest tea-consuming nations. Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It's more than a cup for a select few. It is a necessary component of almost every Indian family. In addition to being an energy-boosting beverage, it is considered to be a beverage served to almost every visitor at your home.

Tea is an indispensable part of every Indian cuisine. Tea is consumed by more than 70% of Indians on a daily basis. Tea booths have long been a staple of Indian society. From street-side vendors to small enterprises, you can find this beverage on every menu. People are now eager to explore more varieties and flavours of this beverage. Tea Time brings a unique taste to the table. The nation’s youth with their entrepreneurial skills are eager to either establish their own business or become franchisees. What better opportunity than becoming a Tea Time Franchisee!

Starting an independent venture is extremely challenging. It requires immense patience and dedication.  Establishing a franchise, especially that of a reputed and renowned brand helps understand the various nuances of a business, the franchise, brand building, and even customer behaviour.

Did You know? All you need is a small investment of 4 to 5 lakh rupees to initiate a franchise. Training and other basic necessities are provided by the company for the smooth working of your business.

The Humble Beginnings of Tea Time:

Tea Time was founded by a group of tea connoisseurs in Hyderabad who started with just one outlet. In a matter of twenty-four months, they expanded their business from one store to 200 outlets across India. Tea Time is one of India's most popular tea brands. They provide a wide variety of teas, coolers, and shakes for sale at a very reasonable price. Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Assam are among the company's processing plants. Hyderabad is home to its research & development centre.

A lot of individuals are interested in the franchising business. If it's suitable for you, it might be a step toward owning a thriving business. You may invest in a fantastic concept or a profitable firm with a proven track record and a strong brand while still running the business yourself, and the Tea Time Franchise is the best option since it provides a better profit and a good growth rate for your business.

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The Tea Time brand's growth has expanded rapidly, mostly via good reviews by the consumers in the tea and health communities. Each combination is individually prepared to evoke a genuine tea-drinking pleasure and is created to fulfill our tea obsession and passion. The delicious flavours and quality has increased their goodwill and consumer base. Tea Time has 200 Tea Time franchisees across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala. The company plans to build outlets in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and  Gujarat in the near future. The urban savouring of this beverage involves a wide variety of flavours and their unmatched quality. The company aspires to become India's largest network in setting up franchisees of their delicious beverage. The company owes its success to providing quality tea at nominal rates.

The basic requirements for setting up a Tea Time Franchise:

Like every other business, there are various conditions you need to fulfil to become a franchisee of Tea Time. You need to familiarise yourself with all the requisite rules, formalities, and post-franchise set-up conditions.

Personal qualifications:

You don’t need a formal qualification to establish a Tea Time shop. However, you should be familiar with the basics of this beverage and aligned with the policies of the management. You should be able to interact with consumers courteously and follow all of the company's policies. Customer service is something that a degree cannot provide. It comes with experience and your behaviour too, so be cordial and nice to customers for the growth of your store and positive reviews.

The Total Area required for establishing a Tea Time Franchise

The space or area should comply with the company's criteria and needs. The minimum size of the place should be at least 150-200 square feet. A larger space is always welcome if you can afford it keeping in mind your expansion plans. Ideally, you should select something on the ground floor. 


This should be ideally in an area where you can draw crowds. Places in the vicinity of hospitals, markets, IT campuses, colleges, schools, and other similar localities.

Water Facilities:

The space you invest in must have hygienic flooring and a friendly ambience. There must be clean drainage and sanitary water facilities since health is a key priority. All Tea Time franchises want to maintain their goodwill with the best services through their franchise holders.

Brand support to set up a Tea Time franchise:

The Company is reputed for its support and ensures that every franchisee receives the required assistance in the smooth functioning of the franchise. Some of the key areas they lend support in include:

  1. Assistance in the selection process of your setup.
  2. Provision of a complete Start-Up Kit.
  3. Seamless assistance in the preparation of the entire Tea Time menu.
  4. Operational support.
  5. Initial management training.
  6. Consistent updates on all Research & Development matters.
  7. Assistance provided in a grand opening. This includes assistance in marketing & advertising.
  8. As their franchisee, you will have complete access to make use of the Tea Time brand name, its trademarks as well as its slogans.
  9. The company is responsible for informing members about the preparation and serving of beverages.

Requirements for Employees in a Tea Time franchise outlet: 

One of the key requirements for setting up a Tea Time Franchise is the requirement of skilled personnel to assist in the daily operations of the business. You cannot run the outlet single-handedly. According to the Brand’s policy, you will need to employ at least 2-4 staff members. These would be assist in several operations like customer service and catering to the requirements of the patrons who visit the outlet. Impeccable customer service is of the highest priority and you will have to ensure that the said staff is well-trained on the personal front, are trained in people’s skills like courtesy, patience, and are always ready to serve with a smile. At the start, in case you experience any cash crunch, you can resort to the MSME loan to ensure your staff is paid on time.

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Investment in a Tea Time Franchise:

The establishment of a Tea Time franchise involves a  monetary investment of 4–5 lakhs. Advertising expenses, brand expenses, commencement kit expenses, portable equipment expenses, and beginning stock expenses are all covered. Each month, the royalty fee is 3% of the sales proceeds. However, it will not be more than 9,000. Loans always imply timely-repayments. In the event, you decide to avail of loans to set up a Tea Time Franchise, you must consider various factors like the receipt of the loans, terms of repayment of the loans, abd even the interest rates, among others.  

A Tea Time Franchise is relatively affordable and a lucrative business, keeping in mind the popularity of the beverage. A Tea Time Franchise requires a total investment of 4.25 lakhs to start a franchise. This involves initial marketing costs as well as a comprehensive start-up package that includes mobile equipment like a refrigerator, ovens, cutlery, etc as well as an initial stock to get the business activated and running. You need to set practical goals to understand your break-even results and later, your profits. Once you have your goals in place, all it takes is a positive attitude to set the ball rolling.

Profit margins for Tea Time franchises:

The percentage ranges from 40% to 80%. The typical payback time is between 5 and 10 months. The cost of the products ranges from 10 to 99.

Franchise for tea time. Rate of Return on Investment:

If your average daily sale is Rs. 10,000/-and you only sell the goods with the lowest profit margin (which is impossible), and you repeat this for the whole month, your take-home(profit) after subtracting rent, payroll, power, product cost, and royalty. This would amount to about 80,000- 1,00,000. You are sure to experience a return on your investment within 5–6 months. 

Is it possible to make money with a Tea Time Franchise?

Without a doubt! A tea franchise is a lucrative company, but there are a few factors to consider, such as brand recognition in your region, estimated clients in your area, and brand existence. For example, tea time is quite popular in metro centres, but it is not well known in big cities in the north.

The Benefits of starting a Tea Time Franchise:

  • Consistent interest: Tea Time not only offers a variety of delicious tea flaovurs but also a range of tidbits to nibble as you savour your favourite beverage. 
  • The advantage of the Indian consumer market: Tea is one of the most consumed beverages and every opportunity to set up a Tea Time Franchise is sure to usher in attractive results.
  • Benefits of F & B retail shop: Tea time is a food and drink retail outlet that can asure you of a dedicated stream of clientele as the beverage is considered not only a stimulant but also an energy-boosting drink. 
  • Easy Terms: The tea opportunity comes with negligible staff, negligible mastery, and negligible functionalities, as well as the executives' work of making and serving tea.
  • Brand name: Because Tea Time is exploding in the F&B retail industry by opening 200 stores in India, it carries a presumed brand name alongside it.
  • Low capital requirements: A break time setup necessitates as little as 4.25 lakhs in investment.
  • Teatime Assistance: There is assistance available during break time for outlet foundation, preparation, activity for the executives, showcasing, and so on.

The current generation of new businesses enjoys testing and studying business; diversifying their operations provides them with a novel yet dependable plan of action. Franchise concepts are often considered less risky than starting a business from scratch, but your management skills, sources of capital, and timing all play a significant role. 

Start-ups and young entrepreneurs are keen on setting up lucrative franchises. A Tea Time Franchise is one of the most attractive options because the beverage is second nature to Indians and is sure to result in revenues. All key issues like the area, profit, sales margin, and other important points are mentioned in the above article. Now it is all up to you how you set the wheels of operations running as you establish your new beginnings with Tea Time. Many have got this franchise and are growing very well, so choose the right thing.

The future is about massive expansion :

Tea Time operates over 200 outlets across the country, with the bulk of them being in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They are expanding their business throughout the north, east, and west of the country. You can always take an MSME loan from online money lenders to enhance the expansion of your franchise. The Tea Time franchise cost is economically viable and assures long-term returns.

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We are sure this article would have given you a clarity on how to avail of a Tea Time Franchise. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in India. It is second nature to almost every Indian and is consumed to drive away fatigue or just get stimulated to start a hectic day. A Tea Time Franchise is easy to set up and is sure to provide you with feasible returns. Tea-breaks are a common feature among most commercial enterprises, and this franchise can only assure you of good returns. As a result, provide customers with tea based on their tastes and preferences. 

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Q: What does the Tea Time franchise cost in India?


A Tea Time Pvt Ltd franchise typically requires an investment of 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

Q: Who is the originator of tea time?


Mr. Uday Srinivas is the founder of "Tea Time," and he has led the brand's drive into the market over the last three years, resulting in more than 1400 franchisees throughout India.

Q: How can I obtain a Tea Time franchise?


The process to obtain a Tea Time Franchise is relatively simple. Some of the key considerations is owning a specific area of land in a suitable location. You should have the financial capacity to invest or take a loan of the required amount to set up the Franchise. The Brand offers immense support to anyone who is keen to set up the business.

Q: Has Tea Time proved to be a successful brand?


Tea Time is thriving and fast expanding in the F & B retail market, having already established 200 locations in India, so it has a reputable brand name behind it. Capital needs are minimal. The labour requirement is about only 4 individuals.

Q: Would the tea time business be profitable?


The Tea Time franchise is unquestionably profitable, with profit margins ranging from 45% to 85%. The typical payback time ranges from 5 to 10 months.

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