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Increase Business Returns by 3X Using Khatabook App

Khatabook app can be used in any Android or iOS mobile app which acts as a digital accounting book. Every small business owner can download the app for free from Google Play Store or App Store to their Android or Apple devices respectively. This app will help individuals and businesses to link to their bank account making digital transactions quick and easy. Further, it helps small business players to generate a digital business card for free to promote their business across social media. It also does the credit, debit calculation math enabling the user to stop worrying about hiring an accountant for the same purpose. In short, it is a digital udhaar book or a digital ledger book, making small business professional, cost-effective, and profitable. The most important feature which will be discussed in this section is the payment reminder feature which aids the len-den business hassle-free. Yes, small business owners allow customers to purchase items in advance maintaining their due payment into account for later collection. This collection can be done effectively if you use Khatabook for faster returns which will let 3x return from the borrower and faster.

Steps To Follow For Getting Dues From Customers Paid 3x Faster

Step #1

If you are already using the Khatabook app, then you will have it on your smartphone. If you have not installed, then click on this link to follow the steps and get the Khatabook app functional in your phone before proceeding further. 

Step #2

Next step if you have not added customers to the app, then follow this link and add customers to your digital khata

Step #3

Now you will have all your customers linked to the app. It is easy to give and receive payment from them after linking the bank account to the Khatabook app. 

Step #4

You can find all instructions discussed from now in the screenshots given below.


Step #5

Click on the customer name to see all transactions that happened with them. You can opt to individually remind them for payment or multiple contacts at the same time.

Step #6

Select the Customer Icon found in the top right corner of the screen.

Step #7

This will show up 3 step process to collect your money 3x faster, namely,

  • Set collection date
  • Reminder sent on the previous date before the collection date
  • Track money received into your bank account from your phone notification

To start acting click START NOW

Step #8 

In the next screen, you can find the Set collection date, adjacent to it find the SELECT ALL option. This will let you choose multiple customers.


Step #9

Before you decide from whom you want to collect payment check three options listed namely 

      1. Highest Amount 
      2. Oldest Due 
      3. Pick Date 

Step #10

Highest amount – This option will list the customer details from top to bottom based on the amount that is due. For instance, if there are 3 customers with due payment 1000, 200, and 500 this will arrange the details in descending order with the name of the customer first who has to pay 1000, followed by 500 and then 200. 

Step #11

Oldest Due Here you can list the customers based on the due date. Whoever has a long-pending due to the return amount will be shown first on the top followed by others. 

Step #12

Based on these two options you can decide from whom you want to collect the payment. Whether from the highest due holder or the person who is delaying for a long time to make payment. 

Step #13

Pick date – Once you have decided on that select the appropriate option and click on Pick date. After selecting that you will see three options as shown below 

    1. Next week 
    2. Next month
    3. Calendar 

Choose the date based on your need, Next week means 7 days from the date you set, next month will set a date after 30 days and the calendar option will let you choose the date of your preference. 

Step #14

After selecting the date you will be taken to the next page which will show the collection date under the name of the customer. A day before the reminder will be sent to the customer automatically via SMS. If you want to, then you can generate a link and share it through Whatsapp as well. 

Step #15

The best part is this reminder email will provide a payment link to the customer with which they can release payment at once. This option is the second-best part that makes the payment collection 3x faster.    


Step #16

Every time you want to know when is the due payment, you can check from the next page that will show

  • Pending
  • Today
  • Upcoming

Step #17

Click on each option to know the details. In the above example when you click on option today there is no collection due can be seen.

Step #18

Likewise, click on upcoming you will see the date and amount to be collected.

You are done. On the collection date, you will receive a message once the payment is credited to your account.

This collection feature is very structured that will get your payment with minimal to no efforts and still maintain an amiable relationship with the customers. Carry on with your business without having to worry about who has to pay, how much as the Khatabook app will take care of the same.

Top 5 Tips To Collect Payment Without Any hassles

Learn to use the app and features correctly by exploring it in your phone a couple of times to practice ways to use Khatabook for faster returns. The user guides listed in the Khatabook site will help you in that aspect. Keep visiting the site frequently or click on the Help & Support section in the app to familiarize yourself with the app. Link your bank account with the app and get it verified as a one-time exercise to enable a smooth transaction with your customers.

Generate Khatabook QR and that will help customers pay to your bank account directly. In turn, setting a reminder for pending payment becomes automatic. All you need to do is to set the dates as given in the instruction above and activate the Payment reminder feature.

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