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How to Start Mobile Cover Printing Business

Mobile phones have become such a vital part of our lives that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine living without them. Individuals are not hesitant to get the newest, most up-to-date, thinnest, and best phones available. They also opt for mobile phone covers to safeguard their phones from harm or make them look more appealing. People may also buy printed mobile covers that are distinctive and fascinating to give their outdated phone a facelift. Mobile phone additions have evolved into a fashion statement, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The ever-increasing popularity of phone covers has increased the demand for phone accessories. As a result of the expanding market and fashion obsession, a creative business possibility with a higher added value and inexpensive startup costs has emerged. 

In this blog, we'll show you how to take advantage of an opportunity in the mobile cover printing field that will allow you to express your creativity while also feeding your business spirit. You may cater to the interests of clients and generate a considerable amount of money with minimal investment and even a small workplace.

Did you know?

According to research from digital experts at GSMA Intelligence, there are more devices globally than humans.

Why is the Printing Mobile Cover Business Profitable?

Mobile phone users are increasing exponentially around the world. And a mobile cover business is a smartphone's supplementary product. As a result, we may anticipate a rise in demand for personalised mobile covers.

The firm has a low start-up cost and is highly profitable. You can use your own computer or laptop to promote this product. This is an excellent product to offer from mall kiosks, in addition to becoming an online mobile cover printing company. Some excellent examples of startups providing mobile cover printing are PrintLand, CoversDeal, Pop It Out, Kalakaar India etc.

Advantages of Starting a Mobile Cover Business

There is a list of advantages to working in the mobile cover printing industry:

  • Mobile covers are of modest size and made of enduring materials, therefore, you can invest in sustainable resources.
  • Inventory is inexpensive, and buying in large quantity might help you save even more money.
  • Mobile covers are popular in both online and offline markets.
  • Every new phone release provides a chance to expand your customer base.
  • This company offers a good profit margin and requires a little initial investment.
  • You may also use this as a part-time business.

However, because the entry barriers to this industry are low, there are a lot of rivalries, and the market is quite unorganised. You'll need creative thinking, entrepreneurial skills, and technical competence to stay afloat. The following are the steps you should take to begin your mobile cover printing business.

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How to Start Mobile Cover Printing Business?

1. Investigate Your Concept Well

Before you enter a market, be sure you know everything there is to know about it. For the success of your firm, thorough and well-defined research is essential. The comprehensive study may assist you in entering into the most profitable transactions and understanding the nuances of the business. So, before beginning your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes you want to get into this line of business?
  • Who are the market leaders, and what makes their products unique?
  • What are the startup and continuing expenses of the business?
  • What is the size of the market, and who will your target clients be?
  • What will set your product apart from the competition?

2. Product Research & Development

  • First, speak with a local business adviser to determine the licensing requirements and tax obligations. This is something you should think about before starting your mobile cover business.
  • Second, research the market and try to find things in high demand. 3D printed covers have recently seen a surge in popularity. Create a business strategy for your company. You must examine your investing capacity, skill, and size to make this decision.
  • Make a separate area in your home for the development process. Obtain the printing machine as well as other necessary raw supplies. You'll also need to get the packaging consumables.
  • Finally, you'll need to find dependable suppliers of blank phone cases. Mobile covers come in a variety of highly popular styles.

3. Make a solid strategy

Now that you've gathered the fundamentals from your preliminary investigation, it's time to get down to business. Here are some points you should keep in mind before investing your money:

a. Decide which type of device you wish to concentrate on.

Study which models are the most popular in the market or your neighbourhood, and keep your inventory updated with that model's phone cover. Look out for new phone releases in the industry and provide your consumers with the best mobile covers for them.

b. Different types of mobile cover

There are many various types of mobile covers on the market, each with its own function and price. The most prevalent forms are thin and gel cases, wallet cases, bumper cases, robust cases, fabric cases, metal cases, etc. While some give excellent protection, others are aesthetically pleasing.

c. Give your business a name

For identifying who you are, you need a strong brand identity. Choose a name for your company that accurately reflects the value and distinctiveness of your brand. Make it as brief, straightforward, and as easy to say as possible. You can quickly find the finest available domain name using domain generators like GoDaddy.

d. Make a budget plan

Finance is essential to the proper operation of any company. The following questions will be addressed through budgeting:

  • How much does it cost to start a mobile cover business?

This covers the cost of market research, government licensing and permit fees, the cost of obtaining a thermal press, infrastructure costs, and so on.

  • What are your continuing costs?

This covers things like upkeep and equipment maintenance, staff salaries, promotional costs, shipping costs, raw materials, and rent for online selling fees, among other things.

  • What is the maximum amount you may charge your customers?

Although this company allows you to make a lot of money, it all relies on the material of the mobile cover you print on. Slim casings are less expensive than metal ones. High-quality materials or bespoke printing have a greater potential market worth, but they are also more expensive.

e. Locate a manufacturer and assemble your equipment

You may examine the following considerations when choosing a manufacturer for mobile cover: the type of product created, the quality of products, the pricing charged, the manufacturing time, the minimum order policy, and the delivery charges. Choosing the right manufacturer might help you increase your profit margins. In addition, you'll need a thermal press, sublimation moulds, a white back cover, transfer paper, and computers (optional).

f. Make a Name for Yourself and Promote It

Simply opening a store isn't enough; you'll need to work on marketing and driving visitors to it to raise awareness of your goods. Here are a few strategies for attracting visitors that you may use:

  • Begin with personal relationships - Even before you establish your firm, make sure to communicate your concept with your contacts. They can help you market your business and be your first buyer when you launch it. Also, inquire about how frequently they purchase mobile covers. What is the maximum amount they are interested in spending on a cover? What characteristics do they seek in a cover?
  • Take your goods online - If you want to reach a broad audience, you'll need an E-Commerce store. You may create your website or use an e-commerce platform like Amazon or Flipkart to sell your product.
  • Mall kiosks and exhibits - If you're thinking about opening an offline store, mall kiosks might be a terrific place to start. Malls are appealing because of their high traffic and cheap overhead costs. Also, don't miss any fairs or exhibitions where you may show off your innovative creations.
  • Advertising on social media - Part of a successful social media strategy is focusing on sites where you believe your intended audience is most engaged. Instagram,  Facebook, and Pinterest are all extremely visual sites that may be used to showcase your work and promote your company.
  • Influencer marketing - You can reach out to more people regarding your mobile cover business by partnering with someone who has a lot of recognition and trust among the public. Working with micro-celebrities, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other influencers will increase your product's engagement and sales conversion.
  • Corporate promotional goods - Large corporations purchase large quantities of presents for their staff or want customised items for conferences and events every year. Partnering with such businesses can help you generate significant revenue.
  • Run competitions and giveaways - Hold competitions or giveaways on your social networks to encourage people to share your items in exchange for a chance to win a cool mobile cover. Alternatively, hold design contests where people create their own phone cases, which you then sell in your shop while giving the winner a cut of the profits.

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What is the Mobile Cover Printing Business Cost in India?

Starting a mobile cover company has a variety of charges. It covers design fees, print-on-demand fees, marketing fees, and, of course, shipping fees. As a result, it is dependent on the business strategy you employ and how you distribute your items to your target market. For an estimate, you may start this company between  ₹70,000 and  ₹80,000 and make a good profit.

Mobile Cover Printing time

A sublimation machine can print three to four covers simultaneously. Your design is printed and available on these white mobile covers in 8 to 10 minutes. In this manner, you may thoroughly prepare 3 to 4 covers in 15 to 20 minutes.

Mobile Cover Packaging

With the aid of your brand package, pack the completely prepared mobile rear cover. You may also use it to pack for outside stores and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Snapdeal. Prepare your brand bundle before packing a mobile cover. This packaging may be used for wholesale or retail. With the assistance of a sticker, the entire information of the mobile phone for which this cover is intended should be printed on the packaging. This label will also make it easy for the client to purchase and sell the back cover for his phone.


Every new smartphone model opens the door to a slew of new phone accessories. As a result, product innovation, attracting customers, and keeping them is the key to business achievement. Keep an eye out for fresh and popular designs as well as new mobile phone releases on the market. Never be afraid to ask customers for feedback on what photos they'd want to see next. Have skill in customising mobile cover printing, since this may help you stand out in the market and make big money.

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Q: How to establish a mobile cover business in India?


The following are the stages to starting a personalised mobile cover business:

  • Determine if there is market potential.
  • Make your own mobile covers.
  • Develop your brand.
  • Select a method for obtaining your cases.
  • Decide on a pricing range.
  • Create an internet mobile cover shop.
  • Promote your company.

Q: Is it possible to dropship mobile covers?


They are, indeed. It allows you to offer a diverse choice of mobile cover printing to your business without having to invest in production or rely on print-on-demand services. If you're just getting started in the phone case industry, you might want to start with a dropshipping strategy.

Q: Is it profitable to offer mobile covers?


Making money online with a phone cover company is a good idea. The mobile cover had a market value of ₹1000 crores in 2020, and it is predicted to rise at a rate of 7.5 per cent per year until 2025 when it will reach ₹3,550 crores.

Q: What is mobile cover printing business cost?


You may start this company with ₹70,000 to ₹80,000 and make a good profit. But it is dependent on the business strategy you employ and how you distribute your items to your target market.

Q: Is starting a digital printing company profitable?


A printing company owner can conveniently generate around ₹10 lakhs per year. Success isn't guaranteed, but if you offer your printing services and reasonable costs, market yourself well, and grab some good clients, you can generate enough profit. Deliver the right printing services for business requirements, and make money - that's simple.

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