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How to Make Money from Home in India (With Payment Proof)

Everyone needs money for survival, for fulfilling their basic needs like food, clothing, education and recreation. Several individuals like to spend time working after their regular job to add extra income to their regular earnings. Or some prefer to do freelancing or choose the path of completely earning from home. For both these categories of persons and everyone else, there are several options available that will earn them a small to hefty income from the comfort of their home. While this has been a possibility in other parts of the world for a while now, it has also entered the Indian scenario and is fast becoming an easy way for people to earn real money. So, if you have a smartphone or a laptop/computer, an internet connection, and extra time on your hands, you can use any money earning options, including those from online money earning apps. Earn yourself as much money as you desire by taking advantage of the ideas given below. So, let us look at such ideas that you can use to earn money in India while staying at home.

Did you know? In India, people spend an average of 4.8 hours daily on money-making apps.

How to make money at home in India?

People who are bent on earning money while they stay at home can either pursue a single idea with all their focus on just that idea or divide their time between multiple ideas. This way, there will be multiple avenues for earning money, and even if one is slow with returns, the other methods will help balance out the earnings. Here is a list of some chosen ideas that you can look at and pick the ones that best suit your ability, available time, and knowledge.

Ideas to earn real money from Home in India

Some of the effective ways to make money from home are listed as follows:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great choice for working from home, which is gaining increasing popularity, especially in times of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. With freelancing, you have the freedom to take on work when you desire and take time off when you so wish. Freelancing provides you control over your time and the choice of work. You can work during the hours you have free, day or night. All you need to do is ensure that you deliver quality and on time. If you are working as part of a team, you might need to follow certain hours and be present for various updates and meetings. You can get freelance work directly from companies through references or websites that connect freelancers with those wanting to get work done.  

Why go for a Freelance Website or App?

Websites that enable clients to connect with freelancers prove extremely beneficial for both parties. While the freelancers enjoy more than decent pay via these websites, the clients also benefit from the chance of providing clear instructions and required project detail. All these facilities ensure that the communication is improved, both clients and freelancers have the flexibility of choice, and the website provides a transparent and systematic approach to functioning.  A part of the income from the freelancer and some payment from the client goes to the website or app providing the platform for connecting the two. Some benefits from such sites and apps are:

  • Communication is complete and clear.
  • Connects freelancers with big clients who hire freelancers
  • Improved methods for collaboration
  • Payments are done on a timely basis
  • Payments are safe and secure
  • Provides better exposure to both clients and freelancers
  • Provides better opportunities for expansion
  • Provides future portfolio for parallel projects
  • Rework is clearly defined
  • There is no exchange of physical currency

Some of the best money earning apps and websites for finding freelance work are:

  • Upwork

  • Dribble
  • Working Nomads
  • Flexiport
  • Fiverr

  • Worknhire
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

Before you fix any website or app for picking up freelance work, check out reviews or clients and freelancers regarding that platform. Associate only if you are sure of their good reputation. 

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2. Online Games

Several websites and apps provide hours of fun playing games while also rewarding winners with cash earnings. Several games can be played with the money option or without it. Some of the sites where you can play games for money are:

  • Paytm First Games

  • Qureka

  • Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show

Nearly every day, you can find new money earning app or websites in the market for games. Keep a watch for them and research before you begin to play.  Go for only those games where you know the subject.  For example, do not play a football-based game if you do not know anything about football and its players.  

3. Product Reselling

Various websites and apps provide reselling opportunities. These apps have many items for sale that you can share with people, and if anyone buys what you have shared, you will earn a commission. Such apps are safe and user friendly, yet it is important to research the reputation before entering into any business with such a site or app. Some such avenues that you can explore are:

  • GlowRoad

  • Meesho

  • Shop 101

4. Trading

In the current scenario, online trading in stocks and shares can be done by everyone as there are many platforms, apps and educational videos that can guide you on the same. Trading has been made easy by various websites and apps that provide ongoing trends and advice. You can make use of these and earn as you trade. Some of the best money earning apps through trading are:

  • ET Markets
  • NDTV Profit

  • Moneycontrol
  • Zerodha Kite

  • Stock Edge

5. Online Teaching

How to make money at home in India? The world of the Internet provides great opportunities for online teaching and tutoring that offer great earnings, too. Your ability, experience, and qualifications will decide how much you can earn.  There are several websites with which you can register yourself as a tutor based on your qualifications, the subjects you wish to teach, and the classes you wish to teach. Some platforms that you can look at for online teaching are:

  • tutorindia.net
  • BharatTutors.com
  • MyPrivateTutor.com

6. Blogging

Starting a blog about the topic which interests you the most is a wise idea when beginning this task. Identify the need of the audience and incorporate topics that would expand your blog’s reach which will help you in earning a decent amount.

Several bloggers have found ways to earn a grand amount of money from the blogs that they host. Suppose you have good command over your language and a creative mind and speak from your heart. In that case, you can start a blog and get yourself an online job from the very comfort of your home, with minimal investment (just your smartphone/computer, a website, and an internet connection) that you can start from your home. 

If you go in for promoting any affiliate product on your blog, you can earn an income from it. One great way to do this is to use the AdSense program from Google since you get paid for every time a visitor clicks any ad from AdSense.

Besides affiliate marketing, there are many ways that you can earn from your blog, some being space selling, selling of services and products that you provide, and displaying advertising programs.

7. CPM Ads

The full form of CPM is cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions. To use CPM, you need to create your advertising account, followed by adding the account code to the website you run. When you publish an advertisement, you will get revenue for every thousand views. This method acts as a key metric for advertisers for understanding how much a product or service is desired in the market, therefore, it is a widely used method. While the initial revenues for this option are low, an increase in traffic to your website will raise the revenues. 

8. Sell Digital Products

You can earn revenue by selling such products as e-book, online workshops/courses, apps, themes, plug-ins, and such. This is a great opportunity for those who do not wish to advertise services and products of anyone else on their website. Make full use of such digital products. Make your e-book based on the theme you are most comfortable with and that which caters to the needs of your audience.

9. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, even a single sale will earn you a good amount of income compared to any other product, like clicking on a contextual advertisement. An affiliate marketer pays you a commission on each sale that happens via your site. There is no limit to the affiliate marketing partners that you can have. Some options are:

  • ShareASale

  • CJ
  • Amazon

  • Awin

10. Write Paid Reviews

Put effort into writing review posts of services and products of various companies. There are several websites where you can write reviews for products and services. Some of the money-making app for writing paid reviews are:

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Freelance Writer
  • Editor

11. Online Marketing

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to online services and products marketing via the internet and social platforms. This can be done by using display advertising, mobile applications, or various digital platforms. You can design ads or place ads and earn a commission from the sales of the products or services. 

12. Investing in Short-term Earning Options

Short-term investment is a great way to earn from the money you already have. Even though the earnings might not be too high, they are safe, and you are sure of getting back your investment and a profit on it. Some of the short-term investments that you can go in for are: 

Savings Account: This will provide you with interest on the money that you keep in your savings account.

Fixed Deposit: You can invest money in a fixed deposit for a specific period. This will earn you a better interest than the interest you would earn in the savings account. This investment is also safe as far as your money and interest are concerned. 

Mutual Funds: A form of investment fund which is regulated by SEBI. It functions by pooling many investors' money by buying bonds, stocks, shares, etc. These contain higher risk than FD and savings accounts but can provide higher returns on smaller investments. A fund manager professionally manages mutual funds. 

Liquid Mutual Funds: Mutual funds of this type invest in government certificates of deposit or securities for a short term period.  The maturity period of these liquid mutual funds is between 4 days to 91 days. It is easy to enter and exit these liquid mutual funds. They provide higher returns than what you would earn with any savings account.

Recurring Deposit: This is a form of term deposit that all banks offer. It requires you to make deposits of a certain amount at regular intervals, and you receive returns on those deposits after a specific period. You can make monthly deposits into the recurring deposit of a fixed amount of money and receive interest on it. A recurring deposit provides you with greater flexibility than a fixed deposit scheme.

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Earning money from home in India has become easier in the current times. If you have decided to venture on this path, you need to stay committed, not expect to earn big immediately from every avenue you explore, and try to spread your time across several different opportunities. Do not be disheartened, and do not give up. Maintain regular timings, stay alert, and devote yourself when working on the earning opportunities. Use the money-making apps mentioned in this article and more to step ahead in gaining a side income. 

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Q: What is the full form of CPM?


The full form of CPM is the cost per mile. In CPM advertising, individuals get paid when the ads they have put up are viewed every thousand times.

Q: What is online marketing?


Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to online services and products marketing via the internet and social platforms. This can be done by using display advertising, mobile applications, or various digital platforms.

Q: What are some short-term investment options available for persons to make money from home in India?


Some of the short-term investment options are:

  • Savings Bank Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Mutual Fund
  • Liquid Mutual Fund

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