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Complete Guide to getting started with National Skill Registry

India has one of the youngest populations in the world, with a median age of just 28.4 years. To meet the job needs of a young India, it needs a growing economy. Several initiatives have been taken to improve the Learning-Skilling Ecosystem. This gave birth to a separate Skilling ministry and the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). Here's what this National Skill Registry is and how it'll benefit you.

Did you know?

With NSR, you can create unique and permanent profiles that’ll save you from repeated background checks for each employment.

What is National Skills Registry?

The National Skills Registry is a web-based repository containing a personal, academic and career information factsheet of existing and prospective professionals employed in the Indian IT and ITeS industry. The NSR Skill registry provides a platform connecting professionals seeking employment with companies looking to hire professionals and seeking reference information and background check for the purpose.

How Does NSR Work?

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) has made NSDL responsible for setting up and administering the national skill registry. In addition, NSDL is responsible for conceptualising, designing, implementing, managing and maintaining the large database. To address these databases, NSDL has established a technology hub connected to a country-wide network of service centres, to serve the system's users.

By registering with the nationalskillsregistry.com, professionals acquire a secure identity and create their profile with complete personal, academic and career-related information. Therefore, employers hiring such professionals have access to the profile of their prospective employees for reliable and quick verification. Employers also seek existing employee information to confirm service, job promotion, and foreign placements.

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NSR functions

 Below are the principles on which NSR functions:

  1. Right to register: The NSR is open to all professional candidates seeking a career in the IT and ITeS industry. Therefore, they have the right to register with NSR, by validating their skills and qualifications.
  2. Right to declare information: This principle specifies that all professionals comply in registering accurate and factual details about their qualifications and experience.
  3. One person-one profile: A professional can create only one NSR profile, ensuring the person’s identity and uniqueness.
  4. Information Certification: The registered professional has the right to seek verification from a third party or current employer- authorised to access their profile to ensure the authenticity of the information.
  5. Right to share information: Registered professionals can authorise an NSR-registered company to view their profile for verification purposes. A current employer can also view a profile without further permission, maintaining professionalism and confidentiality.

What is the data stored in the NSR profile and how is it used?

The NSR profile contains each candidate’s fact sheet, including personal details and photographs, qualifications, and experience information – all documented appropriately. This data is available for verification by the prospective company when authorised by the registered candidate. During such a verification process, the system gathers verifying authority for future references. Employers registered under NSR can avail the required information of the candidate for further usage.

NSR Registration for Professionals – Steps and process

Creating a profile on the NSR website is a fairly simple process, as elucidated below:

1) Open NSRs official website- nationalskillsregistry.com and click on “Register for NSR”.

2) The website will then take the candidate through the registration procedure. There are some important guidelines to be followed during this process.

3) Read and understand the terms and conditions of registration database usage and then Accept.

4) Professionals create their profiles by entering personal, academic and employment information on the NSR Website. The site facilitates the development of a detailed profile where previous addresses, all qualifications and complete experience history can be captured.

5) All the details furnished and captured by the system are factual and objective, subject to source verification. Information such as skill sets and roles performed are not included.

6) The professional creates their log-in account by entering details like:

  • Login ID,
  • Login password to access the profile.
  • Transaction password (to update the profile).

(The candidate is advised to note down or memorise these details for future usage).

7) Enter the correct email ID as ITPIN, as all subsequent communications will be sent to this email.

8) Professionals can choose to pay the registration and first-year usage fee (₹400 Applicable taxes ) either online using a credit card or can pay the fee to the Point of Service (POS) while submitting biometrics.

9) At the end of the registration, an acknowledgement is generated by the NSR website. The professional should take a print of the acknowledgement, required for submission to the NDML appointed Point of Service (POS), for completing biometric registration.

Registration of biometrics with POS

A professional needs to visit the POS office to complete the registration by submitting their fingerprints, photograph and signature. The professional has to carry valid proof of Photo Identity, which POS will verify for identity assurance.

Points to be noted during registration/biometrics

  • POS captures the necessary data using software provided by NDML and uploads the same to the NSR system. The NSR central system checks for uniqueness based on biometrics. Multiple registrations by professionals will be marked accordingly as duplicates.
  • NSR processes the information and allots a unique National Skills Registration Number i.e. ITPIN, to the professional. NSR registration is now complete.
  • An email is sent to the professional informing them about their National Skills Registration no. number and details of using the NSR system.
  • Professionals can now access their NSR profile based on ITPIN issued by NSR- also called ITPIN NSR, Login ID and Login Password noted during registration.
  • As NSR provides for a permanent profile for the professionals. If any changes/updates are required in the profile details, such as a change in employment or address, the professional can make such changes by accessing their profile.
  • POS offices are available as mobile units, which can be moved to the company premises to facilitate the employees to complete their NSR registration while being in their respective offices.
  • A complete list of POS offices and their contact details are available on NSR website.

Companies joining NSR – Process flow

Any company that is a member of NASSCOM or approved by NSR can be a user of NSR, provided it registers as a subscriber on the  NSR website.

  1. To subscribe to NSR, a company needs to apply in the prescribed format. Subscriber Registration Form is available on nationalskillsregistry.com  
  2. Companies create users to access the NSR system.
  3. Each subscribing company creates users to access the NSR system on its behalf.
  4. These users are usually its officials managing employee recruitment, verification, on-boarding and off-boarding
  5. Every registered user can access the system through the NSR website, using a secure Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  6. Viewing the profiles of registered professionals
  7. Company Users can view/download profiles of a present employee of their company and such professionals who are not company employees but have authorised their company to access the profile. 
  8. Background checks through the system
  9. NSR system provides an online technology platform, which companies can use by setting up requests for getting a background check done. 
  10. In cases where the details are partly verified, the company can get an incremental verification for only "Not Verified" information.
  11. Charges to be paid for the verification service can be negotiated directly with the selected verification agency.

The NSR registered companies have quick and simplified access to the NSR database for verifying candidates’ credentials and references, giving a sense of assurance when hiring candidates for their sensitive work profiles.

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What is NSR Verification?

The NSR profile of a registered professional has the professional's personal, educational and career-related information along with a photograph. The registered staff of the participating company, authorised by the professional, can request verification of information. The NSR system will acquire and safely store the data on confirmation of details, updated by the empanelled 3rd party background verification agency. A prospective employer's subscription to the National Skills Registry is a prerequisite to viewing the profiles of the professionals and verification results. These are subject to being authorised by the registered professional.

Cost for a professional to maintain NSR profile

  • During the first registration, a total fee of ₹400/- along with applicable taxes, has to be paid, consisting of a Registration fee - ₹300/- 1st Year Usage fee - ₹100. 
  • Annual fees of ₹100 taxes are applicable for the maintenance of profile, every year of the usage fee.

Benefits of the National Skills Registry

The NSR benefits both professionals and companies subscribing to the services. Some of the important benefits include:

For professionals

  • Enables an industry-standard profile with complete career details, available on a central system. 
  • NSR helps to have a secure identity
  • An NSR-verified resume helps professionals towards better career opportunities based on their credibility.
  • A transparent background verification system that expedites joining times
  • Having a permanent profile on a NASSCOM driven industry-wide secure database   

For employers or subscribing companies

  • NSR facilitates faster HR processes of background checks for confirmation of service, job promotion, and overseas placements. 
  • NSR eradicates the need for a repeated background about employment with different employers, hastening joining formalities.
  • Costs and time savings in the background checks
  • Effective monitoring of background checking agencies
  • Deterrence against CV faking in the industry creates a disciplined environment that ensures all registered persons enter correct details and get them verified.

Is NSR registration mandatory for professionals?

NSR Registration is not mandatory. However, companies increasingly insist on and prefer candidates/professionals registered on the National Skills Registry system. Moreover, company HRs generally ask job applicants about their registration with Nsr Skill Registry. Therefore, aspiring professionals should have NSR registration to improve their career prospects and quicken joining formalities.

Privacy and security of NSR database

Privacy and security of the employment information on the NSR database are extremely important for professionals. However, it should be noted that the National Skills Registry is a secure repository holding biometric data of more than 1.5 million registered professionals, providing reliable services to professionals and subscribing companies. 

  • The Strong Password Management Policy ensures an access-controlled system for the benefit of registered professionals. This includes secure login and specified transaction password-based updates for data in the future. 
  • The NSR also protects the interest of professionals by ensuring that access to profiles is given based only on prior authorisation. 
  • Academic, employment and personal information are verified by a background checking agency- selected by the individual or employer.  
  • Further, essential features like an audit trail of all relevant actions performed and encrypted data transmission make the National Skills Registry a very secure system.

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The National Skills Registry works as a platform to connect aspiring candidates seeking jobs/careers in the IT and ITeS industry with companies searching for such candidates with suitable profiles. Companies increasingly rely on NSR and the credible employment history, background check of prospective employees and existing employees. So as you can see, it is worth it to get yourself registered with National Skills Registry and make your hiring process even simpler.

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Q: What is National Skills Registry?


 The National Skills Registry is a web-based repository comprising a factsheet of details of existing and prospective professionals employed in the Indian IT, ITeS and BPO sectors. 

Q: Is registering for NSR time-consuming?


Registering for NSR and biometric registration is pretty simple and won’t consume too much of your time.

Q: What are the benefits of NSR?


There are many benefits of NSR, but the main benefit is– an NSR-verified resume helps professionals towards better career opportunities based on their credibility.

Q: How secure is my information on the NSR database?


Your personal information on NSR Database is entirely secure, and one needs prior permission to access your profile. You can also change the login details when needed to keep your information safe.

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