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Lip-Smacking Street food of Tripura

India is a place of variety and unity. No matter where you go in India, you will be served with the utmost kindness and a bowl of delicious food. Tripura is one of the seven sister hills of northeast India, bordered by Bangladesh. The state's culture and cuisine speak for themselves, and Tripura is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of the Eastern Hills." 

Tripura's heritage is represented in its cultural and climatic variety and the state's culinary habits of tribal and non-tribal people. Tripura is a lesser-known food destination among foodies. Bengal, Burma, and other northeastern areas greatly affect the food habits of the northeast state.  Sikkim, Manipur and Meghalaya also have a lucrative range of street food.

Tripura's cuisine is recognised for its rich, spicy flavours and a wide range of curries. Rice, as well as chicken, mutton, hog, and fish, are popular dishes. In addition to food, rice beer is a popular drink in this area, consumed on special occasions.

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Tripura Cuisine's Popularity

  • Bangladeshi cuisine has had a significant effect on Tripura cuisine.
  • Tripura cuisine consists primarily of non-vegetarian meals such as chicken, mutton, pig, and fermented fish.
  • People who have visited Tripura would like the food of this eastern state even if they were not from India.
  • A straightforward method of cooking
  • Oil-free and smoked foods are favoured.
  • This state's cuisine is delectable and prepared with a sparse application of spices.

Street food of Tripura

1. Mosdeng Serma

Mosdeng (a Tripuri food made of chillies that are usually burnt slightly over an open flame to achieve a smoky flavour) serma is a meal that combines tomato, red chilli, garlic, and berma (fermented fish). This is a popular state meal that may be served with either rotis or rice. Mosdeng serma is a popular Tripura food. It's chutney made from tomatoes. Chutney has a spicy and tangy flavour, and it's a quick and simple dish to prepare. Tomato and other spices are used in this dish, and it is usually served with rice. This is a very popular side dish of Tripura and is common in every household.

2. Chuwarak

The Chuwarak is the state's iconic scotch and champagne. It is cooked in several ways using various ingredients such as Mami rice, pineapple, jackfruit, etc. Chuwarak is regarded as one of the safest alcoholic beverages globally, owing to its natural components and traditional manner of preparation.

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3. Chuak

In addition, the rice beer known as Chuak is Tripura's indigenous rice beer. Rice fermentation is used to make the beer. Like the Gudok meal, this drink is offered on special occasions and festivities. The drink comes in various flavours, including Mami rice, pineapple, and jackfruit. This rice beer is also regarded as one of the world's safest alcoholic beverages. Apong, a native drink, is likewise created from millet rice, like Chuak.

4. Wahan Mosdeng

A popular pork meal among the Tripurian people. If you are a meat lover, we recommend that you try this delightful Tripura cuisine. This delicious dish is made with pork, coriander leaves, onion and green chillies. The roasted green chilli provides just the right scent and heat to the meal. When visiting Tripura, don't limit your trip to the state's natural beauties. Don't forget to try the state's traditional dishes to satisfy your tummy with delight.

5. Gudok

Another prominent cuisine in this northeastern state is gudok. It's prepared with fermented fish and boiling veggies. The dish is the property of the state's tribal community. This is another well-known Tripura food created using Berma (fermented fish). Berma is made using potatoes, beans, bamboo shoots, Jackfruit seeds, and other spices. This semi-solid dish is popular during events and ceremonies. Gudok is closely related to the Manipuri dish Eromba. This cuisine is also devoid of oil. This healthy dish is served with rice and garnished with onions and coriander leaves. Tripura's traditional and primary food is gudok.

6. Muya Awandru

Muya Awandru is a special food in Tripura that combines bamboo shoots, berma (fermented fish), parsley, and green chillies. Muya Awandru is served with a rice flour-based sauce. Snails can be added to the meal as an optional ingredient. One of the dish's distinguishing characteristics is the use of minimal oil. 

Bamboo shoots are a common meal in the North East. Similarly, bamboo shoots are used in Tripura traditional food. This non-vegetarian gravy-based meal is made with bamboo shoots without any oil and is served with hot rice.

7. Muya Bai Wahan Chakhwi

Muya bai wahan chakhwi is a pork dish with bamboo shoots, jackfruit, and papaya. The pork flesh is first sliced into medium-sized pieces, then seasoned with lemon leaves and chillies. Muya bai is a popular Tripura non-vegetarian meal. Pork is the major ingredient in the dish. A one-of-a-kind meal that combines with vegetables. Pork is cooked with bamboo shoots, jackfruit seed, green papaya, and spices. This Tripura food is served with hot rice.

8. Mui Borok

As the people of Tripura lovingly refer to it, Mui Borok is the state's traditional food. Berma is an ingredient that is always included on the Tripurian people's traditional dinner plate. Berma is a dried and fermented fish that is a Tripura favourite. Because the meal is prepared without any oil, it is regarded as incredibly healthy. Berma will stimulate the salty taste buds on your tongue since it has a salty and spicy flavour.

9. Kosoi Bwtwi

Another well-known meal made with beans and garlic is kosoi bwtwi. First, the beans are half-baked and simmered with garlic and chillies. This entrée comes with rice. It is a simple cuisine with many health benefits produced in this northeastern state. Although Kosoi Bwtwi is traditionally made with Berma, some prefer it without the fermented fish. 

This meal is made with various green veggies to give you a nutritious punch. Berma, French beans, chopped onions, green chillies, a few tofu pieces, salt,  garlic cloves and turmeric powder are the major ingredients in this recipe. Tripurians also employ the well-known khundrupui leaves to enhance the flavour of their delicacy.

10. Bhangui

Sticky rice is used to make Bhangui, a rice dish. The rice is rinsed before being sun-dried. Rice is an important element of the Tripura people's diet since they eat many types of meat. They go to great lengths to ensure that their rice has the correct fragrance. Bhangui is a traditional rice dish made with sun-dried rice, ghee, ginger, and onion. This meal is cooked in banana leaf to preserve the nutrients of the rice while also imparting a distinct scent to the dish. 

11. Panch Phoron Tarkari

The impact of Bengali heritage may be detected in a dish of Panch Phoron Tarkari. It is a popular Bengali spice that is a perfect combination of five spices, thus the dish's name. This vegetarian Tripura cuisine is made using a variety of vegetables such as brinjal, pumpkins, and potatoes and seasonings such as red chillies, bay leaves, green chillies, and turmeric powder. This wonderful recipe goes well with paratha or puri.

12. Tohan Mosdeng

Mosdeng is available in a variety of variations. Tohan Mosdeng is one of them. It's a delicious and one-of-a-kind Tripura chicken salad. Overnight spiced marinated chicken would be either fire-grilled or boiled. The chicken is then shredded and combined with onions, chillies, and coriander leaves.

13. Poda Pitha

Poda pitha is a Tripura traditional food. Rice is used in the preparation of this meal. Rice, lentils, coconut, and jaggery are among the ingredients. The rice is soaked for 7-8 hours. It is also ground with lentils and fermented. Then, jaggery, coconuts, salt, and pepper powder combine to form a paste. After that, it is baked at the appropriate temperature.

14. Chire Doi Aam

Chire Doi aam is a Bengali-inspired dish. This dessert is made with rice flakes (Poha). This is a straightforward recipe. Rick flakes are soaked for 5-10 minutes in water. This is a combination of yoghurt and mango. Any other food can be substituted for the mango. Simple, tasty, high-energy cuisine. Tripura is home to a large number of Bengali families. It's really popular among them. Tripura cuisine is interesting indeed.

How could one start a Tripura food business?

  • Planning- First and foremost, beginning a Tripura street food company requires a lot of planning and coordination.
  • Choosing a Location- The next stage would be to select a location for the diner. Before settling on a location, consider demography and the preferences of the people.
  • Resources- Before launching a firm, resources such as personnel, logistics, and other minor elements should be considered.
  • Financial planning- Another important factor in launching a Tripura street food company is planning and organising funds.
  • Fresh product availability- The most crucial issue in the restaurant industry is access to fresh ingredients. The restaurant will suffer if the meals are not created from fresh ingredients since it can impact the taste of the food.
  • Logistics/Supply Chain- You need to invest or choose an appropriate mode of transportation or engage with a vendor to acquire fresh raw materials for your restaurant. 

Factors influencing the decision to establish a Tripura cuisine company include:

  • Investments or Grants - A substantial sum of money is necessary to begin an eating business. The Government of India also offers loans and subsidies to anyone who wants to start such a business.
  • Social Media Presence - Presently, social media handles serve as a promotional tool for new businesses. As a result, the restaurant owner should have a significant presence on social media platforms to gain popularity.
  • Place - The location or region of a restaurant is an important consideration when starting a business. Suppose the locals are familiar with the flavour and eating habits, creating a variety of dishes with that flavour can attract significant attention.
  • Authentic Flavor- One of the most important considerations in starting a street food company in Tripura is the original taste of the Tripura meals. People are unlikely to appreciate it if there is a minor difference in flavour.

Risks associated with establishing a food business

  • Along with the positive indicators, there are also unfavourable risk factors associated with the restaurant industry.
  • Everything is dependent on a large number of people visiting the business.
  • When it comes to the restaurant sector, factors such as taste and authenticity rank quite high. As a result, these two conditions must be satisfied constantly.
  • Profits - If the firm only makes a small profit, it indicates that it has not struck a chord with its clients.

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For many, Tripura is still undiscovered land. Because the state's cuisine is diverse, the Tripura street food company may quickly establish a reputation among consumers. If the Tripura food tastes authentic, the firm will undoubtedly be profitable in the future. The flavour of the food is the restaurant industry's saviour. The diner company may be profitable with proper planning, fresh goods, and efficient logistics. Taste, ambience, and traditional meals are all factors that may assure a successful restaurant company.

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Q: Is it wise to promote the restaurant on social media?


Yes, in today's scenario, having a grip on social media platforms will aid in the promotion of your brand.

Q: What differentiates Tripura cuisine from other cuisines?


Tripura cuisine is cooked using the finest spices, and the cooking approach is very easy and healthy.

Q: Can we receive government assistance or financial assistance to start a Tripura street food business?


Yes, you can seek government assistance or financial assistance from banks and NBFCs to establish a street food company.

Q: In Tripura cuisine, what are Gudok, Wahan, and Berma?


Gudok, Wahan, and Berma are famous Tripura food. Gudok is a meal cooked with many vegetables and fermented fish or berma. Wahan is a Vietnamese dish prepared with pork, jackfruit, papaya, and bamboo shoots. Berma is a popular element in much of the state's cuisine. Berma is fermented fish that is used in a variety of curries.

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