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What is Advertising? Learn All About Advertising & It's Type

A world without advertising seems unimaginable. If you look around, you will get familiar with the different types of advertising you come across every day. From the smallest vendor to the largest corporation, everyone resorts to it. The concept of advertising ranges from painting contact numbers and brand logos on public walls to reaching for the skies via balloon advertising. 

Every small and large business enterprise likes to advertise its products and services. For an organisation, advertising is the key to communicating with their target audience, their brand value, and the range of goods and services they manufacture and sell. For an agency, it offers a chance to create crisp, meaningful, interesting and engaging conversations about any promotional activity for the targeted clientele. There are various types of advertising available, and the media and digitisation have only made it more interesting. The details of this article will help you delve deeper into the concept of advertising and what are the benefits of it.

Did you know?

All the commercials featuring watches have their time-indicating arrows, stationary, either at 10:10 or 8.20 so that the brand’s name at the centre can be viewed with ease?

What is the Relevance of Advertising?

You may wonder why advertising holds a very significant role in marketing. Well, the reasons are manifold. Advertising plays a crucial role in the promotion of new products, enhancing a brand’s presence and helping to trigger additional sales for every business. You may be a manufacturer of the most cost-effective and quality products, but the masses will be ignorant about your products unless you promote them through advertising. 

It acts as a catalyst in building the brand’s awareness and the qualities of the product. It informs the end-consumer detailed information about the product or the service that is provided by an organisation.

Advertisements furnish a customer with relevant information that induces consumers to make a purchase. Most brands indulge in various advertising campaigns to launch new products. This could be a combination of off-line and online billboards, mobile advertising, advertising in cinema halls, promotions in shopping malls, as well as print and television media. Consistent advertising over a particular time frame enables viewers to make purchase decisions based on the attributes of the product which the advertisement provides.

There are various types of commercial advertising businesses resort to. Given below are some of the different types of advertising methods followed:

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Print Advertising

Print advertising is also referred to as Traditional advertising. This involves placing advertisements of various sizes in newspapers, magazines, brochures as well as hand-outs at key locations like shopping malls, outside cinema halls, residential neighbourhoods, and even academic institutions depending on the product. Print advertisements can be either black and white or coloured ones. Different positions on key pages of newspapers and magazines are priced differently. The prices also vary depending on the standard quality or glossy requirement of print by the brand. Some brands prefer special inserts in magazines that are extremely eye-catchy.

In addition to the print and newspaper mediums, the other types of advertising in the traditional category include advertising in telephone directories. It also includes advertising on posters of different sizes, which are either pasted on specific spaces reserved for advertising or hand-held by people who are paid for their services. In-store promotions are another common type of traditional advertising. A representative of the brand is stationed in various commercial malls or shops. The person approaches the visitors and apprises them of the product, its features, first-time purchase discounts, and all other relevant details.

Radio and Television Advertising

Radio advertising involves popularising the product with catchy radio jingles of varying time durations. Some jingles are worded to capture all the properties of the product. Others have voice-overs that describe the product in detail. Television advertising is one of the most popular mediums despite being very expensive. Global sporting events like cricket, football championships, tennis as well as F1 receive the largest number of advertisements as the audience is worldwide and reaches out to billions watching these events.

Outdoor Advertising

As the name implies, this is primarily conducted outdoors. Popularly referred to as Out-of-home advertising, this is available in the form of large billboards which are hosted at vantage points in the city. These spots are specifically reserved for such advertising. One of the most popular brands that come instantly to mind is Amul butter. The messages are always in sync with contemporary affairs across industries. A favourite with almost everyone, people actually look out for a change in the crisp and tongue-in-cheek advertising messages. Some clients resort to curious advertisements. A popular example would be the McDonald’s brand. Their billboards very creatively indicate the location of a McDonald’s outlet located in a certain area.

Digital or Online Advertising

This form of advertising takes place in the virtual world, and it is through the shape of creatively designed banners. One of the most creative ones has been the movement of the Vodafone pug’s paws which moved across your computer screen in sync with the movements of your cursor. Most digital service providers like Facebook, Google, Instagram as well as Twitter and Pinterest generate revenues via digital advertising.

Digital advertising also includes direct mailers, WhatsApp messaging, mobile, and sms advertising.

Advertising in Cinema Halls

This has proved to be very effective as such advertising captures the attention of all the viewers inside the theatre.

Balloon Advertising

It is one of the most eye-catching types of advertising, as it is visible across a large stretch of territory. Many resorts to this type of advertising for the launch of a new product.

Global Advertising

An ideal example of this is the advertisements that are created for Apple Inc. One single advertisement in English is targeted at global audiences regardless of regional and language barriers. This is one brand that is known not to hire the services of any celebrities to endorse the products in their advertisements.

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What are Some of the Benefits that Arise out of Advertising?

There are innumerable benefits that accrue from the right type of advertising. Some of these include:

  •  Promotion of new launches, i.e. products and services. Advertisements are informative in apprising consumers of the product and its value.
  • Targeting new consumers: Advertising campaigns draw the attention of new customers who get motivated to make purchase decisions after understanding the attributes of a product.
  • Establishes the brand: Advertising is an informative method through which diverse consumers get educated about the brand, the company, its services as well as its range of products.
  • Advertising helps to increase sales.
  • Advertising helps to understand competition and strategies: Advertising has become an industry of great employment opportunity for individuals with different skills like creative copywriting, sales and promotion, branding, marketing as well as business development.


This article provides a great insight into the various types of advertising and the important role it plays in the promotion of different brands across industries. We hope that through this article, you have been clearly educated about the various benefits you can acquire as a business owner when you advertise your products and services.

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Q: Is advertising imperative to a business?


Yes. Advertising is a prerequisite for promoting a business and its products.

Q: What are the benefits of advertising?


 Advertising promotes awareness of the products and services, helps in brand-building, increases sales, and generates employment.

Q: What are the different types of advertising?


The different types of advertising include print media advertising (newspaper, magazines, brochures, posters), television, digital and outdoor.

Q: What does paid search advertising mean?


It involves the usage of meaningful keywords in online advertising. This also involves payment of money for placing the specific keywords that are positioned on the top of the search engine results page or SERP. Businesses who indulge in this type of advertising make payments to the platform owner only when someone clicks on their advertisements.

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