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Famous Food Items of Uttar Pradesh

The Indian street food and its taste are not only famous among the Indian people, but it is also quite well-liked all across the world. The tourists who come to India love to have Indian street food. More and more people are trying to recreate Indian street food in foreign countries as well. The beauty of the Indian culture and the food is that it is different every few kilometres. The street food of India is immensely popular as they are easily available at low prices and have a great taste and flavour. In India, every region, i.e., every state, every city, has its own specialty in food items that are known for their great taste and flavour and are of good quality. One of these states is Uttar Pradesh, which has its unique variety of delicacies. Who hasn't heard of the delectable taste of Awadhi Biryani? Who can forget the enthralling flavour of Galouti Kebab? Due to the easy availability, favourable cheap pricing, and people's fondness for these delicacies makes street food of U.P. famous. Agra's 'Petha,' a crystallised sweetmeat made from bottle gourd, is a treat, while Mathura's milk-based 'Pedhas' is another noteworthy delight.

Did You know

Varanasi's Vishwanath street, or 'Gali,' is known for its traditional Indian sweetmeats and other delicacies. In the many food stalls and businesses that line both sides of the street, the indomitable foodie will find a large range of snacks and street delicacies. Banaras street food heaven boasts one of the most popular South Indian cuisine outlets.

Famous Street Foods of Uttar Pradesh

It's no surprise that Uttar Pradesh boasts a wide range of street food options, ranging from the modest roasted chana to the exotically flavoured kebabs and biryanis that are a legacy of the Mughals, as well as noodles, burgers, and their Indianized variations. The most popular street foods of Uttar Pradesh include the famous Aloo Chaat and Pani Puri sellers who sell different items such as Tikki, Potato Wedges, Pani Puri, and Dahi Bhalla. There is also an array of sweetmeats, ranging from the pedas of Mathura to the kulfis of Lucknow, that come in some amazing flowers rooted in the traditions and heritage of India. Some of the famous street foods of Uttar Pradesh are enumerated below:-

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Malpua is one of the tastiest and most famous foods of Uttar Pradesh. It is a deep-fried maida puri that is soaked in cardamom flavoured sugar syrup.  Dry fruits and Chandi Vark are used to adorn it. This dish's light flavour and aroma will brighten your day. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, malpua is a popular meal.


Batti Chokha

This is the most popular meal in eastern Uttar Pradesh. It's a traditional cuisine that consists of a round wheat Baati and a Chokha made of mashed potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes. It's served with chaat masala, green chutney, and desi ghee. The Baatis are baked in mud ovens, giving them a distinct scent and flavor. Varanasi's dessert stores provide some irresistible treats.


It is a well-known dish in Firozabad, Agra, and Mathura. Puri, i.e., crispy wheat chapatis, are served with a spicy curry-based potato sabzi. It is the favourite mouthwatering breakfast of most of the residents of the town. 


Everyone must have heard about Mathura Pedha. The places of Mathura and Vrindavan are famous for their pedha, along with the Radha and Krishan temples. Mawa with cardamom or saffron is used to make them. Dry fruits or Chandi Vark are used to adorn them.

Bhindi Ka Salan

The Mughal Empire's most famous dish. The ladyfingers are fried and stewed in a yoghourt-based curry with various authentic spices in this Awadhi delicacy. People of all ages enjoy this dish.


The wide variety of Chaat items available in Uttar Pradesh provides residents with the most amazingly delicious Chaat options, such as Aloo Tikki Chaat, Matar Chaat, Samosa Chaat, and more, with a variety of toppings and chutneys such as mint chutney, coriander chutney, tomato chutney, tamarind chutney, and more.

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Dum Aloo

Although this meal is popular throughout the country, the state of Uttar Pradesh uses some unique flavours to showcase this delicacy, which enhances the flavour of Dum Aloo.


Although the texture is similar to Khichdi, this meal contains many more veggies and is made with a substantial amount of ghee. This meal is a distinctive UP delicacy because of the aroma of ghee blended with spices.    


Baigan Ki Longe

In this, the brinjal is cut in half and packed with masala, which comprises several spices. This dish is one of the most popular dishes at weddings as the filling is so delicious.

Galouti Kebabs

It is UP's most famous dish. On a Tava, minced meat is mixed with spices and cooked. The spices have a wonderful scent and flavour. This dish's unique feature is that it melts in your mouth as soon as you keep it in your mouth, and the flavour of many spices will refresh your taste buds. The Kebabs come with lache wale pyaaz and Biryani, both of which come with traditional gravy and green coriander chutney.


This is a delectable treat. It's made of til, and it's white. The white til is cooled after being blended with cardamom-flavoured sugar or jaggery syrup. Then it's chiselled into various shapes and sizes. It's a little bit, nutritious sweet. During the winter, it is usually available.

Aloo Puri

This is the most popular breakfast option in Uttar Pradesh. As the name suggests, the meal is a blend of crispy and spicy aloo sabzi with deep-fried wheat chapatis.

Kebab Paratha

It was regarded as a royal delicacy in previous years, and vendors selling it could be seen on every street. It is a popular evening snack among the local youths. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the Kebabs are folded in a parantha with green chutney and chopped onion. Lucknow is famous for Kebab Paranthas. Some of the popular street vendors are Baba ka Dhaba, Dilli Darbar, and Deva Food Mart. 


It's a dish from Awadh, and it's also known as non-veg Pulao. The rice is prepared with a variety of spices and meat. The different spices add an amazing flavour and scent to the rice and meat, making it mouthwatering. It is usually served along with green chutney and raita. It is thought to be a regal delicacy. If you enjoy Mughlai cuisine, Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is the place for you. It offers a wide variety of Kebabs and Biryani that are both tasty. 


Kulfi is prepared with churned milk and dry fruits and then flavoured with cardamom and saffron. The Kulfi is served with saffron or white-colored Faluda. Aminabad is the place to go if you like Kulfi. This kulfi is delicious and produced with high-quality milk. In this town, the famed Fruit Kulfi is a must-try. Prakash, the key leader in the Kulfi business, is well-known throughout the city for his excellent taste.


The wonderful dishes served on every Indian street give the country its individuality. Even though each region of India has its unique street cuisine, the culinary trend in Uttar Pradesh is unrivalled. In Uttar Pradesh, you'll find a wide range of street cuisine, from Galouti Kebab to Dal Kachori. It is India's second-biggest state, after Madhya Pradesh, and the greatest state in terms of street food consumption.  Try the street cuisine described here if you happen to be in Uttar Pradesh. These dishes will provide you with the superior taste of tradition.

We hope that this article is useful for you in knowing about the famous street foods and dishes of Uttar Pradesh.

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Q: Which city in Uttar Pradesh is famous for kebabs and Biryani?


The city of Lucknow is famous for the Kebabs and Biryani.

Q: From where can we get money to start a street food business in Uttar Pradesh?


You might be able to secure a loan from a bank.

In addition, the government's Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme is also available to assist emerging businesses.

Q: What are the famous street foods/dishes of Uttar Pradesh?


The famous street foods of Uttar Pradesh are Malpua, Kulfi, Dum Aloo, Kebabs, Petha, Bhindi ka Salan, etc.

Q: What are the licences and permits to be obtained for starting street food in Uttar Pradesh?


A food business cannot be started without registration with the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, i.e., FSSAI.

A fire safety certificate, a municipal corporation's No Objection Certificate (NOC), a shop licence, and other permissions may be required.

Before you start your business, contact the state municipal corporation and learn about all of the legal requirements so that you can run it without any help.

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