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How To Apply for Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojna?

In a country like India, people still face the problem of getting proper medication. Most of the rural or semi-urban areas are still in the dark. People don't know how to get the proper medicines. Most of the time, they get confused. Some pharmaceutical companies sell the product at a higher price.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojna is a scheme by the Indian government. It helps people to get medicine at a low price. You can open such a medicine store and earn from here. Most importantly, you can serve the needy through this business and provide government aid to those in need.

If you want to know how to start a medicine store aided by the government, you must have some prior knowledge. In this article, I will be sharing all the details about the medicinal store and all the rules you must follow. To learn more, consider reading the article.

Did you know? 

Under the scheme, as of 06.08. 2021, 8012 Jan Aushadhi Kendras are functional across the country.

How to Open a Jan Aushadhi Medical Store?

What Is Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra Yojna?

In India, there are so many branded medicines sold at high prices. Our neighbouring countries also depend on us for medicine. According to various studies, it has been seen that India is one of the major centres of the pharma industry. Now all the branded companies sell their products at high prices. On the other hand, it has been seen that un-branded medicines are also formulated with the same compounds, and they are doing great. At the therapeutic level,un-branded medicines have the same value. The best part is that you can get them at low prices.

After the pharma advisory meeting, the Indian government decided to open some medicine stores. The medicine will be low in cost with the same efficacy as the branded medicines. In 2008, on November 25, the first Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra was opened. It was declared that there would be more stores in 630 districts. It is how Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendras were established.

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What Is The Vision, Mission And Objective Of PMJAK?


The vision behind PMJAK is to make low price medicine available to every citizen in India.


  • To make people aware, the people of India to think about generic medicine.
  • Making the high demands for generic medicines through practitioners in the medical field.
  • To make people understand that high price products do not bring the certainty of high quality.
  • To provide all the products related to other health care schemes.


The main objective behind the PMJAK is to provide all the medicines at low prices to all people, especially the needy and disadvantaged people. Here the government does not compromise on the quality. Jan Aushadi Medical stores are made to provide good quality medicine so that there will not be any exploitation.

Jan Aushadhi Stores in Brief

  • Jan Aushadhi stores are now available in pan India. To locate the Jan Aushadhi store near you, click Jan Aushadhi store.
  • The working hour of a JAS is 12 hours, from 8 a.m - to 8 p.m.
  • You can check all the therapeutic medicine and their price by clicking Jan Aushadhi price list.
  • The medicines are manufactured under the Bureau Of Pharma Of India (BPPI) and are sold in a general chemist shop to spread the medicine.
  • Any individual can purchase over-the-counter medicines without any prescription. Some scheduled drugs need a prescription from a doctor.
  • The government of India created the pharmaceutical and medical devices bureau in 2008, and it works as the implementing agency.
  • All the medicines are procured from the central pharma PSU (CPSU) and other private sectors.

Who Is Eligible to Open the Aushadhi Store?

  1. State government or any organisation
  2. Reputed NGOs or trusts
  3. Private hospitals
  4. Charitable institutions
  5. Individual pharmacist
  6. People with B- Pharma and D-Pharma degrees.

The Requirements to Open PMJAK

If you want to apply for PMJAK, fill out the form first. Both online and offline forms are available. It is very important to have a proper place to make the proper store. So, you need to buy or rent a space. The space should be at least 120 sq ft, and the government rules it.

After that, the applicant needs to have permission from the drug store. For opening the drug store, he needs to have a licence in the name of Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra. The applicant must ensure all the statutory requirements for the storage of drugs.

If the applicant is an individual, the Aadhaar or PAN card is compulsory. The registration certificate, incorporation certificate, PAN and Aadhar are needed for NGOs or organisations. If the organisation comes under any government, all the documents regarding who allocated the space and everything are needed.

The proof of the pharmacist is compulsory. If the pharmacist has computer knowledge, his registration certificate is compulsory. After that, you have to prove if you are financially capable of running the business or not. You need to submit audited bank documents for the last three years.

As per NITI Ayog, you must submit the form with ₹5,000, non-refundable. However, if you are a woman entrepreneur or someone in the SC, ST category, you do not have to pay a penny. Any person from a backward district gets the same advantage.

What Are the Procedures to Open a Jan Aushadhi Medical Store?

After your application submission, now all the official work starts. PMBI first accepted the form and wrote to the state government as a request to open a Jan Aushadhi medical store in their state. Then the state government takes action. It looks for the proper places around the state government hospitals and recommends a small space around the hospital. Most of the time, the store is open at the hospital entrance. The main reason for standing the store at the entrance is that people can easily notice them. It is also instructed that some medicines are provided free of cost.

How Are Profits Generated?

Opening a PM Jan Aushadhi medical store is lucrative if you do it properly. With the business, you can earn more. Apart from the high pay scale, you can be a part of transforming India. There are certain ways to earn a profit.

  • Generally, a retailer gets almost a 20% margin of the MRP of that medicine. On the other hand, it is 10% only for a distributor.
  • If the store is connected with the BPPI system, the store can get a minimum of ₹2.5 lakhs as incentives. It is counted as 15% of the monthly sale. If the store is in Naxal or the Northeastern area, you can get more than ₹15,000 as incentives.
  • From a Jan Aushadhi Kendra, a person who belongs to the SC-ST category can get ₹50,000 as an advance. The physically challenged people also get the opportunity.
  • The government will provide ₹1 lakh for all the setting types of equipment and the fitting purpose, and an additional ₹50,000 for computer, printer and internet.
  • 25 % of the loss will be provided as expired medicines. However, expired medicines are considered a loss.
  • If your monthly sale is approx ₹1 lakh, you can get at least ₹20,000 as an incentive.

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Important Terms And Conditions

You must check certain terms and conditions before applying for the PMJAK.

  • Applicants must go through the agreement before getting the PMJAK. So it is very important to understand all the agreement conditions.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to get the licencing procedure done.
  • The allocated space is totally for the medical store purpose, so you can not use it for other reasons.
  • You must do all the billing with the software by BPPI. You can not do any billing without having the records.
  • PMJAK can sell the medicines commonly in other medical stores, but if it is an NGO or a trustee, they need to have permission from BPPI before selling the medicine.
  • BPPI generally takes the expiry or damaged medicines or 2% of the MRP of that expired medicine.
  • The credit period will remain up to 30 days from the date of the purchase of the medicine.


Nowadays, with various diseases, people get sick very quickly. In that case, proper medicine is very crucial. Sick people need the medicine in time. In India, there are a lot of brands that are doing business in the pharma industry. They are selling their products in a high process. Most of the time, the poor people can not afford the cost and do not buy the medicine. It causes death. Apart from that, the pharma industry is growing in India. The neighbouring countries come here to treat people. So, there are a lot of cases of dishonest people in business who are selling medicines at a higher cost.

To stop such events, the government took action in 2008 and made the PMJAK. With honest intentions, you can start the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi medical store to help those people who can not afford the high medicine price. You can earn a lot from this business. As mentioned in this article, the government will pay you and give you incentives. This article will clear all the doubts regarding PMJAK.
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Q: Does a PM Jan Aushadhi Kendra generate profit?


Yes, you can get enough profit and also incentives from the government.

Q: Can I apply for the form for PMJAK offline?


You can apply both online and offline.

Q: Who can apply for PM Jan Aushadhi Kendra?


Any doctor, medical practitioner or pharmacist can apply for that.

Q: When did PMJAK start, and where?


It started in 2008 in Punjab.

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