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Learn About Primary Teacher Salary In India

Teaching has traditionally been seen as a respectable profession in Indian society, offering a stable and honourable job and salary. Since a teacher is greatly responsible for the children’s and the country's future, it is believed to be the most noble profession. In this article, let's learn about the profession of a primary teacher, qualifications, and teacher salary in India.

Did you know?

The highest salary of a primary teacher in India can exceed ₹5,50,000 yearly.

Who is a Primary teacher?

Before secondary school, primary education is the first step of formal education. Depending on the locality, primary education occurs in primary school, elementary school, or first and middle school. Teachers in primary schools have a critical role in moulding students' educational paths. They will always be needed to construct a good educational foundation. 

Primary teachers are crucial in developing a child's intelligence and work habits, as primary school is most children's first exposure to a strictly instructional atmosphere. They are normally assigned to respective classes, but they may be assigned to other areas of the school to fill staff shortages or teach a certain subject.

What kind of education do you need to teach at a Primary School?

Primary school instructors must hold a bachelor's degree from a teaching program. Some jurisdictions now provide alternative options for acquiring a teaching license for people who did not complete a teaching program. It takes roughly four years to complete a bachelor's degree program for becoming a primary teacher. Teachers in public schools must be licensed, but the standards vary by state, and private schools have their own set of standards.

Eligibility Criteria for Primary Teachers - Educational Qualifications

  • Candidates must have completed Senior Secondary School and hold a 2-year Elementary Education diploma from a recognised university.
  • Candidates must have received at least a 50% in the course as mentioned above.

Primary Teacher Training Course

Apart from possessing a graduation degree, one should enrol in several teacher training courses to teach in elementary or secondary schools.

PTT (Primary Teacher Training): These tests are held for applicants who want to teach in primary schools (classes 1–5). To become a PRT teacher, you must complete a two-year program. You must have completed your 12th grade to be eligible for this program.

Required Skills

It is important for a teacher to have the necessary educational requirements. Apart from this, they should also have effective communication and soft skills. When dealing with students, empathy and care are required. Self-assurance, zeal, innovation, and dynamism would put the teaching profession on the cutting edge. Being a promising teacher also necessitates public speaking and teamwork. 

One should be able to soil one's hands through constant learning and new techniques to share and practice practical lessons. Teaching is a time-consuming career that necessitates time management and organisational abilities. One should be able to persuade parents, kids, and senior staff to implement new ideas and possess the know-how to settle problems that arise in the classroom. The goal should be to provide holistic learning to students to raise them as good citizens. Some of the key skills of a primary teacher include:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Patience
  • Computer skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Creative thinking abilities
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organisational skills

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Responsibilities and Tasks for Primary School Teachers

  • Organising and managing school events such as excursions and camps and discussing students' progress with parents and guardians.
  • Connect curricular standards to daily goals, and teach children by those goals.
  • Parents and guardians should be informed about their child's progress.
  • Create and implement classroom activities, materials, and resources.
  • Students' growth and achievement should be monitored and evaluated.
  • Ensure physical and mental safety in the classroom by maintaining a safe and sanitary atmosphere.
  • Creating lesson plans, teaching a wide range of subjects, and monitoring and evaluating students' academic progress is all part of the job.
  • Maintaining efficient working habits and discipline in the classroom and overseeing kids both inside and outside the classroom during recesses.

How much does a teacher earn in India?

The average salary per year is ₹2,55,800 whereas the monthly average is approximately around ₹21,000 per month. The Primary teacher salary for government schools after the 7th Pay Commission is the pay scale of ₹9300 to ₹34,800.

All the details regarding the salary structure have been given below-


Primary School Teacher Salary in India per year 


Government sector

Private sector


₹1,08,313 – ₹4,70,309

₹55,000 – ₹3,90,400


₹508 – ₹25,042

₹400 – ₹10,000


Upto ₹2,04,257


Total Pay

₹1,08,091 - ₹4,72,877

₹60,000 - ₹3,95,496

Primary School Teacher Salary Based on Experience


Average Annual Salary

Less than a year

₹59,516 - ₹2,32,699

1-4 years

₹70,181 - ₹2,79,774

5-9 years

₹82,851 - ₹2,97,988

10-19 years

₹78,292 - ₹3,60,000

20 years and more

₹180,000 - ₹2,68,584

Primary School Teacher Salaries Based on Degree

Academic credentials are the most important factor in establishing a profession as a teacher. To be considered for teaching positions in government and private schools, one must complete B.Ed courses. Primary School Teacher income will be determined by certifications or degrees obtained, and you will be compensated handsomely.

Certification or Degree 

Average Annual Salary

Bachelor’s degree

₹69,996 - ₹2,89,617

Bilingual education

₹108,000 - ₹1,92,000

Teacher Certification

₹71,353 - ₹3,00,607

Middle Teacher Certification (Grade 5-9)

₹103,846 - ₹1,74,000

Elementary Teacher Certification (Grade 1-5)

₹72,877 - ₹3,01,362

Secondary Teacher Certification (Grade 9-12)

₹78,000 - ₹2,32,258

Salary Of Primary Schools Teachers Based on Cities


Average Annual Salary

Primary School Teacher Salary in West Bengal Kolkata,

₹48,322 - Rs 1,47,681

Bengaluru, Karnataka

₹1,12,101 - ₹208,553

Mumbai, Maharashtra

₹84,000 - ₹3,10,106

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

₹72,240 - ₹2,06,084

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

₹ 82,541 - ₹1,80,000

Pune, Maharashtra

₹79,354 - ₹1,81,514

Future Scope

After years of experience, the primary teacher may be promoted to the department head and vice-principal. Finally, after more than 10 years of service, one may be appointed to the position of the school principal. Aside from that, doctoral studies can be pursued to teach in colleges or universities. 

Working as a foreign language specialist in numerous corporate firms is also an option. Teaching is not for everyone, but it is possible to reach the pinnacle of success with dedication, communication and presentation skills, originality, and experience. Volunteering at NGO's, educational institutes, counselling sectors, humanitarian legal firms, business and computer soft skills trainers, and other places is also an option. Remember that the sky's the limit when it comes to spreading one's wings.

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Teaching is a fulfilling profession. A primary or secondary school teacher is a good place to start in this industry. A primary school teacher must teach a wide range of subjects with enthusiasm and reach a large number of children using interesting lesson plans and interactive teaching and instructing approaches. Primary teachers are usually paid a good salary and various perks. The primary school teacher salary in India differs on various factors such as qualification, experience, city, which has been discussed in this article. 

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Q: What are the different perks of being a teacher?


 Perks of being a teacher:

  • Holidays and flexible hours
  • Good prospects
  • Lifelong learning
  • Go overseas
  • Stability
  • Respect

Q: What are some of the skills required to be a primary teacher?


Few of the skills that a primary teacher must have include patience, computer skills, conflict resolution skills, Leadership skills, Organisational skills, etc.

Q: Does the increase in experience affect the salary of a primary teacher?


Yes, as the job experience increases, so does the salary of a primary teacher.

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