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What are the best online typing jobs for students?

If you are a student but want a side income, then the online typing jobs for students to earn money are a safe bet, especially during pandemic times. Though the term ‘online jobs’ is self-explanatory, there is a lot to learn before you venture into this kind of typing job. 

Several students earn a decent money just working from home using a laptop or desktop and doing certain freelance jobs. The payments in typing jobs can vary from daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Some pay per page, some per word and some per hour or as per contract. And, the best part is that you can work from anywhere and anytime. These online jobs can be done by individuals who want to earn extra income and are even doable by students. So, let’s find out more about how to earn money online by typing

Did you know? 

Among millions of graduate students worldwide, 60% work full-time while attending online degrees, and nearly 40 % of the students with undergraduate qualifications take up a job to learn and earn.

What is the online typing jobs for students about?

Online typing jobs for students are clerical typing work of documents, Excel sheets, PDF content, books, ebooks etc. Most of these jobs provide the data, and you need to enter the data into relevant formats, fields, or pages. You need a fair and accurate typing speed, an internet connection, a laptop or desktop and an account like PayPal (if you have a global client) to receive your payments. Many students do it for the extra money, while some prefer to upskill and earn by typing while studying or hunting for jobs. You can also upgrade to content writing, virtual assistants or technical writers, etc.

How much do typing jobs pay?

The truth is there can be no predefined limits to earning through typing jobs from home for students online. It depends on the company chosen, how much they pay and how much time you can spend typing. With a good typing speed earning ₹300 to ₹1500 per day on average is not difficult. Many students work with companies offering regular projects, and many of them make a decent ₹30,000 working from home. It all depends on your choice of projects, companies and how much time you spend doing this work.

What are the requirements of online typing jobs for students?

These online typing jobs from home for students are dependent on the following requirements:

  • An average to good 40 to 70 word per minute (wpm) typing speed
  • A desktop computer or a laptop.
  • Fair knowledge of Excel and Word using the MS Office Suite.
  • A stable and fast internet connection.
  • An email ID like a Gmail account to communicate with the employer.
  • A fixed 2 to 3 hours of work daily.
  • A bank account or PayPal account to receive your payments after job completion.

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Advantages of typing jobs for students

Online typing jobs from home for students come with a host of advantages and plus-points but are often exploited by scams. So, here is what you need to know to make the best choices for identifying the best online typing jobs:

No qualifications required: A huge advantage is that there are no limiting qualifications required for online typing jobs. A good typing speed, a keen eye, spare time, a laptop, and knowledge of Excel and Word are sufficient to start your online job. 

No Investment: The best part of starting this work is that you require zero investment. Your time, laptop and skills are all you require with this no-qualifications-required online job.

Work from the comfort of your home: The great part of this job is the work-from-home culture which provides flexibility in job timings. No office or travel is required.

No fees or deposits: Normally, genuine websites do not charge registration and deposits. You just have to fill in the application form, take up an assignment that suits your skills, price, and requirements, get the job assigned, and start typing while submitting it within the earmarked deadlines. Generally, any company that needs a security deposit or registration fee is not genuine, has no urgency for getting their work done and will probably turn out to be a scam.

Earning potential is good: The more you work, the better you get at it. Many students earn the average payout of ₹500 to ₹1,500 per day.

Payment modes: Many students love this job for its daily, weekly and monthly payments depending on the assignments. It is sufficient to say that it pays for those daily expenses, food, outings, etc. You will, of course, need a bank account, and it is better to have a PayPal account too.

Disadvantages of typing jobs for students

Some of the disadvantages faced in typing job for students are:

Time-consuming work: Yes, a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per day is required. At times, you may have to stretch for a bit longer and work the late evenings to get ahead of the deadlines and ensure accuracy, fair typing speed and consistent earnings.

Fast typing speed required: You need to have a good typing speed of 40 to 70 wpm which is fast! Without these, it is tough and time-consuming and your earnings take a hit.

Deadlines: The jobs come with a deadline and some may have a time-frame clause attached. You may not get paid for late deliveries. Always submit ahead of the deadlines and maintain a record of deliveries to ensure you are paid for them.

Good knowledge of English and Grammar: The job depends on the language you type in and communicate in. You need to have good written communication skills, an eye for detail, and English grammar to proofread and correct your work. There are also assignments in regional languages. However, the typing skills required and eye for detail remains constant.

Types of typing jobs

Let us now explore the various categories of typing jobs from home for students, where to find them and what to expect from them.

A. Freelance Jobs

These categories of jobs are available plentifully online. You need to know where to look for them and operate with them. Some of the genuine and trusted sites freelancing students use for typing jobs are mentioned below:


This is the go-to website for bulk data entry online projects. It offers a platform where you can bid for freelance jobs. You can use the menu bar to search for typing jobs. But, before you commence work with them, you need to follow these procedures. You need to fill in a form with your details and complete your profile to get the best job match. Don’t forget to add your typing and data entry skills. 

The search for jobs is now customized as per your skills and requirements. Once you select a job, you must read its conditions, paying terms, etc and then click the BID tab to quote your rates, time frame, etc for this particular job. If you have entered the winning bid, you get an email and the job is yours. There is a small percentage that the platform collects for playing the intermediary. But, the website is genuine, and complaints of not getting paid are comparatively rare. Freelancer offers offline data entry jobs that have a weekly or monthly deadline and a decent average pay of 150/hour assuming your accurate typing speed is approximately 35 wpm or greater.


Upwork is also a freelance job portal similar to Freelancer but with a different user interface. Reviews recommend Upwork as a great portal for micro jobs, online typing jobs, data entry projects, form filling, etc. So, make your bid and await the email to start working.


This freelance website is a bit different. You need to post or update your profile, skills, experience, etc., on the gig page, and people with typing jobs contact your gig using the portal. 

You need to get on more than one platform and be visible to get a stream of projects. Your reputation as a reliable worker improves as you complete more projects, and the number of jobs offered and project opportunities increase proportionately.

B. Content Writing Jobs

If your typing speed is good and your English writing skills are great, you can consider the option of accepting content writing jobs. These are different from the regular ‘typing-only’ jobs and are creative and satisfying. You will be given a topic to write about, the brief, word count, pay per word, deadline, and at times a helpful link as your guideline. You will need to do some online research and write in your own words about the topic. 

There is plenty of demand for this kind of service as most companies have websites that require content regularly updated in the form of blogs, web pages, SEO content, etc. 

The requisites for a content writer are:

  • Excellent typing speed
  • Great English writing skills, knowledge of grammar, basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of SEO optimization.
  • An email account
  • Creative writing skills

The average pay per word can vary from 20 paise per word to a couple of rupees per word, depending on the content, its technicalities, deadlines etc. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, www.earnbytypingjobs.com etc., also have content writing jobs for freelancers.

C. Website micro jobs

Micro jobs are available for a short duration and are generally small projects. Many companies are now outsourcing their urgent data entry and typing content jobs on the websites offering micro-jobs. Jobs like urgent content writing, typing, online surveys, data entry, etc., are available on such online micro-jobs websites. Each task on completion has a 0.5 to 1 USD payment allowing you to work flexibly and at your convenience and availability.

D. Blogging

Starting your blog is a great idea if you wish to earn money online without investment by typing. You can continue for some years and the traffic to your blog will increase, the advertisements will begin to pour in, earning you a very fair amount of revenue indeed! Do note that your blogs need to be consistently uploaded, have good entertainment and readable values targeting a group that needs such information.

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Knowledge is empowering, and having garnered all information about the online jobs involving typing from home at your convenience, you can choose the best ones suitable to you. Beware of scamsters, their hacks, and websites. Choose by evaluating the plus and minus of the offer and keep in mind that with the growth of the internet, there are plenty of opportunities out there. All the best with your online typing freelancer business!

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Q: What kind of jobs should I avoid?


Though there is an ample number of authentic typing projects without investment available online, a fair percentage of these are scammers. Many websites scam job seekers and steal important card information from your system. Some of them get the work done in the WFH model and never pay. So don’t fall into these traps. Check the site's credibility by proper research before starting your online work journey.

Q: Why should I check for the portal’s administrator?


Check the website offering typing jobs online for students for the administrator’s name. If they do not mention a real Director, Administrator etc., who can be contacted over the phone, you should probably stay clear of the website.

Q: Why is location important in typing jobs?


Always choose companies that are close by and study their location before embarking on the job. Most times, a faraway location can be a scam.

Q: What are fake testimonials?


Many websites lure new clients through an exclusive page of fake testimonials. Do check out the testimonials and disregard those with poor language, overpraising testimonials and the ones that look too good to be true.

Q: Why should I read the reviews on job typing portals?


When joining any company, always read their reviews since you are unaware of their reputation, history, whether they are genuine etc. Ask for their registrations, affiliations etc.

Q: Do typing jobs online charge registration fees?


No. Beware if a website approached by you asks for an investment, refundable deposit, registration fee, etc. If a company needs their work done, they should pay you and not charge you.

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