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Methods and Procedures for Paying Credit Card Bills

You can manage your finances during the shortage of cash with the help of a credit card. The credit card allows you to manage the funds, purchase the goods, and repay the amount later. If used judiciously by the customers, credit cards can offer great financial freedom and are widely accepted.

A credit card is a credit facility provided by the banks where people can borrow money within limits specified by the banks. The issuer decides the credit card limit based on certain factors such as the income and credit score of the credit cardholder. The information on the credit card includes the cardholder's name, expiry date, signature, and CVC code. You can use your credit card to pay for food, travel, medical expenses, emergency services, etc. If you are a new credit card holder, this article will help you with your credit bill payments.

Did You Know?

If you responsibly use your credit card, your bank increases the credit limit.

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Methods to Make Credit Card Bill Payment Online

You can make your credit card bill payment either online or offline mode. But, the majority of credit cardholders prefer to make credit bill payments online today.

Making the credit card bill payment through internet banking is usually preferred over other payment methods. The online payment method is convenient and straightforward. Even in internet banking, you can pay the credit card bill in several ways: mobile banking, debit card, auto-debit, NEFT, IMPS, electronic bill payments, and national automated clearinghouse. Every online paying option has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us know about the credit card bill payment online methods in more detail.

Today, the internet has made our banking work easier. Most of the banks in India have the facility of Internet banking. Some other banks have collaborated with third-party bill payment services that provide online payment channels. Given below are some of the online payment methods through which you can pay credit card bills online –

• Internet Banking

• NEFT/RTGS (online funds transfer)


 • Through bill desk 

• Auto Debit Facility

• Mobile Wallets and UPI

Payment of Credit Card Bill Through Net Banking

It is the simplest way to pay a credit card bill online. You can pay your credit card bill online instantly from anywhere. The steps to pay the credit card bill online are –

• Login to your bank's online net banking platform from which you want to make payment.

• Now click on the credit card option

• Click on the 'register new card' option to enter your credit card details and click on submit. You need to register your credit cards details only if you are paying its bill for the first time through internet banking

• Now click on the 'transact option' and select your registered credit card

• Select the mode of your payment and click on confirm after filling all the required details correctly

NEFT Transfer

The credit card bill payment through NEFT transfer usually takes a processing time of 1 working day.

• NEFT funds transfer is an online facility to pay credit card bills using any of your net banking accounts.

• You can check your total outstanding bill from the credit card bill payment app and transfer that amount from your bank to the credit card account online through NEFT transfer.

• Before initiating the payment, ensure that you have registered your credit card details as the 'biller' or 'beneficiary'.

• To register your credit card as the biller, you need to fill in specific details such as credit card number, cardholder name, IFSC code, bank name, branch, and others as may be required.

• You must carefully check the IFSC code before submitting the information since the IFSC code is different for credit card payments.

Please note that NEFT transfer method, you will have to wait for 30 minutes to 24 hours after registering your credit card to make the final payment.


The full form of IMPS is Immediate Payment Services. As the name suggests, it helps to transfer funds immediately. For making a credit card bill payments through IMPS, follow these steps –

1. log in to your bank account in the mobile application

2. Select the IMPS option

3. Select the 'merchant payment' option

4. Now enter the details such as the contact details of the biller, your bank details, credit card number, and the bill amount

5. Click on confirm

Through Bill Desk

It is an option for people who don't have an online bank account. Even if you don't have an online account, you can quickly pay your credit card bill through the bill desk by following these steps –

• Visit the payment page on your bank website

• Now check whether your bank allows credit card bill payment through the bill desk or not

• If your bank allows, follow the same further procedures like registering the credit card, entering its details, etc.

Auto-Debit Facility

This method makes the credit card bill payment on its due date itself. You can register your credit card issuer for the auto-debit facility and can rest assured about the due dates of your credit card bill. This facility allows you to give instructions to your bank to debit the credit card bill on the same day of every month. You can enter the minimum amount or the total amount of the bill. Once you register your credit card as the biller, your credit card bill will be paid automatically on the due date.

Methods to Pay Credit Card Bill Offline

You can also pay your credit card bill offline in the following ways –

1. Customer Support Service – Many credit card issuers allow cardholders to make the payment of credit card bills by contacting their customer support staff. You must have a savings or current account in any bank. You can contact the staff and know about the entire details for paying the credit card bill.

2. ATM – You can also use the ATM to pay your credit card bill if you have the debit card of the same bank as your credit card. Visit the ATM of the same bank, insert your debit card, and select the credit card option. Now enter your bill amount to make the payment.

3. Over-The-Counter Bill Payment – You can visit the nearest bank branch of your credit card. Fill out the cash deposit slip with your credit card details and bill amount. Now make the payment with this slip at the counter.

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Benefits of Paying Credit Card Bill Online

1. Easy and simple – Paying the credit card bill online is a simple and easy task. It also saves time since you don't need to visit the bank branch or ATM.

2. Convenience – It is preferred as the most convenient method since you can instantly pay your credit card bill.

3. Safe and Secure – It is a safe and secure payment method since the banks ensure that your privacy is protected.

4. Eco-Friendly – It is an eco-friendly method since it saves paper, cheques, and stamps and eliminates the cutter.

Important Tips While Making Online Payment

1. Check the statement – Before making your credit card bill payment online, you must check all the details and statements from the credit card bill payment app to enter all the details correctly while making a payment.

2. Check the payment process time – Always check the time of processing that will be taken in your payment method and plan your payment accordingly. This will help you make payments before the due date and save you from penalties.

3. Double Check your details -You must always check your credit card details and the bill amount before entering to avoid any inconvenience while making the payment.


Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to keep cash transactions minimum. Credit cards help you at the time of your financial crisis and help you save more money by earning cashback, redeeming points, and so on. We should also keep in mind that we must responsibly use our credit cards so that we don't end up in debt. The interest charged by the credit card companies for the late payment of bills is too high. So we must always make the debit card bill payment on time to get rid of fines and penalties. We hope that this article has given you a deep understanding of the payment methods of credit bills. You must select the best method of paying your credit card bill at your convenience.
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Q: What are the offline methods of payment for credit card bills?


The offline methods are ATM, over-the-counter service, and contacting customer staff.

Q: What are the online methods of payment for credit card bills?


The online methods for payment of bills are Net Banking, NEFT, IMPS, wallet, etc.

Q: What is the processing time taken by the NEFT process for payment?


The processing time in the case of NEFT is usually 1 working day.

Q: Can I make the credit bill payment if I don't have an online account?


Yes, you can make the payment through the bill desk in that situation.

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