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Best Business Ideas for Students in India

India is a demographically rich country with around 62.5% of the age ranging from 15 to 59 years. There have been emerging challenges for students to earn and balance studies. Immense competition has reduced opportunities, and higher studies demand a lot of extra effort. However, the newly developed online business in India for students has led to the revolution of the start-up world and brought the opportunity for learning students to gain practical experience and get popular degrees from recognised universities.

To start a business, one requires an idea that can be practically implemented in the real world. It also requires planning, acquiring resources such as finance, labour, and much more, along with monitoring whether the idea's objective is achieved. Students' creative thinking has given rise to different start-ups that set great examples for youth. With skilled manpower and creative ideas, one can reach new heights.

Did you know?

As per Global Gig Economy, freelancers are predicted to dominate 80% of the global workforce by 2030.

Successful Business Ideas for Indian Students

Coupling earning while learning can be a great approach that will provide young entrepreneurs to the country early. Indian youth has broken old stereotypes of focusing on studies and gaining zero knowledge about their practical applications. In business, the earlier you start, the more experience you gain. The demographic dividend has developed several business ideas for students in India, providing a boost to the country's economy. Here are some of the business ideas for students that have given them opportunities: 

1. Freelance Writing

Content Writing has provided immense opportunities for freelancers. It has provided a way of communication between the customers and companies. Content writing has made digital marketing more effective since it includes writing product descriptions, marketing copies, press releases, and many more aspects. Proper knowledge with effective research provides point-to-point information to the website's visitors. Crisp and engaging descriptions enable visitors to make up their minds regarding the product. 

Freelancer writing is not about writing anything but about writing something fruitful about everything that occupies the customers' minds. So if you can write effectively that targets the minds of customers, you can get more lucrative work. You can start with writing blogs, essays, product descriptions, articles, and much more. Without any time restriction, you can write in your comfort zone without disturbing your studies. You can easily balance your creative work with your academic responsibilities. To gain success in this field, it is necessary to provide fresh and engaging content that can hook your visitors for a long time. 

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2. Engaging as an Online Tutor

If teaching has been your passion, tutorship is an excellent startup idea for students in India. You can operate your online business for students at low investment for the subjects you have gained expertise in during your academics. Affordable education at the comfort of your and your students' home can provide great learning opportunities for everyone. You can record the classes for the subjects and sell them at affordable prices to gain popularity in less time. You can also engage other teachers who have gained expertise in different subjects. This idea has gained immense relevance in this pandemic time. 

You can start your youtube channel and upload short conceptual videos to make it easy for students to share such videos and gain fast knowledge of such concepts. This will enable you to enhance your subscribers. You can also associate yourself with different applications that have already spent huge investments to make themself recognised in this field, such as Unacademy, Vedantu, and many others.

3. Event Management

Managing various events and occasions with a creative touch have become a trend. It is one of the exciting startup ideas for students that demands a little creativity and a contemporary touch. Apart from managing the college festivals, if you can handle different occasions such as engagement ceremonies, mehndi, weddings, and reception, this is the perfect business idea for you.

Try to create a team with students looking for flexible work. A good team will enable you to manage budget parties, weddings, and other events. Providing good service will let you establish your name in this market. You need to have some leadership and communication skills to coordinate among the team and clients on a required basis. The more successful your events are, the more customers will approach you.

4. Web Designing and Web Development

One of the fruitful side business ideas for students in web design and web development. Every small business or large enterprise needs its presence online for digital marketing. The growing importance of digital marketing has compelled organisations to adopt modern technologies. You can start a business in different web designing and development to succeed in your business venture. The ongoing era of digitalisation can boost your business, which you can easily balance with your studies. 

5. Become an SEO Expert

SEO plays an important role in ensuring your website ranks on the search engine's first page. This ranking has great significance in digital marketing to increase the traffic on your websites. These student business ideas can be a boon if the aspiring entrepreneurs gain expertise through online certification courses. Prior knowledge will enable them to get easily comfortable with this topic. You can start your consultancy business for SEO content and make a full-time career with many opportunities. 

6. Starting your Food Court

Though there are a lot of restaurants around us, the urge to try something new and tasty never fades. So this business idea is all-time successful if you manage to deliver a tasty fusion of food for your customers. This idea can be a super hit if you get innovative Indian food cuisines with western blends. Getting space in places with high footfall or getting a small shop on a busy street can be another breakthrough. 

Providing tasty delicacies at a reasonable price will make your food chain successful. Today’s youth likes to try new things. Thus, you need to experiment a little with traditional dishes and maintain quality to make this business idea successful. This idea will require patience, experiments, and hard work to become successful. 

7. Become an e-Commerce Seller

Becoming an e-commerce seller can turn out to be the best side business for students when starting a business with low investment and management. This business is highly manageable where you need to procure products from wholesalers and sell them at affordable prices on online e-commerce platforms. These platforms are great at managing the logistics that start from collecting retailers' products to delivering them to end-users. Providing discounts within budget will enhance sales and increase your customer base. You get paid by the e-commerce platform for your product within a reasonable time. Thus, becoming retailers and delivering products nationally has become easy like never before in the age of digitalisation and creative start-ups. 

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you are active on social media, then this is a great business opportunity. Affiliate Marketing is an easy online business in India for students to promote any of the company's products or services. If your promotion clicks the buyer and they opt for that product, you will be paid for a pre-fixed percentage of the product's value. The concept is the same as commission. This online business for students provides great earnings without investing your savings. With these business ideas, students can grow in these challenging times. 

9. Providing Home-Made Food

In this busy life, one tends to ignore their health. Therefore, providing homemade quality food at the workplace can be an amazing effort. The people with hectic lives in metro cities cannot get time to get healthy food. You can provide them with timely, nutritious and tasty breakfast and lunch parcels. You can associate with different people who are good at cooking food and some delivery persons. Including a variety of Indian cuisine in your menu can further enhance your reach to different people. This business does not require much investment since you don't need to set up a high-end restaurant. You can also start a youtube channel where you can post different cooking recipes videos. Shoot short videos of how food preparation takes place at your end to provide your customers assurance about the quality of food. 

10. Becoming a Social Media Influencer

We all follow social media influencers on different social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more. This is a zero investment business where you need to be smart and consistent in providing content to your followers. You need to post 5-8 posts every day to get your followers hooked for at least two to four months. The more people you can associate with your profile, the more recognised brand deals you will be able to procure for yourself. Today, digital marketing has got immense relevance. Thus brands are ready to spend a lot on it. Try to encash by providing regular and unique content to your viewers to become popular and recognised. 

11. Starting a Travel Agency

Launching your travel agency can be the best business for students. Though there is a lot of competition, you can create an influence by providing good service quality to your clients by managing their trips. You can start a campaign on social media since today's youth spend a great deal of time on different social media platforms. Target audience on social media, and you can get through this hurdle as well. 

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Starting something on your own and getting successful requires a lot of hard work, innovative thinking, determination, and investment. Earning while studying requires balancing a bundle of things. You also need to perform well in your academics since your financial security will come to the rescue while you fail at the other end. Apart from the above online business for studentsyou can create your own best startup ideas by observing your environment and finding solutions to the problems your near ones face in their day-to-day lives. 

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Q: What is the basic requirement for an idea to become the best side business for students?


One should be able to manage their business well, which will enable them to impart the highest customer satisfaction from their end, making the idea an ultimate success. 

Q: How can you engage more people for employment in your start-up?


Social Media is the answer to this query. You can easily get the workforce interested in your startup idea by posting your requirement and payscale on your account. 

Q: How can students manage studies with business?


Students should opt for online classes instead of visiting coaching centres, which will enable them to complete their syllabus and manage their business. 

Q: Where can one procure a loan if there is a requirement for investment in a startup idea?


In India, various banks and governments motivate the youth by providing easy loans at reasonable rates. Several programs launched by the Government, such as Mudra Yojna, provide loans to startup ideas. 

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