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Kickstart Your Coaching Institute


India has a huge and diverse population. It is the country with the highest young population. We have students and job aspirers who are working relentlessly to get their dream college or job. But amidst this highly competitive there are always people who score better and ace the exams. Self-study is not an option because of so many distractions and not enough study material. To solve all these problems, the coaching institutes are always there. A coaching institute is an institute with guides and coaches who give you direction and shape you to ace the exam you are preparing for. There is a great rise in the number of coaching institutes around us, but the real deal is the quality of education that is provided there and the discipline with which the students are dealt. 

If you are interested to get into the education sector and feel that you have the skill and potential to make it big, here are a few tips that will help you start coaching institute in India:

Create a Plan 

Decide why do you want to start a coaching institute. Apart from a business perspective, investing in an educational institution demands moral insights. You should think about the scale of your coaching institute, will it be affiliated to a national coaching brand and use their curriculum or it will be a small institute where you will be teaching. Will it be a classroom program or are you also going to provide distance learning educational programs and test series for your students. Make sure you arrange for them accordingly. Think about the facilities, how are you going to generate funds, what courses will you introduce, till what standard, how will arrange teachers. There is a list of endless things that you will have to arrange. Ponder upon them and create a plan accordingly.

Do your research

A coaching institute is not an easy venture to open. Unlike tuition where you can call a few students to your home and can teach in that setting, a coaching institute will require a particular infrastructure. The scale will be large. You have to do a lot of research about how you manage funds, how to curate a coaching institute, and what will the requirements. There are many rules and regulations set by governments about the location, building, facilities. Research about the standard and maintenance of the coaching institute. Make sure you go through all the rule books and have a checkmark against it.

Decide on the size of the coaching institute

Before you plan to start a coaching institute, consider the scale of it. This will depend a lot on the kind of facilities you want to provide and the building and infrastructure you can arrange. Will it be a home-based coaching institute or a full-time corporate style one. This also depends on the budget you have in hand. Make sure you foresee the possibilities of expansion in the future and make the necessary adjustment in the present to avoid any complications later.

Decide on services

nowadays, there is a competitive exam for everything be it for college entrance, for a job, to prepare for them one has gone through rigorous practice that can only take place in a coaching institute. Before you start a coaching institute, decide what are the subjects you will be training students for. Will it for college entrance, and if college entrance then what stream will it be. If it is for a job, then for what job specialization.   

Make the curriculum and study material

For a home-based coaching institute or a big coaching center, you must arrange for valuable study material. Based on your specialty and the niche you have decided, have a relevant study material that speaks volumes. When students benefit from it, they will refer it to their friends. It is the most relevant advertisement for your coaching institute.

Take Permits and License

If you are starting a small scale or home-based coaching institute, you might not need to get yourself registered. But if you are starting a big coaching institute, you have to get yourself registered and pay taxes on your profit. Make sure you have all the documentation ready to avoid inconvenience.


It is just an option. There are many national coaching brands that provide their affiliation such as AAKASH, FITJEE, ALLEN, etc. All of them have a different set of rules and to affiliate with them, you have to abide by their bylaws. They are open to expanding their branches even in small cities and if you want to avoid setting up your own curriculum and share your profit,  you can get affiliation.

Choose the Right Location

the location of your coaching institute matters a lot. You must locate your coaching institute in a locality where very few coaching institutes are present. Be vary of the competition around. Make sure the place should be big enough for expansion and should follow all the government guidelines. 

Have a defined vision and mission for the coaching institute

When you first thought of opening a coaching institute, you must have had a vision on which you want to build it. For every coaching institute, there is a motto, a guiding principle, and a philosophy. Make the regulation of your coaching institute based on these principles. Having a firm discipline and a curriculum that is orientated towards the benefit of students and the society they come from is very important. For the scholastic and cultural development of students, make sure the curriculum has a combination of both leading to the holistic development of the child.

The hiring of Teachers and Staff

It is the presence of teachers that make the coaching institute a learning place. Many of us remember our teachers from the coaching institute who make our coaching institute life more happening and this learning experience worthwhile. Hire teachers for every subject make sure they specialize in it. Their qualification and professionalism will make or break the reputation of your coaching institute. You must know that to start a coaching institute and running it successfully is dependent on the teachers you hire. Along with teachers, hire support staff, lab assistants, receptionist, and other help for the maintenance of the coaching institute

Generate funds

This is amongst the first things to do. Everything in your coaching institute is dependant on this. The facilities you are going to provide in your coaching institute, from the number of classrooms to even the smallest facility you have. Everything will require a good investment. Get yourself sponsors who are willing to support a noble startup and have your back.

Create a brand name and logo

Although this sounds very common before you start a coaching institute, understand that a coaching institute name is like a brand name and is very important for its recognition and popularity. It is the name that gives a student their identity for how long they study there. Think of a name that embodies a strong emotion and be relevant to the educational sector. Make sure once you decide the name and logo of the brand, get a patent.

Create a website

Form a website on which you upload all the relevant information about your coaching, be it online enrolment, scholarships, test series, classroom timetable, and all the contact information clearly. It will be easier for people to locate you and contact you. You can also put a trail study material so people know the quality you serve.

To start coaching institute is a noble job, make sure you set regulations that treat people of all strata equally and everyone gets a uniform opportunity to take admission in your school. The process of opening a coaching institute is long but when you get going, it is a job that will give you peace of mind as you are making the lives of hundreds of children better!

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