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How To Setup A Mobile Accessories Shop Online & Boost Sales?

Mobile phones have become a basic need in recent years. It is no longer a luxury product. Having said this, starting a mobile accessories shop is a brilliant idea as it is cost-effective but yields a good profit. If you have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, then don’t miss this opportunity to start an online mobile business. 

We understand your concern and agree that the mobile accessories shop is a common business that has its own challenges.  But, stay assured that this blog will guide you about how to start your online mobile accessories shop business and make it profitable.

Why To Start A Mobile Accessories Business?

Understand that apart from being a fancy business, the mobile shop business is in demand too. The value of this business which was valued at $1.42 Bn in 2016 is expected to shoot as high as $3.54 Bn in another 5 years. The contribution of the Indian market for this business is significant. 

The ranking of all mobile accessories list conducted by researchnester.com is as follows. There are predominantly seven items that top the list and this confirms that there is no apprehension about a failure in your mobile accessories shop business. 

Accessory Rank
Batteries 4
Chargers 2
Headsets 3
Memory Cards 5
Portable Speakers 7
Power Banks 6
Protective Cases 1

However, there are a few marketing strategies you must follow to make your business successful. 

How To Open Mobile Accessories Shop Online 

Opening a physical showroom is costly when compared to an online shop. Also, online shops are becoming popular in recent years and are a must during this COVID pandemic. This is the right time to learn digitization which is going to be the order of life in the coming years. 

#1. Information Collection

List down all the mobile accessories manufacturers and research to understand the price of their accessories. This will give you an idea about how many mobile accessories images you need to capture and post on your website. Collect all details related to the accessories before you reach out to a website designer. 

#2. Website Design and Hosting

Making a great website is the first step towards a successful online business. Remember to shell a few extra pennies and get a professional website properly hosted. People feel daunted if your site happens to be slow or not show images properly. Your website will talk for your business and hence make sure it is responsive when accessed from any device. Customers do not always use a PC to visit your site but they use their tablets and smartphones. Designing a website is the most important aspect to win over the competition in this business. 

#3. An Accessory Listing Online Store With Offers

Next, all mobile accessories list should be arranged in such a way allowing customers to search it based on the brand, cost, availability, etc. Provide offers to each accessory to bait your customers and make them stay in your site for long. Never give them rooms to leave your website in search of a better offer. Do the homework right before you launch any offer. Also, list all accessories with their description. Let the explanation provide all details about each accessory. 

#4. Promote Your Mobile Accessories Shop On Social Media

Creating a professional website and providing a lucrative offer alone won’t suffice. You need to be visible on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc to let people know about your online store. Ask people who have visited your site to recommend you on social media site and that will increase the likelihood of increasing your website traffic. You can also post photos of the accessories and ask for reviews from existing customers. Social media promotion is the cheap and best online marketing strategy. 

#5. Content Marketing

Similar to social media posting you need to post blogs on your website. Collect informative points about each accessory like how to use them correctly for longer lifetime, etc. These inputs will add value to your online shop and increases sales. Several people purchase things having no clue about how to rightly use them. Thus these instructions will be a bonus to all those who buy items from your shop. 

#6. Location-based Services

Encourage online store visitors to find your mobile accessories shop on location-based services. This will enhance the visibility of your online store. 

#7. Embrace Guest Posting Technique

It is another key aspect to promote your business online in a cost-effective manner. Create informative blogs and post them in branded sites and sites that receive more traffic as a guest. This will catch the attention of readers in large and thus you can route those people to your mobile accessories shop website. 

#8. Add Personal Touch To Your Online Mobile Accessories Shop

The last but most important step to follow to keep your online mobile accessories shop active is to stay connected with your customers. Whether they shopped once or twice doesn’t matter. You need to send out emails to them about the latest offers, greetings for occasions like New Year, etc to let them know that you value their business. You can also look at the purchase history to send them updates about the accessories that they frequently buy. In case you do not have an item at the time when they looked for, make sure to order and send them a notification when you get it. These small gestures will make the difference and certainly, you will win loyal customers. 

Last-Mile To Reach The Top 

Once you follow all these steps and build an online mobile accessories shop feel glad that you are on the right track. However, to keep the ball rolling you need to be actively checking out what your competitors do differently. Also, check out the right payment method to allow customers the payment journey a smooth one when they purchase accessories from your store. In a nutshell, focusing on the website design, accessory listing, promotional offers, content marketing, and social media presence will help you boost your sales. 

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