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Easy Steps To Start A Fruit Shop


Fruits are one of the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals. They may change according to season, climate, availability, and culture but they are a must to consume. Many have a love/hate relationship with them but everyone agrees that they are a major source of nutrients in our daily life. They provide us with fiber which is required to keep our digestive system up and going. Many people are shifting to vegetarianism and veganism because of the health and environmental benefits associated with them. But have we ever pondered on how do we get these amazing fruits?  We owe a lot to our farmers for doing the hard work of growing fruits for us and to our fruits retailers for making them available to us in the local market. It is an amazing chain but it was disturbed as we were hit by a global pandemic. There were no local weekly markets, no fruits vendors and we were left to eat only pulses. To solve this problem, people came with a unique solution for selling fruits door to door. This means you can place orders for fruits through call or online and the delivery will be made available to you at your doorstep. This idea has the potential to change the dynamics of how the fruits selling business works and have a lot of scope for profit.

Let us have a look at the things you need to know as a fruit retailer in India:

Create a Plan 

As a fruit retailer, you must decide the size of your business. Decide what will be your reach and your location. If you want just an offline store or you are willing to orders online? If it is offline, what will be your reach, and if it is also an online store what will be your area of service? Make a plan for what is going to be the size of your fruit business at first. The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market.

Purchase and Storage 

When you are setting up a fruit business, as a fruit retailer, you need not have huge storage space as these are goods that cannot be stored for a longer time and are sold on the day of purchasable or a few days after. They need to be thrown away if not sold in time because of their perishable quality. But you have to have a proper refrigeration system in your storage unit for your goods to stay fresh for a longer period. Try your best to buy fruits early from a local fruit market and maintain the quality of your purchase. You can also integrate with nearby farms where you can assure them the fixed price and cut the middle man out of your business.

Find a delivery system

Your business is connected to your customers either directly when customers buy from you or via delivery services. You can charge extra for it. Make sure you choose a reliable one. It’s so crucial that it can make or break customer relationships. The delivery service you choose should be prompt in the areas where you operate and should have a strict contract and punctuality regime to follow. So be quick. Have a set area where you are willing to deliver your commodity. Do not be lenient with a boundary as the investment done in this business is very high and the risk is at every step

Pricing and Packaging

As mentioned earlier, the relationship between the thella-wala fruits vendor and our household is very harmonious. The pricing is negotiable and requires minimum packaging. Make use of this relationship. When you are set to have a fruit business, integrate with these thellawalas to work for you as a delivery man. Don’t go overboard with the packaging even when the customer is buying from you. Have a price range that is similar to the local market. The customer shall be willing to pay a little extra as the commodity is available at their doorstep and the service is good but you should not expect a very huge profit through this. You should try to keep the packaging to the minimum as is advised for pollution control. Use paper bags and packaging. It will be good for the environment and cut your packaging cost too.

Understand your customer

A fruit retailer should have a great shopkeeper’s skill. You must be able to work hard and be ready to sit roadside and convince the passersby to buy from you. Whether they buy or not also depends a lot on the quality of your products.

We are undergoing a pandemic and even after that, safety guidelines will be imposed and people will be varied of that. Ensure the safety and hygiene of your customers with no contact delivery system and sanitized fruits. Also, keep multiple payment options ready when you set up your business as people are most likely to use Paytm and other UPI based modes of transactions along with cash on delivery.

Use of technology and e-commerce

As a fruit retailer of modern times, you must know that online orders are a big thing. Get ready to hand out deliveries. there should be a medium through which people should be able to place their orders to you. Make sure you have a phone that is always available and have multiple numbers on which orders can be placed on your fruit business simultaneously. You can also set up an online portal such as a website or an app that is easy to use for people of all ages. Categorize your products systematically. You can put up various types of discounts. 


Along with propagating websites and apps on different platforms, set up their Instagram and Facebook page so that idea reaches a diverse audience of that medium. Market your website as much as you can both offline with pamphlets and online with social media ads. It is an investment that never fails. You can go for on-page and off-page SEO of your site. Use various discount offers to attract the audience and take proper feedback from the customers who have purchased from you and if they would recommend your service to their friends. You can also set up a WhatsApp Business profile for keeping the customers intact and providing them with various personalized offers according to their needs. Ask your customers to share your business with their friends and peers.

The fruits business includes selling perishable goods that have to be given more care. It is a business of building a relationship with your customers even if they are purchasing from you for the first time. As a fruit retailer, you must make them believe that you are there to work for them. This business will require you a lot of discipline and determination but once you set your foot on the ground and settle in the market, the competition becomes a lot easier to face. People will understand that this is the most convenient method of shopping for fruits and you’ll start expanding and earning more profit every day. Until then, all the best!

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