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Graphic Designer Salary in India

Ever come across eye-catching and informative advertisements or brochures that leave you in awe and wondering who might have been the brains behind this wonderful piece of art? If yes, then let's talk about its makers - graphic designers.

Graphic designing is a career in which an individual learns to gather pictures, typography, or movement pics collectively to create a piece of design. The images are created to be published, printed, or for digital media, including advertising, brochures, etc. A central obligation of the designer's process isn't always simple to provide the facts in a visually captive way; however, this is each reachable and memorable.

Did you know? 

There are more than 4,00,258 businesses working in graphic design as of 2020.

What  is the Average Salary of a Graphic Designer in India?

The subject of graphic design calls for intensive production and rendering methods know-how. Frequently, designers are also called upon to control the colour palate in different media.

All these interesting facts make you want to pursue a career as a graphic designer? So, you must check the scope and job profile if you are focused on becoming a Graphic Designer. The pay scale of this profession varies depending upon the need and place of work. So today, we will be focusing on the Graphic designer salary in India offered by Top Employers in the market.

Here, aspirants will get complete details about graphic design career opportunities, the competition in the market, the scope in the future, and the pay scale offered.

The average graphic designer salary in India ranges from about ₹ 90,000 to ₹ 5,25,000 per annum. Graphic designer salaries for freshers may range from ₹ 90,000 to ₹ 6,00,000 per annum depending upon their skill set. In contrast, a senior graphic designer's salary could start from ₹ 1,80,000 and can go as high as ₹ 8,00,000 per annum. There is a regular hike in graphic designer salaries over time based on the experience of an employee, which makes it an appealing professional option. Moreover, displaying a few technical competencies together with User Interface Design, Illustration, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Adobe InDesign, and Adobe After Effects gives you a one-of-a-kind and high amount of Payscale.

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Monthly Salary of Graphic Designer in India

Salary Structure


Graphic Design Salary In India Per Month

  ₹ 1,23,100 – ₹ 5,94,910


 ₹ 1,978 – ₹ 72,883


  ₹ 90.66 – ₹ 1,12,341


  ₹ 17,500

Total Pay (Graphic Design Salary Per Month)

  ₹ 1,24,194 – Rs.6,12,851

Graphic Designer Pay Scale by Top Employers

Company Name

Graphics Designer Salary in India

Monthly Salary of Graphic Designer in India

Ad2Pro Media Solutions Private Limited

₹ 17,443

R.R. Donnelley

₹ 22,463


₹ 23,258


₹ 36,548


₹ 19,678

Creative Printing & Graphic Design

₹ 28,295

Affinity Express

₹ 19,015


₹ 22.065




₹ 25,565


₹ 14,400


₹ 18,202

Yearly Graphic Designer Salaries in India

Affinity Express

₹ 1,83,986

Tata Consultancy Services

₹ 4,08,377

R.R. Donnelley

₹ 3,37,806


₹ 2,06,279


₹ 5,68,005

Cognizant Technology Solutions

₹ 3,96,205-

Average Graphic Designer Salary Around the Globe



Fastsigns, Inc

₹ 24,19,291

Minuteman Press

₹ 23,57,775

Brand Muscle, Inc.

₹ 29,91,365

Nordstrom, Inc.

₹ 42,44,284


₹ 20,15,381

Gannett Co Inc

₹ 22,61,216

Alphagraphics, Inc.

₹ 26,47,984

Allegra Print and Imaging

₹ 22,33,454


₹ 29,13,769

Graphic Designer Salary Based on Qualifications

Graphic designer salaries can also vary depending upon your other qualifications. A brief chart regarding the same has been provided below.



Bachelor of Science (BS /B.Sc) Computer Science (CS)

₹ 94,333 – ₹1,83,126

Bachelor’s Degree

₹ 93,484 – ₹ 4,71,206

Bachelor of Science (BS/B.Sc) Visual Communication

₹ 2,24,041 – ₹ 3,08,368

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Graphic Design

₹ 1,86,000 – ₹ 3,50,400

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

₹1,25,714 – ₹ 2,70,000

Associate’s Degree

₹ 92,903 – ₹ 4,85,000

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Graphic Design

₹ 1,25,714 – ₹2,70,000

Salary of Graphic Designer Based on Industries

Industries will hire graphic designers who pass a variety of criteria such as graphic designing experience, a strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics, a keen eye for aesthetics and details, the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines, etc. The breakdown of salary structure based on different industries can be seen in the below table.



e-Learning Solutions

₹ 1,14,983 – ₹ 5,18,163

Graphic Arts/Design

₹ 1,07,227 – ₹ 4,93,105

Printing & Publishing

₹ 1,08,573 – ₹ 4,89,459

Information Technology (IT) Services

₹ 1,11,758 – ₹ 4,80,203

Advertising Agency

₹ 1,05,447 – ₹ 4,94,209

Salary for Graphic Designers in India based on Experience

Undoubtedly work experience of individuals acts as a decisive factor when getting recruited for any job, and the case for graphic designers is no different. Aspirants should keep in mind that a candidate with more years of work experience will be preferred over others, and his probability of getting paid handsomely increases multifold. A structure distinguishing employees' salaries based on work experience can be seen below.



1 year or less

₹ 59,933 – ₹ 3,49,049

1-4 years

₹ 88,859 – ₹ 3,57,008

5-9 years

₹ 1,19,733 – ₹ 5,93,270

10-19 years (Senior Graphic Designer Salary In India)

₹ 1,28,381 – ₹ 6,64,162

Graphic Designer Salaries Based on States

The place state in which you work also plays a vital role in deciding how well you would be remunerated. Different states have different pay rates for graphic designers which can be seen below.


Monthly Salary

West Bengal

₹ 62,188 – ₹ 6,69,010


₹ 99,112 – ₹ 4,97,251


₹ 55,643 – ₹ 3,04,102


₹ 1,19,599 – ₹ 4,85,159

Andhra Pradesh

₹ 93,398 – ₹ 3,63,531


₹ 1,16,823 – ₹ 5,93,943

Tamil Nadu

₹ 85,149 – ₹ 3,82,718

Should You be Self-Employed?

There are a lot of perks to being your own boss. For instance, you get to set your preferable hours and select jobs that interest you. If you figure out how to motivate yourself and stay disciplined to fulfill deadlines, without a manager to hold you accountable, working for yourself can be a very fulfilling experience.

On the other hand, working a graphic design job at a corporation has its advantages. Your employer will be responsible for keeping your work environment, buying gadgets and software, and constructing a purchaser base. You'll also be more likely to work normal hours for a predictable paycheck. If you want something for a short time you can always search for an internship and strive it out.

Get to recognize your work style and select what suits you best. Graphic design organisations are employed to create visible thoughts for corporations to apply while advertising their services and products to clients. Your new graphic design corporation will increase logos, artwork, computer graphics, and illustrations to make your clients stick out from their competitors. As you construct your consumer base, you may come across each big organisation with the price range to regularly search for your offerings and low-price range smaller clients that come to you best on an occasional basis. Beginning a brand new graphic design enterprise offers a few challenges despite your design skills. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic design jobs are predicted to boom with aid of using 13% between 2010 and 2020. However, they may stay aggressive due to the recognition of the position. This shows there could be many customers within the marketplace in your offerings. You'll need to work hard to differentiate your corporation from the competition.

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Lack of Regulation

There aren't any authorities or guidelines concerning the graphic design field, so it could be tough for customers to understand the distinction between a professional graphic design expert and someone who isn't always professional. As a skilled graphic design expert, you could have a tough time getting customers to pay truthful prices in your offerings, as much less gifted people in all likelihood pay much less for similar jobs. It would help if you worked with different clients who need amazing work rather than people searching for a reasonably-priced product.

Budget Cuts

If a corporation desires to make price range cuts, investment in picture layout and different advertising offerings is frequently the primary. Many organisations sense that different regions and income and statistics generation are important to a corporation's operational plan, even as graphic design offerings aren't a necessity. Your enterprise could be immediately affected if your clients can not find the money to lease you.

Some corporations could be hesitant to lease your graphic design company to carry out visible offerings for them because they accept as true that buying packaged layout software programs is equal to hiring a professional graphic designer. Although having an untrained expert create visuals for the corporation in this software program does now no longer bring about the equal high-satisfactory of labour that you could create, a few organisations fail to understand this or no longer care. This could be an ongoing project in your enterprise, as organisations try to make ends meet in tough monetary times.

Perks of Being a Graphic Designer

  1. Freedom to Express Your Imagination

The biggest advantage of being a graphic designer is that you have the liberty to specify your imagination, thoughts, and creativity to the fullest. Whatever you consider may be placed withinside the shape of the show for others to appreciate, appreciate or even criticize.

  1. Learning New Techniques and Skills

Being in the designing enterprise, there are lots of latest skills that you'll be able to analyze. Different tasks require a unique method, and this offers you to discover new strategies and analyse something new each day.

  1. Chance to Meet New Designers

Meeting fellow designers open up the scope of research from them and keep yourself up to date whilst widening your angle of what and what can be. You may even alternate thoughts and methods and engage with them concerning ongoing tasks that could be useful for you withinside the long run.

  1. Improve Your Social Skills

While working for an organisation, good social abilities are a must, so you don't have a tough time coordinating with fellow employees and clients. As time approaches, you will learn to socialise and experience confidence.

  1. Opportunity to Work with Reputable Companies

A graphic designer has diverse possibilities to work with prestigious companies; having said that, you could decorate your portfolio and make it stronger. Clients, too, opt for running with designers who've robust and innovative portfolios.

  1. Stable Income

When you're hired, you'll get a high income; despite the fact that the assignment is straightforward and clean, you'll still get paid. As long as you do your work, you'll get your salary.

  1. Freelance

When you're freelancing, you're by no means short of work. By constructing a very good community with people, you could land yourself masses of tasks from clients.


There is no shortage of possibilities in the area of graphic designing. Indian graphic designers earn an average salary of between 90,000 and 5,25,000 per year. Salaries for graphic designers range from 90,000 to 6,00,000 per year, depending on their skills and experience. On the other hand, a senior graphic designer can earn as much as 8,00,000 per year. Over time, graphic designers' salaries are routinely raised based on their experience, which makes it an attractive career path. In this field, you'll get to let your creativity flow!

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Q: Is graphic design a good career in India?


If you have good knowledge and creative skills in Dreamweaver and Adobe After Effects, you can get a high paying job as a graphic designer in India.

Q: What is the senior graphic designer's salary in India?


On average, the senior graphic designer salary in India for people with an experience of 5 years ranges from ₹ 1.4 Lakhs to ₹ 6.5 Lakhs per annum.

Q: What is the average graphic designer salary in India?


The average salary for a Graphic Designer in India is ₹3 Lakhs per year, i.e., ₹25,000 monthly.

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