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Successful Shortcuts To Start A Salon


The demand to look beautiful and glamorous is more than ever and with the rise in people’s income and celebrity culture, people are willing to spend more on these luxuries which have become a common necessity to go about life. Hair is one of the most hightlighted features we have. The texture, colour and everything about it screams of beauty. Nowadays it  is the length of hair by which people judge if a woman is feminist or not. Kidding! It is not a new fact that the health of our hair is really important to us Indian beauties, irrespective of gender. Even our grandmothers used to give their home-made nuskhas to keep them healthy and shining. Buit, we have shifted to new cities where pollution is at the all time highest and time in hand the lowest and sure know, we will not be able to manage the diys. For our rescue are the professional salons that not only help us in grooming but also in maintaining our beauty and to look perfect. We have more money to spend in our pockets and  as a result, the salon business is making profit at an all-time high. The demand which was earlier limited to a certain gender is breaking boundaries and becoming gender neutral which is such a boost to the industry and is helping to break the rudimentary stereotypes. All men and women want their luscious locks to look best all the time and salons are providing with all forms of services to make that happen. But there are times when these salons don’t get enough customers because of the competition in the market. To save them from the tension and the reaserch work, here are a few tips for getting more customers to your salon. Have a look at them:

  • Create a website

With time changing and the movement of people to search for services online is rising at a steady pace. You can set a website of your salon and through slides show what are the services provided by you. You can keep an option on booking an appointment online.
Provide all the contact details on that website so it is convenient for the potential customer. 

  • Bring a variety

Time is changing and with the range of treatments and styling that is available in the market, people want the latest services. Ensure that you expand your services to more than just basic. Add more glamour to your variety.

  • Maintain Quality

The better the brand, the more ensuring it is. Do your research and find the most affordable products that give the best result for their price. Do not buy local products that can cause irreparable damage. So do your homework.

  • Maintain Hygiene

A salon is a place where people feel intimidated as the services are directed towards their bodies. It is important to maintain hygiene to make your customers comfortable with their surroundings and for the overall cleanliness of the place. 

  • Be an Expert

Your customers will come back to you only when they trust you. Make sure you have great command over your skills. People get impressed when they know you take your work seriously and know what you’re doing.

  •  Go digital

Time has changed and now is the moment you change your account book to account software. There are various software available that help you digitize and keep a record of your business in just a gadget. You won’t need any phone book to keep track of your customers and how often they visit. You can track your business growth with various graphs available. It is the best move you will make to keep the track of your growth and you can direct your time to manage more customers.

  • Manage reviews

Whenever a customer visits your salon make sure you ask them to rate you online and good feedback based on the quality of service provided by you. You can also engage more audiences by replying to each feedback. It creates a good impression on the customer and they will be willing to come to your salon again and often.

  • Integrate with local businesses

We have local beauty parlors around every corner nowadays. These are small businesses and the services provided by them are limited but their clientele is good. You can integrate with them and send your customers to them and ask them to direct their customers who demand exquisite services to you. 

  • Referral discount

There are a few customers who engage with you on regular basis, you can ask them to refer your business to other prospective customers and if they visit you on their referral you can give a discount to both of the customers. 

  • Loyalty Programs or Punch Cards

Customers who visit you often and are regular to your salon you can give them a Loyalty Card and on every tenth or fifteenth visit, you can provide various gifts or free service on that particular visit.

  • Salon Promotions

You can try various types of promotional offers such as first time special where when a customer visits you for the first time you can provide a complimentary service to them. You can note of customer’s special days such as birthdays, anniversary and offer them special service on that day.

On weekdays where you have the least customers, you can offer a special discount on those days so that people are interested and you don’t lose profit on those days.

  • The contest in Your Salon

Organize various contests in your salon where you can have competitions in which people must have visited your salon for a minimum of 10 times to take part in the competition. You can give exciting gifts or free services for the customer. This increases the number of regular customers to your salon business.

  • Capitalize on Holidays & Special Events

Many people get time only on special holidays or weekends to pamper themselves. Have discount offers for these days so that the customer can enjoy your service and you can earn extra money with the emergence of customers on such occasions.

  • Always Promote Gift Certificates

Don’t we just love it when our loved ones are pampered and feel special about themselves? Having and sharing a gift card option where a pass has benefits of your services and anyone who brings it with them can redeem that service. Gift certificates are a huge success in the e-commerce market and now it’s your time to make benefit form them.

  • Host Parties At Your Salon

We all have heard of kitty parties or spa parties. Organize a pamper day package for your clients who are also friends with each other. This way you will have customers coming in bulk to your salon and with your regular customers, new customers will also know about your salon business

  • Get found on Google by potential new salon clients

When someone is in a new locality, they prefer to search for their services on google maps. Adding the location of your salon on the google maps will help potential customers locate you. Adding pictures, reviews will add in highlighting your salon which has the potential to get more customers. 

To open any business, one should be ready to work hard and show a lot of perseverance and determination. Any business will have good and bad days but it depends on the owner how they want to go about it. Your salon business is going to be the same. It depends a lot on your skill and quality and how the world reacts to it. Give your business time to grow and settle in this huge industry. You will definitely make it big with your talent so don’t get overwhelmed and enjoy the process. All the best

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