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Complete Guide To Starting A Barbeque Nation Franchise

Want to earn more money or grow your present company but don't know how to get started? A food retail shop as a franchise is one of the most profitable business opportunities available today. In India, the food sector is one of the fastest-growing businesses, with consumerism, urbanisation and a rising working population being the primary drivers of this expansion.

However, owing to a large number of customers and the industry's projected expansion, the level of competition is also rising. In this scenario, if you are considering opening a food establishment, we recommend that you begin by purchasing a franchise from an already established and well-known restaurant chain. 

Here's an example of a restaurant chain that is well-known for its barbecue food in India and internationally for its barbeque cuisine. It is the Barbeque Nation franchise that we are referring to here.

Did you know?

Barbeque Nation Franchise has grown from a single Mumbai location to a network of 140 sites throughout India and beyond. It pioneered the concept of live food counters and self-service cuisines.

Barbeque Nation Franchise: How It All Started

For the first time in India's history, Barbeque Nation introduced the concept of a live grill in 2006. consumers spotted a grill hidden behind a table at Atlanta's Barbeque Nation. As a result, it immediately became one of the most popular options for clients who wanted to prepare their own barbeque at home.

The firm is now considering expanding throughout the country. Since its inception in Mumbai, Barbeque Nation has expanded to over 150 outlets.

Why open a Barbeque Nation Franchise?

One of the current promoters, who also serves as the organisation's president, established the restaurant in 2006. In addition to more than 150 sites in India, Barbeque Nation has outlets in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Oman. It's also growing fast and has received cash through an IPO and is now listed on the Indian Stock Exchange, indicating how quickly the company's owners want to grow their restaurant business and locations.

Barbeque Nation is not like any other fine dining establishment you've ever been to before. This establishment's most popular unique selling feature is the live barbecue facility it offers to customers, enabling them to grill their meals according to their preferences and tastes. Barbeques are set up on each table, providing clients with an excellent barbeque experience while still enjoying the comforts of nice eating space.

Additionally, its DIY (Do It Yourself) approach and budget-friendly menu pricing draw a large number of customers to its restaurant locations. 

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How to Open a Barbeque Nation Franchise

Are you considering opening a Barbecue Nation franchise? But you haven't a clue how to get there? Then this post will be of use to you. We have provided you with a complete guide on the various requirements to open a bbq nation franchise, benefits, profitability, and various frequently asked questions on this topic!

Requirements for opening a Barbecue nation franchise

The various barbecue nation franchise requirements are: 

1. Legal agreement

A legal standard agreement with Barbeque Nation is required before applying for a franchise. If both parties agree, the arrangement may be extended for an additional nine years. A franchise fee of ₹ 25 lakhs must be paid before the franchise can be launched. 

2. Location

When it comes to location, either the corporation wants the outlet to be conveniently accessible or is willing to make some concessions if the view from the terrace is appealing. Furthermore, you would want a minimum of 4000 to 5000 sq. ft. of room for the kitchen, a counter, and open space for customers to set up their grilling stations. Additionally, the organisation seeks well-known spots in the city that are close to practically all of the city's neighbourhoods. Barbeque country has at least one location in almost all India's major metropolitan areas. Because of the great demand for their products, they constantly strive to expand their number of locations.

3. Requires formal training and practical experience 

BBQN (Barbeque Nation) is very particular about the quality of its products and services. This is also why this food brand is so well-known among its clients. In order to be considered for a franchise, you must have some prior business experience in the food and beverage sector. It makes no difference what you have been managing or at what level you have been operating. Individuals who have been chosen and qualified for the Barbeque Nation franchise must complete training with the organisation. BBQN conducts this training in order to guarantee that any franchise does not tarnish the brand's reputation. Aside from that, you will be provided with every bit and piece of information you will need to manage the business properly.

4. Barbeque Nation franchise cost

A Barbeque Nation franchise requires an upfront investment of between ₹1 crore and ₹2 crores to get up and running. You may think the amount is extravagant, but it's well worth your time and effort to invest in it. Rent, furniture, cutlery, wages, and other expenditures of putting up an outlet in line with the brand's standards will be paid for by the investment amount. You can get a quick return on your investment when the Barbeque Nation shop is fully functioning.

In order to add up the total barbeque nation franchise cost, you would need:

  • Additional 4000–5000 square feet space to accommodate the Barbeque Nation franchise. 
  • A substantial sum of ₹25 lakhs for a franchise agreement and legal authorization.
  • A total of one to two crore rupees.
  • Personnel who have received specialised training.

Profitability of Barbecue nation franchise

  • A recent study ranked Barbeque Nation ranked 13th on India's list of best places to work. This displays their commitment to their profession and their high standards of conduct in the workplace.
  • According to Barbeque Nation, 95% of its sites are profitable, with the other 5% just getting started. 
  • No Barbeque Nation site has closed in the last 14-15 years owing to financial concerns. This proves how lucrative it is to run a BBQ restaurant.
  • BBQ has never asked for a portion of the firm's income as soon as the franchise is opened. As a rule of thumb, retailers make roughly 4.3 Lakhs every month after deducting their expenses. On the other hand, profit margin depends on the location and the frequency with which their local customers visit.
  • Due to its wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, Barbeque nation provides satisfactory customer experience. In addition, BBQN have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience over many years, which can be very valuable for your franchise.

What is the Market Value of Barbecue Nation Franchise?

There is always a strong demand for Barbecue Nation franchises because of the vast market potential they provide. The 'live grill' idea is what sets Barbeque Nation apart from its competitors. The Barbeque Nation hospitality issue currently has a market value of between ₹1000 crores and ₹1200 crores.

A successful firm in India's casual dining industry is the result of its efforts. Causal dining restaurants (CDR) like Barbeque Nation are in high demand in Tier-II cities since they are still developing. Compound annual growth in its food industry was 19% from 2013 to 2017. The company is expected to grow in revenue by 190% in 2022. There is also a growing number of culinary bloggers and influencers flocking to Barbeque Nation. Much weight is being placed on social media and digital media to increase Barbeque Nation's financial viability. If you put in the money now to franchise the company, you'll be at the top of the food industry in ten years with a socially conscious brand name.

Achievements of Barbeque Nation franchise 

  • Barbeque Nation has been named one of the "Great Places to Work" by the Economic Times in their annual survey performed by the Great Places to Work Institute.
  • In addition, Barbeque Nation was recognised as one of the top ten employers in the Indian Retail Industry for 2019. 
  • Barbeque Nation ranks 13th among the top companies in India to work for as an individual.
  • It was ranked 14th among the finest big workspaces in Asia by the Great Places to Work Institute, which ranked it as the 14th best large workplace globally.
  • They place a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service while maintaining the highest job quality.

How to get a Barbeque Nation franchise in India?

  1. The Barbecue Nation website contains a section devoted to collaborations with other barbeque organisations.

  2. Fill out your personal information, as well as the size of the space, the amount of investment you have available for interior design (as well as a few images), as soon as you arrive at ‘Barbeque Nation Partnership’ section.
  3. If you'd like, Barbeque Nation can also rent out your property. In the event that your location fits their requirements, you may be able to work out a deal with Barbeque Nation to open a restaurant there.
  4. They have an email address you may use to contact them. Their purpose is to respond as promptly as feasible to your request.
  5. If you have any questions, they have provided a phone number on their official website that you may call. Ask them for a referral to learn more about the franchise agreement, requirements, and other details.

  Mail ID: BN.franchise@barbequenation.com

  Mobile: 08069028721

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A popular restaurant chain in India, Barbeque Nation has several locations around the nation. As a result of their unique selling points, customer base, and the general public's desire for the live grill, they've been very profitable so far. These advantages will last for a long time. If you want to start a restaurant business, one of the best options is to invest in a BBQ franchise, which offers several advantages. 

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Q: Barbecue Nation Franchise: How Do I Apply?


You may get in touch with Barbeque Nation through their official Contact Page, or you can also contact or email them with any franchise-related questions on:

Mail ID: BN.franchise@barbequenation.com

Mobile: 0806902872

Q: What is the Barbeque Nation Franchise Smile Program all about?


Barbeque Nation's Smile programme is a customer appreciation programme for loyal customers. Customers' BBQN app accounts are rewarded with smiles whenever they dine at one of the company's restaurants or takeout locations. These smiles may be redeemed at any participating locations on their subsequent visit.

Q: Is the menu the same across all Barbeque Nation Franchise, or can it be customised?


The majority of the foods served by BBQ are required at all locations. Depending on the area or locale, they may be more flexible with certain foods. They provide a diverse selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to their consumers.

Q: Is it possible for an individual to apply for a Barbeque Nation Franchise?


The answer is yes. A person may apply for a franchise; the only need is to meet all of the standards listed above to become a franchise owner.

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