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The History Behind the Top Sports Brands in the World

In the world of today, due to advertising and marketing, brands have become a significant part of our lifestyle. Everything from the food we consume, clothes, and whatnot, all belong to some brands. Brand loyalty is essential these days as customers have so many options that they easily switch to other brands, which provides them better customer satisfaction. With regards to building a profound connection among brands and fans, sports assume a considerable part. 

Fans need to feel attached to their favourite teams or players, offering brands an ideal chance to build significant connections with them and their families. 

Top sports brands and showcasing firms see a substantial opportunity since individuals have become more mindful and attracted by wellness and prosperity. As customers' requirements and habits change, brands likewise need to reevaluate themselves, assuming they need to be a factor in buys. For any ambitious brand to be linked with, kindness and empathy have become crucial features.

What is the influence of top sports brands?

Everyone from kids to adults tries to follow their favourite stars and start imitating their brands, style, clothing, and other preferences. As customer practices are changing, a brand's association with its buyers is changing as well. Many sports apparel brands have chosen effective and innovative tactics to stay associated with their fans. And, it's working. Statistical surveying firms measure that the worldwide activewear market will produce an income of nearly Rs 1 trillion by 2024. 

Behind every famous brand, there is a personality or a history that presents the brand as a standout amidst opponents. Some brands were invented or appeared by chance, while others have a more appealing history, and some were identified after their originators.

Top Sports Brands Names In The World

We have created a list of 10 top sports brands and the story behind how they got their names.


Nike is perhaps the most renowned sportswear brand name on this planet. It is a sports clothing and accessories brand that has procured this place through long decades of expert advertising, effective planning, and innovation. It was established by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964 and is known for its exciting tagline, "Just Do It". Nike is also the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Aside from making running shoes for which they are generally well known, it also makes shoes for several sports like baseball, hockey, tennis, etc. Added items incorporate clothing like shorts and jerseys. The sportswear brand is called after a Greek goddess who is the symbol of victory, Nike. The swoosh connotes her flight. The swoosh logo and the slogan structure the centre of the organisation's image. 

Christiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal are some massive sports stars who embrace Nike's items. Nike sponsors many of the top sports stars of various games like tennis, soccer and golf. There is a huge amount of money to be invested in sponsorship schemes with the topmost sports brands. 

Some of the famous sports and well-loved shoes are made by Nike. Models like the Air Jordan and Tailmax have overwhelmed the sports shoe market with their progressive innovation. This name has essentially contributed to the sneaker culture, which is so pervasive today. 

It also happens that athletes earn more money in these arrangements than they procure while playing. The extraordinary golf player Tiger Woods, supported from the earliest starting point of his vocation by Nike, supposedly acquired 54 million dollars for his agreement. Nike likewise supports the national cricket and football crews in numerous nations.


Adidas, otherwise called the brand with the three stripes, is one of the famous sportswear brands known for its athletic shoes, casual wear and sporty clothes. Among the youth, this brand became a huge success only due to its specific style statement.

People have the misguided judgment that the brand name means "All Day I Dream About Soccer". However, the name Adidas is a more limited variant of the name of the organiser Adolf ("Adi") Dassler ("Das").

From its table, some of the top-selling sneaker brands are Samba, Gazella and Stan Smith. They additionally support the greatest names from the basketball player James Harden and the star of soccer Lionel Messi. It is additionally a significant provider of team kits to worldwide football clubs. It had a new high-profile project with Kayne West and presented an item YEEZY, which has cashed in big. 


The youthful Rudolf Dassler, the sibling of "Adi"( founder of Adidas), was nicknamed Puma. In 1947 their shoe creation organisation was shut after 23 years; Rudolf established his organisation, Ruda, from his name's initials. The following year Rudolf changed the name to Puma.

Puma is one of the top sports brands in the world, driven by a German worldwide organisation. They collaborate with various leading sports athletes, specifically the quickest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. It works in athletic and relaxed attire, footwear and accessories. 


In 1958, Jeff and Joe Foster formed a sister organisation, two of the organiser's grandsons and called it "Reebok." The name is Afrikaans for a greyish rhebok, a sort of African antelope. The name is exceptionally intelligent since it is a manifestation of effortlessness and speed.

Reebok has been in the sports goods business for a pretty long time and is very famous. It centres around sports equipment, sports shoes and sports clothes. This top sports brands initially made spiked running shoes and was established by Joseph William Foster in 1895 in England. 

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With a name strange yet catchy, Under Armor has been stepping up its capability in making sportswear as well as footwear since 1996. With time, this brand gained a name among individuals leading to significant profitability and familiarity.

From shorts, athletic shoes, jeans, and tights to shirts, hoodies, and coats, Under Armor has gladly entered the games universe of American-based soccer, ball, and football. Having caught the adolescent group's eye, this brand leaves an imprint in the ‘Major League’ club of athletic apparel brands.

Under Armor is an American sports equipment organisation that produces sportswear and casual wear, and athletic wear. It is the second most well-known sportswear brand name in the US, after Nike. Its clothes are much sought after by sportspeople and outdoors people. It was established by a previous football player Kevin Plank. The organisation has an intriguing tale concerning how it got its strange yet catchy name. Plank wanted to name the company “Body Armour.” However, his brother misheard it as Under Armour and eventually, the name stuck which resulted in Plank deciding to go with the latter name. 


Italian athletic apparel brand Diadora is a notable brand managing soccer casuals and European streetwear. Diadora was established by Marcello Daniel in Caerano San Marco (Treviso, Italy). 

He called his organisation "Diadora", a name recommended by a companion. The word comes from the name given to the Dalmatian town of Zadar by the Greeks of Byzantium. Initially called "de Ladera" or "from Zadar," it was erroneously duplicated and made an interpretation of from Dalmatian to Latin, becoming, en route, "Diadora".


Asics is a Japanese global enterprise well known for its Sportswear and sneakers. The sports apparel brands, situated in Kobe, was established by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949  to create shoes for games that weren't even that well known in Japan. Then, at that point, it extended and began creating clothing and extras for all sorts of sports and exercises.

The beginning of the name Asics is the initials of the antiquated expression "Anima Sana in Corpore Sano", which means, if you go to God, you ought to appeal to God for a sound soul in a sound body. This expression is the way of thinking of the organisation.  Nike gives proper respect to Greek's way of life; Asics got its motivation from Latin's way of life; the name is the abbreviation of the expression "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" (Healthy soul in a sound body).


Ellesse is an Italian brand dealing in sportswear that carried for the first time tailoring techniques to sportswear. It is one of the famous sports brands established by Leonardo Servadio, and the name Ellesse gets from his initials "LS" Ellesse was established in Perugia, Umbria, Italy, on 19 June 1959. 

One more game with which Ellesse has been firmly related since its initial years is tennis. The Ellesse logo indicates a half-ball design that has a combination of cross-sections of a tennis ball. And the logo’s sides are designed as tips of ski pairs symbolising the brand’s heritage with both tennis and skiing. Ellesse, during the 1970s, gained popularity as a maker of skiwear, for example, ski pants and quilted jackets.

Through the 1970s, this sports apparel brands acquired a stand for fusing sportswear with street-level design styling. It was one of the earliest athletic apparel brands to highlight their logo on their pieces of clothing. The UK casuals embraced the brand during the 1980s as exceptional athletic apparel took off across British fellow cultures.


William J. Riley, In 1906, an Irish foreigner, established the New Balance Arch Support Company (enrolled as New Balance Arch Support Company, Inc. He later enrolled it as New Balance Arch Co., Inc.) in the Boston region and produced a shoe supporting the arches of the foot and focused on developing the shoe further.  In 1927, Riley recruited Arthur Hall to be a sales rep. After seven years, Hall turned into a business partner. The organisation, later on, worked together under the name New Balance Athletic Shoe Company. Hall offered the business to his daughter Eleanor and her better half Paul Kidd In 1956.

It is accepted that Riley thought of the name "New Balance" by noticing chickens in his yard and showed how his supporting arch worked by keeping a chicken foot on his office work area. He disclosed to clients that the chicken's three-pronged foot brought about amazing equilibrium that is a perfect balance.


Converse is a subsidiary of Nike. This sportswear brand makes its items under the Chuck Taylor All-Star, Cons, John Varvatos, and Jack Purcell business trademarks. Nike owned Converse after acquiring the organisation for $305 million in 2003, with yearly deals of more than $200 million. From that point forward, deals have expanded multiple times to roughly $1.7 billion in income. 

One of the biggest sports brand in the world, Converse is named after its discoverer, Marquis Mills Converse, who made Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts, in February 1908, as a rubber shoe corporation specialising in galoshes. He got the concept of a rubber sole when he was using slippery shoes that let him fall down the stairs. Otherwise called Dickerson, rubbers, or overshoes, it is a kind of rain boot that is slipped over shoes to hold them back from getting sloppy or wet.

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The business of the sportswear brand has grown tremendously as they invest so much in marketing and advertising to reach people in addition to maintaining an unbeatable quality. Some of the top brands we hear in our daily lives have a history behind their names. We might fail to remember the names of our companions and family members; however, these names we will recall till the end! In the above article, we depicted how these renowned sports brands got their names. We hope the article was useful. Download Khatabook for more business and accounting tips.


Q: Does Adidas own Reebok?


Adidas acquired Reebok in 2006 to sustain itself in the long run, but the investors demanded to sell due to its slow performance.

Q: Which is the most expensive sports brand in the world?


In terms of prices, Nike is the most expensive one.

Q: What is the number one sports brand in the world?


It is Nike that secures the topmost position among the sports brands. It is the biggest sportswear producer on the planet.

Q: Which is the oldest sports brand?


The oldest sports brand is pioneer Nabholz but is not among the top 10 companies in terms of performance.

Q: What are the best brands in the field of sports?


Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok are some of the top brands offering the best sportswear worldwide.

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