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What are The Best Tech Business Ideas for a Start-up?

Technology is the best thing that has ever happened to this generation. If you want to know about high earning potential tech startup ideas, this is the right place for you. There are various business ideas for startups in India that people can start. But ideas are not directly aligned with the success of a startup. For that, you need to provide value to the customers, manage your finances, invest in the right opportunities and hire visionary individuals. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. It requires years of hard work and efforts to ensure the success of a startup. However, with the emergence of technology, you can start your tech business on a budget.

Technology startup ideas

Let's list some of the technology startup ideas that you can start with:

1. Blog Consultant

If you are into blogging and know how it works, you can definitely start an online business as a Blog Consultant. You can work for multiple clients and help them with their blogs or SEO content. Also, you can help them in generating revenue from the blogs. You can take projects through social media and help in writing top-notch blogs.

If you have multiple projects, you can make the team and expand your business. This way, you will be generating more revenue. It is a budget-friendly online business.

2. Influencer Marketing Platform

 With the growing number of social media platforms, businesses want to connect with influencers. You can start an Influencer Marketing Platform, which is one of the efficient technology startup ideas. You will be acting as a link between influencers and businesses and charge a commission through this since it is related to online marketing. Businesses use Influencers to attract new customers to their business and help them connect with those influencers. It would be best if you prepared the right business model to compete with the competitors. 

3. Software Startup

If you are a Software Engineer or expert and have profound knowledge of software, selling software to companies can be a great business idea. The Software Startup idea is a profitable business if implemented correctly. You can work full time or as a part-time freelancer and provide software programs to the clients at great pay.

4. Computer Repair and Maintenance

It is a technical business idea since you have to possess knowledge regarding a computer’s hardware and software. You must possess some technical knowledge before opting for this business idea. If you have a great understanding of computers and how they work, and knowledge of computer repair and maintenance, it could be one of the best startup ideas in India.

Apart from small repair and maintenance, you can also sell computer-related things like its parts, anti-virus, CD's, pen drives, printers etc.

5. Data Entry Business

You might have heard of various online scams of Data Entry. But, if you are proficient in this field and have a good typing speed, just start your data entry business right away. This way, you will be saving various people from unwanted scams. You can either provide your data entry related services or act as a link between employers and job seekers.

6. Internet Research

This is not simple as it sounds. With the vast amount of information available online these days, locating and validating information is a marketable skill. Can you quickly verify the information required? If yes, an Internet research business may be the perfect business idea for you. If not, you need to practice internet researching and then go for this business since it is ideal for business ideas.

7. Live Chat Support Service

Live chat is the need of the hour for tech-related businesses. Website and app owners want to communicate with their customers on a real-time basis. You can be an outsourced service provider among Website and app owners. This can be another technology-related business ideas startup.

8. Digital Marketing Agency Business

Digital Marketing Agency is a place where clients get all marketing-related solutions. It is a platform where all the digital needs of companies will get solved and are considered the best technology business ideas. If you are a marketing expert, you should start this business. This type of business has huge potential for earning. Here, everything is covered, including advertising, SEO and content marketing.

9. Social Media Management Business

With the growing role of Social Media, people require someone who can take care of their social media platforms. You must have heard of "Social Media Managers." Their task is to help the client in their social media online presence. It is a job per se. But, you can start your own business of Social Media Management and help various clients in the same. You can charge a good amount of money from the clients.

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10. Online Dating Sites or Apps

 Online dating has been in the trend for years and only grew over time. There are various groups of people willing to meet their other halves. This is one of the most successful technology business ideas you can start by keeping the competitors in mind. You can provide people with better services offered by the competing entities.   

11. Video Production

Video marketing is growing in popularity for all types of businesses, which is considered the best startup idea in India

Do you understand the technology behind video editing and enjoy the process of taking raw video footage and creating a video that flows? A video production business may be a great small business idea for you. You can provide these services to Youtubers or other social media influencers.

12. Web Designing Startup

A web design startup is an excellent idea for fulfilling your dream of being a business owner. If you have the required skills for this business, this is suitable for you. You can always learn web designing yourself or through coaching. This skill is very much needed in the market. Therefore, it is a thoughtful startup to begin with.

13. Refurbished Device Business

Refurbished business is all about selling second-hand devices after proper checking. The market for refurbished devices is expanding owing to its great return opportunities. You can sell the refurbished products online and offline. This is a highly profitable business if done correctly.

14. SEO Business

Almost every business is going online now. If your business is not online yet, you should consider doing it because it is a highly popular tech business idea. SEO business is the most popular business. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation which means generating organic traffic on your website. SEO experts help their clients' content to be more search-friendly. This is a significant criterion of ranking on the Internet. 

15. Online Podcasting Platform Startup

You can build a startup for the people sharing their podcasting content. An audio platform is required. There are various video making platforms but restricted audio content platforms. People need a platform to share their motivational, life-changing, fun podcasts sessions with potential listeners. Podcasting is becoming popular among the audience. This market will grow in the future. So, better take early mover advantage. 

16. Social Networking Platform Startup

Social Networking Platform is a huge chance to take and has plentiful opportunities in terms of technical ideas. It requires years of research, planning, and organising to launch a new social networking site. Social Networking sites can even make you out to be the richest person in the world!

So, why can't you? Most of the international players are in this industry. Although, you can start a social media platform for the Indian region only. It is a billion-dollar industry.

17. Live Streaming Apps

You can start a Live streaming application in your own country. Use influencer marketing to spread out the news for the Live Streaming app. These are very popular among the youths. It can generate a good amount of money. 

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18. Mobile App Services

Mobile Apps services are a massive hit in IT-related business ideas. You can develop mobile apps and offer services to clients on how to operate. You can also offer development services, sales, and after support services to the client.

19. Shopping Business

The Shopping business is one of the highest-earning businesses. You can be another Amazon or Flipkart if the business model is implemented successfully. Let's say you are starting your shopping app with clothes. It may or may not be successful. You need to put efforts into marketing, sales increase etc. Further, you can expand to the electronics or food items etc. It is completely your choice to stick to a specific niche or expand to a large market. This business requires more investment.

20. Streaming service startups

There are many streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Disney etc., where you can browse movies or shows. This industry has excellent earning potential. For a startup, it won't be easy to gain that much attention. But, over time, it can turn into a brand name. Also, you can choose to start a streaming service for a specific niche. 

21. E-books Publication

An e-book publication is the online release of books at a cost. If you’re a writer, there is a growing market for books published online. Businesses are creating ebooks to market their brand, and aspiring authors of fiction and nonfiction publish e-books to reach more customers and grow their readership.

22. Educational Platform Startup

Another Information Technology business ideas is to set up an online educational platform. Educational Platforms are the need of the hour. You can arrange classes up to 12th standard, graduation, post-graduation, professional exams and other certifications like stock markets, digital marketing etc. An ed-tech startup is a great idea that requires a good amount of prior investment. It is a multi-billion dollar industry.

23. Computer Training centre

If you have prior knowledge of computers, systems, concepts etc., you can open a computer training centre where certifications can be provided after completing the training.

24. Tech Consultancy

If you are well versed with technical jargon, concepts and can help people in their technology-related issues, go for a Tech Consultancy. Create a business and start to give consultancy to the clients. You can start small and grow the business over time.

25. Mobile Wallet Payment Solution Company

Most people have trust in Online Payment Solutions while carrying out business transactions in India. The growth of this business is huge as everyone around is using Smartphones. If you have the capital to invest, resources, then start your venture. With the advent of technology, entrepreneurs have endless money-making opportunities. You can get more amazing business ideas on the internet. 

26. Freelancing apps

You can create a Freelancing app for clients and the people willing to work. There are various International websites for the same. You can create your Freelancing app for the Indian region only.

27. Online Book Store

Create your online bookstore to start selling books online. You can sell your original books and e-books from the platform. If you want to sell the books of other authors too, get a license for the same.

28. Blogging

You can start blogging without any single penny of investment. Buy the domain and start launching your blogs. With a decent amount of traffic, you get paid from ad sense and affiliates.

29. Affiliate Marketing

This is a booming business nowadays. People are making enormous amounts of money through this. A chain of people is involved in selling a product to the potential customer. The more the products are sold, the higher the commission you get. 

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These ideas mentioned above are some of the best tech startup ideas in India that offer great opportunities. You can start the most suitable business or startup with a small budget. Always remember business takes time to establish. Rome wasn't built in a day. Likewise, a business can't be successful within a short time. It would be best if you had hard work and perseverance to be a great entrepreneur or businessman.


1. Which is the best pocket-friendly business to begin with?

There are various pocket-friendly businesses one can start their business with:

  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • E-books publication
  • Internet research

2. Which is the best technology business idea?

There are various technology business ideas to choose from. But, the best technology business idea in terms of money is as follows:

  • Shopping stores
  • Educational Platform business

3.How to invest capital in the right place?

Maybe, you are thinking of a perfect business idea that may or may not be perfect after the implementation. Regarding the investment of capital, put money into the business that has opportunities in future. The sector that has the growth potential should get investment

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