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Table of content

How to Start An Online Saree Business from Home

Rather than working for someone, almost everyone wants to establish a business and be their own boss. In India, this is the fundamental reason for the growth of local firms, which are both successful and attractive to people who want to work from home. A home-based saree business is one such option that is less risky because there is no need to invest in infrastructure. Let’s read more about it.

Scope of Online Saree Business

Due to changing fashion trends, dressing choices have altered in India, yet sarees are still the number one choice and are highly prized. Women wear it to family gatherings and festivals, as well as to work. Business-wise, the saree industry continues to flourish, with new types being introduced every year. Machine-woven and hand-woven, naturally-dyed and vegetable-dyed sarees are abundant nowadays. This is a sign of sarees' increasing popularity. Also, because of the apparent growth in demand, this business is lucrative. 

In recent years, new merchants have entered the market with some beautiful designs. Furthermore, the e-commerce industry in India is known for offering a seamless purchasing experience that is both innovative and consistent. For an internet store, you don't even need to invest in infrastructure or a huge inventory because you can do everything online at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. To find the desired collection, you only need your smartphone/laptop and a proper internet connection. 

Different models of online saree business

Some of the profitable saree store business ideas and models to help you succeed in the online saree business are listed below.

  • Social Media Selling
  • Online Saree Store
  • Online Wholesale saree business
  • Saree business at home

Saree business tips for an online saree business

  • Understanding of Sarees and fabrics: Gaining an edge over your competition requires detailed knowledge of the products and services you're going to offer, as well as a deep understanding of the market. Moreover, it will help you in the future to address your clients' questions promptly. And you'd know the features of your merchandise to sell it to the target audience.
  • Laptop/smartphone with fast internet connectivity: Good internet connectivity and a laptop or smartphone are essential for conducting an online business to create a website or engage with potential consumers on social media. An online saree business needs to be on social media platforms to reach out to customers. 
  • Knowledge about manufacturers and distributors: Having a thorough understanding of manufacturers and their distribution networks is vital for doing saree business. A long-term online saree business requires a solid working connection with manufacturers and their distributors, which might be difficult to achieve. Therefore, networking is the ideal option for identifying suitable manufacturers and distributors. You can't afford to provide low-quality products to your customers, especially if your business is primarily online. As a result, you should look for manufacturers who can give you a high-quality product at a fair price. It's easy to discover good dealers in Surat, Varanasi, Fulia (West Bengal), and Chennai because there are many good designers who manufacture various styles at a low price. Nevertheless, before travelling into these markets, it's a good idea to identify local weavers who can assist you and provide the best prices. You will need to market your products with photographs and specs; once an order is received, your weavers will courier it to the customer.
  • Understanding your customer: In today's market, people have a wide range of choices. Being aware of industry trends is, therefore, beneficial. Because the saree industry is so huge, it can be challenging to target the correct audience. Decide who you want to sell your sarees to before you start selling them. Indian women come from throughout the country, and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Everyone has their own unique set of preferences. Some prefer silk, and some only enjoy cotton. Here, you'll need to decide who you'd like to target. If you're first starting, attempt to meet the needs of only one or two types of customers at a time.

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Business plan to start an online home based saree business

  • Research on saree business in India: Do extensive research on sarees, existing players, data, demographics, and whatever else you can get your hands on. There are many free references and resources available online. Investigate the existing competitors, as well as what successful online stores have done differently. This phase is analogous to the foundation stone: the stronger it is, the better the odds of success.
  • Create a working plan: Planning a business requires a comprehensive awareness of the business's needs, target clientele, and potential hurdles. An expert in your online saree business can assist you.
  • Assess financial requirements: Next is to assess the costing or expenses required to start the business. The total capital necessary for your online saree business depends on the prices of sarees, marketing charges, internet fees, and other minor expenses. Decide how much money you'll need to keep your firm functioning which includes sarees, courier, packing, and other necessary expenses. Your ongoing costs need to be evaluated once your startup costs have been determined.
  • Pricing strategy: The material and pattern of your sarees, courier, and packing costs will determine the price of your products. Consider offering the highest quality saree at the best pricing to attract more customers and grow your business.
  • Choose a niche: You must understand your target clients and the type of saree business you are running. There are many different varieties of sarees, such as Banarasi Sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, etc. As a result, you can choose to focus on one type or keep them all.
  • Create your online e-commerce store or website and social media accounts: Creating an online saree store is the first choice. Put high-quality photographs of sarees on your website so clients can see them before they buy. This website will be useful for running you r saree business from home.  As an alternative, you can register as a third-party seller on A mazon or Flipkart. They allow third-party registration online. Providing information regarding your Goods and Services Tax (GST) number, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, and other necessary documents is all that's required of you.     
  • Register your business: Begin by registering your business as an official legal entity. To register, you'll need your GST number and PAN. A bank account must be opened as soon as possible. You have the option of registering as a proprietorship or a partnership. Once you've registered your internet business, you'll acquire the essential licenses and permissions to operate it legally. 
  • Marketing: Social media engagement is the best marketing technique. It includes creating visually appealing web pages, personal networking, the use of social media platforms, marketing materials and testimonials from your customers. You can promote your products with daily offers such as zero shipping costs, discounts, unique starting prices, free gifts, among other things.

Platforms to sell saree online from home

Because you're planning to start an online business, you'll need an online presence. A website, as well as a social media platform, are excellent ways to display your collection. It also helps to connect with your audience and reach more people through the use of social media. Different online platforms where you can sell your sarees are: 

  • Whatsapp groups

As a marketing tool, the WhatsApp saree business is a lucrative opportunity. Start with telling your local friends and family about your new business venture. For individuals interested in your items, create a WhatsApp group and share your newest products regularly with people who are following you. You can create a Whatsapp Business Account for the same.

  • Facebook and Instagram

One of the best platforms for online merchants, homemakers, and students to interact and buy and sell stuff is through Facebook groups and Instagram.

Social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook are ideal for saree business opportunities. Instagram shopping has been a hugely successful strategy in the realm of internet marketing. As a bonus, you may use these sites for advertising for a fee by using influencers. Your audience would grow as a result. Along with your saree brochures, you can also display the current discounts and special deals available in your shop.

  • Reselling app

Reselling with Meesho is a simple way to work from home and make a lot of money. As a reseller, you can share products from the Meesho app with your network or social media and earn a commission on each transaction.

  • Other eCommerce platforms

Collaboration as a third-party seller with eCommerce platforms such as  Flipkart and Amazon is a  cost-effective strategy. Your customer base will increase, and one significant advantage is that these companies handle the logistics. It enables business owners to concentrate on their products. They would, however, inspect the quality of your sarees. You can begin selling your stuff online after they are satisfied.

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In India, the online saree business is one of the most lucrative business opportunities that require minimal technical expertise. It is possible to make a lot of money selling sarees online in today's market. You can start this business from your home without investing in infrastructure. In India, sarees are continuously in demand. Hence, the profitability of this industry will always sustain. Sarees never go out of style because of the sheer variety they offer. It's enough of a motivation to start your online saree business today, especially with the digital boom we've been experiencing. Saree companies are lucrative in the long run, even if they can be intimidating at the beginning of the journey.

To succeed, this business demands a lot of hard work and a lot of market research. Before anything else, it takes a thorough understanding of what the customer is looking for. To get cheaper materials, you can partner with manufacturers who have a distribution network. Contact local weavers to get advice. Being honest, not compromising on quality, and remaining patient are all keys to success in the world of online saree ventures. As soon as you've established a solid name in the market, there's a means to attract overseas clientele. Those who understand this market will have a better chance of success. 

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Q: Can I start a saree wholesaler business in India?


The best option to start a saree business with minimal investment is to sell sarees online. Investigate material suppliers and distributors in small markets in different cities to find out who supplies wholesale sarees. Later, it is possible to sell Kurtis, lehenga cholis, Ghagra, and other quality apparel materials when you become successful in the internet saree business.

Q: How should I promote my online saree business?


You can promote online saree business in India by using various internet marketing tools such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Story/Post Ads, Pinterest, and Whatsapp for Business and other social media portals.

Q: Where can I get sarees in bulk from?


Many wholesale bazaars in every city sell sarees in bulk for a fair price. Some local distributors and suppliers, on the other hand, tour the country, selling their products in cities around the country. Since the pandemic, online saree wholesaling has proven to be the most successful method to earn an income.

Q: How profitable is the online saree business?


If you want to make money, it's better to create an online shop. Very little investment is required to start a saree business at home, so it doesn’t matter if the profit margin isn't as prominent on low-cost sarees. The online saree business is, nonetheless, successful because every sale of designer sarees generates a nice profit margin.

Q: How to sell sarees from home online?


To begin an online saree company from home, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a website that showcases all of your sarees.

Step 2: Create your catalogues and pricing in your saree business plan.

Step 3: Create accounts with online marketing businesses such as Shopify, Amazon, and others to start a wholesale saree business in India.

Step 4: Some popular saree business strategies include regular discounts, appealing offers, bulk offer variables, and higher quality at a fair price.

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