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An Effective Marketing Guide For Adhesive Business


The adhesives are a product of great importance. They have the ability to bind the different materials together with efficiency and are cost-effective and easily available. They have an edge over many other binding techniques like sewing, fastening, or welding as these provide repair to limited types of objects. The idea of using adhesives dates back to the prehistoric era where early humans would use natural adhesives to make tools for hunting and weaponry. We have come a long way since then, thanks to god, the adhesive used are now mostly in industries and households for binding and repair work. 

There are various types of adhesive available in the market and they are categorized based on different ways mostly depending on their chemistry, their reactivity their form, their load-carrying ability, or their solvency., 

Let’s have a look at a few types of adhesives:

Structural adhesives

These are relatively strong adhesives that are used below their glass transition temperature and are left to settle and solidify. These have engineering applications and semi-structural applications which is of prime importance for design engineers. These are very cost-effective.

Some examples of structural adhesives are Rubber Cements and Epoxies

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

These are elastomers which easily deform even under small pressures and usually wet the surface they are applied on. These form a durable bond for lightly loaded objects.  These do not have any structural properties and are usually available in the form of tapes or labels.

Spray adhesives:

It is a contact adhesive based insolvent and is applied in the form of a spray. After spraying it is advised to let the spray evaporate and then only stick the two objects together for binding. Make sure the edges meet perfectly because once set, these cannot be repositioned.

These can be used with papers, fabrics or foams, etc.

The Spray adhesives are a very good choice for adhering photos or fabrics to a foam board back or making models.

Fabric adhesives:

These adhesives are usually liquid white glue-like. There are used for lightweight to heavyweight fabric bonding. Mostly these are washing and dry clean safe but one should look for labels first.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives 

These adhesives bond very quickly. They form a very strong bond. They dry clear like glass. The surfaces to be which are to be glued together must fit together well to achieve good bonding.  These super glues are available in a variety of viscosities which enable some leeway in gap filling performance.

These are just a few types of glues that make up most of the adhesive business. 

Adhesive business although is not very popular but it is of prime importance. It is used in the manufacturing of most of our products and even used in a household. To promote the adhesive business only you must do your research and understand the limitations of it. DO not expect to have business as huge as for food or cosmetics as these are not the products that are required in every household in a big amount.

Let’s have a look at how you can promote adhesive business online

Go with Email Marketing

You can advertise your products and detail them in your emails and send them to your potential customers. Those interested can definitely get back to you through the email ids. And if the customer is not interested, they at least will know your name for future requirements. 

Organize Webinars for Industries

You can organize webinars for free about the use and importance of adhesives and how it is a good market to invest in. Put up ads or events on Facebook which is quite easy to do. It is one of facebook’s very important business tools.

Social Media and Marketing

Along with propagating websites on different platforms, set up their Instagram and Facebook page so that idea reaches a diverse audience of that medium. Market your website as much as you can It is an investment that never fails. You can go for on-page and off-page SEO of your site. Use various discount offers to attract the audience and take proper feedback from the customers who have purchased from you and if they would recommend your service to their friends. You can also set up a WhatsApp Business profile for keeping the customers intact and providing them with various personalized offers according to their needs. Also when you have a set of boundaries for delivery of your goods, don’t go overboard and stretch them as these are big profit cutters and you should be aware of it.

Develop the app

Online adhesive business although new to this it is important to popularize it and mobile makes this process easy. The App trendy technology has not only simplified things but also made online shopping easy and fun. You don’t even have to open your systems or laptops to shop online nowadays. Mobile does the needful. Integrate your site with a user-friendly website so it is easier for your customers to carry out the transaction.

Understand your customer

Focus on the needs of your customers. Follow the pattern of what are the products which are demanded by them the most and keep in mind the variety of products they would like to have. Keep the stocks up and the quality of your products intact. Provide them with the service they demand for and listen to their queries and concerns.

Multiple payment options

If you have set up online mode for your adhesive business then keep multiple payment options available such as Debit/Credit Cards, Rupay, UPI, Paytm, and other forms of e-commerce. Even when everything is shifting towards digital, always keep the option of Cash of Delivery available.

Adhesives are not usually talked about a lot but they Improve Product  Durability and Reliability, Increase  Design Flexibility, Increase Product Quality, Enhance Product Aesthetics, Improve overall Process Productivity and Reduce the Manufacturing Costs of objects and are an essential commodity. There are many things that should be kept in mind while promoting an adhesive business online we have shared a few. All the best!


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