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Best ideas for starting a small business in Pune

Pune is one of the emerging hubs for startups and small businesses and is well-known for its diversity in people and industries. Known as Oxford of the East, Maharashtra’s second-largest city Pune, is a centre for education, IT, automobile manufacturing, small businesses, and more. Pune is ideal for entrepreneurship as it has a sound economy and a high per capita income. It is a vibrant city busy with business events, meetings, trade shows, and exhibitions, resulting in several small businesses as a support system. The busy metropolis is also growing fast, therefore, there is ample scope for starting a small business in Pune.

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Start a home business in Pune: 

Some opportunities can be started at home, as a side business, a low-investment idea, and several small-scale businesses that have the potential to earn a lucrative monthly income and also put India on the global map. Read the list of business ideas curated especially for you. 

  • Creche and Baby Care Centre:

Pune has a large share of working women who need such services, and this home-based business idea has proven to be successful across several metropolitan cities. Individuals can start with almost no investment and grow their business as their popularity increases. They can also expand their range of services and are ideal for women with little or no business experience who do not want to venture out too far from their homes. For opening a creche or baby care, one needs to have knowledge about taking care of small children, therefore, child care completion certification is a must. You also need to have a health and safety permit and proper registration for the business. 

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  • Offer Technical Support:

If you are qualified and can offer tech support to the ones in need, this business in Pune could be a wise choice. Pune has a host of industries in the IT sector and needs a lot of support persons to handle technical queries for their company. A technical support agent normally answers calls from potential clients with questions on what to purchase, service issues, customer walk-through presentations etc. 

In all probability, you already have the hardware and software required in your home. If not, you will need to buy a laptop with the capability of handling video or online calls. Always start small and as a single operator before hiring new employees or sharing your workload to speed and broaden your scope of services.

  • Business Broker:

Pune has many names like Queen of the Deccan, Oxford of the East, and at its core, a large and vital business sector with new ventures coming up daily. New businesses venture into varied segments and offer a gamut of services. The existing businesses also need marketing support, new clients, help with establishing or selling their products and services, and more. 

A business broker has to act as a bridge and find the urgent seller and buyer of services to earn a decent commission from both parties. Though this small business in Pune may sound complex and is a path less trodden, it depends on your abilities, skills, contacts, prior experience and knowledge. It is also a null-investment proposal to invest in yourself and your career. Therefore, you need a certificate or diploma in the relevant brokerage services. You need to have good negotiation skills, stay up-to-date about the industry, and the ability to evaluate and manage financial data. 

  • Invest in Stock Trading:

For a small business idea with low investment, Stock Trading can prove lucrative and can easily be started in Pune, especially if you reside there. The stock market is a high-risk environment, so you may have to struggle a bit unless you have sufficient knowledge and contacts. You will need to do a lot of stock market research and understand where to put money. 

Study the trends in the American, European, Domestic and other International stock markets. Speak to other stock traders and brokers to figure out where you want to position your services. Take online courses to understand and get educated on the nitty-gritty of stock trading. There is plenty of scope, and if you don’t have large investments to make, don’t despair. Think of stock consultancy, investment consultancy as part-time business ideas in Pune.

  • Start a quick-service restaurant:

The food sector business ideas rarely fail and can bank on never-ending demand since Pune has a lot of young and working people. A quick-service restaurant serves food quickly. This business grows exponentially and involves an investment. You can start small and from home with an online delivery partner and supply to nearby hospitals, companies, schools, colleges, etc. If you do have the money, you can also look for small scale business ideas in Pune with franchise opportunities from a reputed brand. For example, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Chai Sutta Bar, Café Coffee Day, and more.

  • Begin with Online Marketing:

COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns saw a lot of traction with businesses shifting to an online base, focusing on selling digitally. Online marketing is a hotbed of opportunities among the small business opportunities Pune. An online marketing expert helps with gaining clients for a business through effective use of platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. 

If you love using social media and can leverage your knowledge of Google’s search engine, algorithms, business analytics, etc., this niche is super easy for you. You don’t even need to work full-time as it is a great idea for a part-time business. You can also up-skill with a few online courses on SEO optimization, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing, Podcasts etc. Once you see your profits growing, you can always switch to a full-time model. The best part is all you need to do is depend on your skills!

  • Plan events and weddings:

People spend lavishly on birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. They want the moment to be perfect with floral decorations, candid photographs, designer outfits, once-in-a-lifetime venues, a costume stylist, hair stylist, salon services and delectable food. The event planner or manager must have flair for providing and planning these services for all events. You will need people to help you get things done in these great side business ideas in Pune. Once you have a few great events in your portfolio, you can grow to other cities and even brand your events. You will also need to have prior experience in the field and can look to do a short course in event management.

  • Help repair gadgets:

The digital era is here and is fast-paced with the need for upgrades, repairs, recharges, and more. Living in the modern era also means that many people out there do not know how to do it themselves, like many older people have little or no knowledge of gadgets. Teach older people all about Alexa, WhatsApp, and other social networking apps, repair old computers and laptops, mobile phones, resolve software incompatibility issues. Go the repair and not replace way! A mobile technologist or technician can work at mobile shops part-time or start-up their shop. Of course, engage in relevant courses, get a skill upgrade, and start small with this low investment business in Pune.

  • Start tutoring and a coaching institute:

Many students aspire to take competitive exams or enrol for higher education. You can even use a part-time and online business model with this idea. A coaching institute for English, presentation skills, communication, competitive exams, subject-wise tutorials etc is sure to find takers if the fee is reasonable. Cities like Bangalore, Kota, Delhi etc., have professional institutes in this segment with wait-lists for enrolment. So, use your knowledge to help you to succeed. For starting this business, you would need a minimum investment of ₹60-70 lakhs. 

  • Resell old books:

Reading on Kindle will never be the same as holding a book and smelling the fragrance of paper. `Selling used books or e-books for a commission can be among the business opportunities in Pune to start. Contacting colleges can help grow your business as the students who pass out and sell their books cheap, and the new students appreciate cheaper books. Making photocopies of notes, providing technical content writing services, and leveraging your online presence can be very helpful as a part-time venture to augment your income. You will need storage space and a small investment to buy the old books initially.

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Many young entrepreneurs want to start trading or a small business to help them become independent earning members. They search for low-cost business ideas in Pune that have nil or little investment. Pune is an excellent location with high demand and a ready market for such ventures. It is full of dynamic professionals, students, and young IT workers. Plus many of the ideas you have read above are nearly zero-investment or low-investment ideas.

It is not roses all the way to success for business entrepreneurs. They still have to deal with employee management, maintain attendance records, file GST returns, understand their daily profits, invoice, bill their clients, maintain the daily operations and more. Here’s where Khatabook will come as immensely useful to entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Q: Is content writing a good home-based opportunity in Pune?


Yes. This opportunity needs only your skills and time. Do check out online courses on content writing, blogging, web development, etc. If your inclinations are in this area, you will find several online forums to take up assignments while freelancing and working part-time.

Q: Will a laundry business work in Pune?


Yes, it is a good idea to start a Laundromat where you hire the machine, water, detergent etc for people who may not have wash machines. With a large floating population and IT workers needing such services, the idea has good market potential.

Q: Do franchise offers have any low investment options in Pune?


Yes, several franchisee operations are not really high-investment. Some may start with a fee of ₹2 Lakh. Bear in mind that other than this, you still need commercial space, operational expenses, raw material investments, technological support systems etc.

Q: Is a real estate consultancy in Pune a good idea to start with?


Real estate consultancy may start slowly. However, it is lucrative and can be grown with low investment. The market potential is very encouraging in the three basic sectors of food, housing and clothing.

Q: Is an HR firm consultancy a good idea in Pune?


Yes, every business requires a human resource department for managing their various segments, industries and businesses. Various businesses can outsource from your HR firm, therefore, it is a low-investment option that can bring in success and money while being a home-based business in Pune.

Q: Can I start a pharmacy in Pune with small investment?


Yes, if you have a degree in pharmacy, low investment capital and some experience, you can set up a pharmacy. You can also try the franchise options of Tata 1 mg, Apollo, NetMeds etc.

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