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Table of content

Top Bamboo Products Manufacturers in India

Bamboo products manufacturers in India are based upon raw bamboo for their manufacturing. Bamboos are tall tree-like grasses local to tropical, subtropical, and mild environments in East and Southeast Asia, and one can similarly find them on Pacific and Indian Ocean islands. Bamboo and bamboo items are used to make a wide scope of indoor and outside items. Their beautiful development and species are useful for different purposes and give their plentiful development and flexibility.

Bamboo is mostly used as a wood replacement, and it's also used in food production, and many small businesses depend on it. Bamboo strips are often used to make handcrafted products. Most of these handcrafted objects are utilised in agriculture, such as baskets and trays, jars, lampshades, mats, and other items. Bamboo product is additionally utilised in several businesses, bringing down the expense of item advancement. This article will examine the uses of the bamboo and bamboo items businesses and bamboo product manufacturers.

Did you know?

Rising demand for bamboo-derived industrial products, including pulp and paper, plywood, and flooring. Bamboo’s durability and lightweight is furthering its growth prospects globally.

Outline of Bamboo Items

India is one of the famous countries for wholesale bamboo products. In India, it is likewise considered 'unfortunate man's wood.' Bamboo manufacturing has risen from that status and is perhaps the most requested natural substance for economical options compared to several items.

During the last 20 years, bamboo products have been seen as a significant raw material and a quality substitute for wood. Bamboo items (culm-based) are durable and well built. It can substitute wood for modern and business applications. It adds to save and re-establish the world's forests. It is used as primary development material in numerous nations. 

Top Bamboo Products Manufacturers in India

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd., established in 1971, is claimed totally by the Kerala government. Its objectives are to create and advance the bamboo, stick, and rattan enterprises and deliver and exchange bamboo items. They are the top-most bamboo manufacturers in India.

Encapsulation Bamboowood Products (Mutha Industries)

Mutha Industries is pleased to carry harmless eco-friendly items to your home. By presenting the country's first eco-accommodating choices, it wishes individuals to design their homes with eco-friendly items in India. Its bamboo flooring, decorative with finishing outlines, and shocking specially designed furniture choices all see and feel hardwood. Mutha industries are the best bamboo manufacturers in India. 

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Beco is a great brand that offers economical and eco-friendly choices to single-use plastics and bundling. In addition, it has the vision to assist each person in saving the climate.Their bamboo items are facial tissues, toothbrushes, reusable kitchen towels, tissue rolls, and natural baking paper.They also have some eco-friendly items like cleaners, compostable trash containers, shopping bags, etc.Shop their items from the site, Amazon, or Brown Living.

The Bamboo Bae

The Bamboo Bae was established by two travel lovers who thought of a plastic-free environment driven by their love for nature. They are situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and offer a variety of standard fundamentals that assist in manageable living and travelling.

Their bamboo products include toothbrushes, candles, wooden brushes, cleanser dishes, clothespins, paper pencils, travel-accommodating cutlery, coconut shell bowls, etc.Their items are accessible on their site, Amazon, and Brown Living.


Codesustain cooperates with artisans, small scale producers, and NGOs. They are building an environment for customers and artisans. Their Kaca variety has carefully assembled items made with bamboo, karuna, and seagrass. They are well-known bamboo manufacturers in India and eco-cognizant, with 10% of their benefits going to NGOs.

Their bamboo manufacturing unit incorporates totes, table positions, shopping packs, serving plates, platters, etc.You can shop their items from their site, Tata Cliq or LBB.


Madake was established in 2019 in Manipur, Chennai, and is devoted to delivering creative and essentially valuable bamboo products. Their vision is to offer significant replacements of unjustified quality, manageable items to fundamentals that we utilise each day.

Their bamboo products made in India range offers everything from home fundamentals, washroom basics, and spa assortment. They offer towels, cleanser bars, toothbrushes, earbuds, pens, etc.You can search for their thrifty items on their website.

What are the Different Kinds of Bamboo Products? 

Bamboo's popularity has grown in recent years, owing to its numerous practical and aesthetic benefits. Bamboo is the world's fastest-growing and most versatile plant, with many nations relying on it for a living. Moreover, items made of bamboo are extraordinary in style as well.

Here are some bamboo items whose use can be an important advance towards a sustainable way of life:


A bamboo item hairbrush is a great option compared to standard plastic ones. For the most part, individuals invest a lot of energy and cash to choose wonderful hair care items. However, without a decent brush, all that work is wasted. Bamboo items like brushes can lead to benefits like a solid scalp, decreased frizziness, further developed circulation and better hair development. It is generally available both in online stores and the local markets.


Toothbrushes made of bamboo products are getting more ubiquitous, from homes to hotels. Bamboo is known for its antibacterial properties, making bamboo toothbrushes an ideal choice for oral hygiene.


A notable pen is viewed as an ideal premium gift. Choosing a bamboo pen can be an exceptional and eco-accommodating thought. The smooth body made of bamboo items makes for a fashionable pen, and some of them are even accompanied by top-notch cases.


Earbuds are a utility item. We usually correlate with plastics when thinking of earbuds, and the non-biodegradable waste is significant. It can be addressed by moving to earbuds made of bamboo sticks and cotton.


The vast majority of our mugs are made of clay or plastic, and a bamboo one is a reasonable choice well. Made of finished bamboo, they are said to have antibacterial properties and can be picked up for ₹300 or less.


Straws are another class of items made of single-utilised plastics, which can be readily replaced by using bamboo straws. These straws are reusable after appropriate cleaning and are long-lasting and biodegradable.


Who wouldn’t fancy a change to their boring old plastic water bottle? A bamboo bottle is stylish and eco-friendly. 

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Recycle Bin

Recycle bins are another common class of products that can be replaced with ones made from bamboo. Stylish, lending a natural elegance to your room, bamboo recycling bins cost as much as regular plastic ones while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.


The Indian bamboo items market is expected to grow consistently, as will bamboo product manufacturers in India. The growth of bamboo items compared to conventional wood is apparent because of their various advantages and minimal expense driving the Indian bamboo items market. Besides, the rising interest in eco-friendly items will push the market further. Do some cost-benefit analysis in your space before putting resources into the bamboo manufacturing unit, and determine that profits will be adequate to cover your investments. 

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Q: Why are bamboo products growing in popularity?


Bamboo products are increasingly preferred over single-use plastics because of their sustainability, biodegradability, and stricter regulations.

Q: Is bamboo cultivation a viable bamboo manufacturing business in India?


According to market research, the average selling price of bamboo culms per piece is ₹100. (may vary depending on the quality and area of sale). And the rate of bamboo products is also suitable. As a result, the total cost of 900 culms is ₹90,000. (5th year of planting). It is estimated that the investment would provide a profit of ₹90,000₹59,280 = ₹30,720 in the fifth year.

Q: In India, where does bamboo weaving take place?


Basket weaving is a form of making bamboo items, a centuries-old art form in India. Using their traditions, requirements, and methods, indigenous groups created unique designs and patterns for baskets that are being used today. It is a well-developed art form of a bamboo product in modern times with concentrations in Dakshin Dinajpur, Uttar Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad Bardhhaman, and Bankura, among other places.

Q: Which location is well-known for its cane and bamboo manufacturing?


Assam- Because of the abundance of cane and bamboo forests in Assam, the state of Assam is a veritable treasure trove of cane and bamboo resources. As many as 51 varieties of bamboo are found in Assam. They are utilised for bamboo manufacturing for various uses, mostly for the construction of structures, furniture, and other items.

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